5 Websites that Help Screenwriters Sell Their Work

  • It has never been easier for screenwriters to connect with agents, managers, and producers.
  • Several websites actively help screenwriters make the right connections.
  • Before screenwriters connect they need to make sure their work is ready for sale.

It has never been easier for screenwriters to connect to agents, managers, and producers in order to sell their film and television scripts.  The ever increasing demand for media fueled by giants like Disney, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have opened many doors for writers in recent years.  If you are a screenwriter looking for help bringing your projects to big and small screens worldwide, check out the following resources.

Many critics consider the Casablanca screenplay by Julius J. & Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch to be the greatest ever. It was based on the play “Everybody Comes to Rick’s” by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison

VirtualPitchFest.com lists agents, managers, and producers actively looking for screenwriters. It outlines exactly what genres and formats they are looking for, and it even helps you draft a query letter designed to present your work in exactly the right way.

Inktip.com has been connecting screenwriters to independent producers for years. They send out weekly updates listing producers actively looking for content and make it easy for screenwriters to make submissions. They list writers who make sales through their site, and to date more than 375 films have been made from scripts found on their platform.

NetworkISA.org sends out queries from producers actively looking for projects that meet specific parameters, and they also run weekly online events where you can hear from successful writers, development executives, agents, managers, etc. about how to successfully build a career as a screenwriter.

DoneDealPro.com is a subscription-based site that lists most of the noteworthy script sales made in Hollywood every week. You can see which production companies and studios made film or television purchases, who represented the writer as agent and/or manager, and what content was sold. This lets you see who is purchasing film projects, who wants to buy only episodic projects, and who is currently only licensing books rather than purchasing screenplays.

WeScreenplay.com helps screenwriters ensure their work is ready to sell by allowing them to get feedback from professional readers quickly and cost effectively.  WeScreenplay readers are required to have several years of experience evaluating screenplays for studios, producers, agencies, or management companies. Many have experience working as producers, development executives, and serving as judges for some of the largest contests in the industry.


Since every script you send to producers, agents, and managers will eventually be sent to readers for review, it’s very handy to know what professional readers will think of it before it goes out.

WeScreenplay lets you get coverage from up to five professional readers with one fee, and gives you the ability to ask for feedback from specific types of readers. For example, you may ask that all your readers be female, all under 30, love horror movies, or have prior military experience.  You also get a mini-bio for every reader so you know who is giving you the feedback you receive.  Each review also ranks and rates the reviewer, so you know if a given reader routinely grades hard or easy.

If you are a screenwriter, it makes sense to check out these sites and to use them to start pitching your work. It has never been easier to find good homes for your screenplays.

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