5Tricks – The Pride of Bihar is Rising Up With the Help of Their Talent

  • 5tricks has achieved popularity without any negativity.
  • Their latest video TAURA, released on YouTube on 27th February 2021
  • They are a 5 member team consisting of MC Maalik, ATR( Anshu the Rap Soul), Shloka, Shu-Kla and ARJ.

For those of you who still do not know who 5tricks is, it is high time you did because they are quickly becoming very popular- and they absolutely deserve it. 5tricks recently came back with their song TAURA, so before you go check them out and fall in love with them, let us get to know a bit more about the men behind it all.

The hip hop team consists of 5 people- MC Maalik, ATR( Anshu the Rap Soul), Shloka, Shu-Kla and ARJ. Each of them started out as individual artists, trying their luck and finding their rhythm. But destiny had different plans for them and incidentally, they had all competed in the first Rap Cypher of Bihar, which had been organized in Muzaffarpur. It was through this competition, that these past strangers decided to come together and form a crew, under the guidance and support from Om Prakash Singh, an entrepreneur from Chhapra, Bihar.

The members of 5tricks all come from different cities of Bihar. Their early life and personal experiences were all different, and so each of them brings different talents and attributes to the table. Their individual flair in lyrics and vocabulary, music production, videography and editing makes their team one of the best out there. The group has become much closer too, over the years, and their teamwork and cooperation take their music up a notch. None of the members overshadows the other, and their individual swagger and natural flow make 5tricks’ music a symbol of harmony in diversity.

5tricks had also released the song Le Lota, just a month back in January 2021. The support and love they had received on the video were immense, with thousands of comments and shares. This obviously spurred them on to work harder. This was the breakthrough point for 5tricks, the act that propelled them to success. And with TAURA they proved that they are definitely not a one-hit-wonder. The song, released on 27th February 2021, has already garnered over 18k views and 1k likes on Youtube. The word “taura” is a popular desi slang, used frequently in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is a very fitting title for the song, as the lyrics of TAURA are dripping with hardcore desi swag and complex rhymes. The song has it all, with excellent videography and a beat and vocabulary that you would expect from much more experienced rappers.

Its not only the music 5tricks makes that will allure to you though. The charm and humble attitude the crew has is also a very strong appeal to many. Unlike many others who change once they become popular, one of the main goals of 5tricks is to stay true to their core. They are quickly becoming bigger in the hip hop industry but their determination to always represent Bihar in everything they do and create is truly a grand motive and hopefully, they will achieve even greater heights in the future.

5tricks, the hip-hop group from Bihar, is quickly becoming a common name. Their latest song “TAURA” is a testimony to their great teamwork and rapport with others in the industry. The beat has been produced and mixed by Rudr, Akash Kumar headed the direction of the video and the final shot was edited by Nishant. Obviously, the entire project was produced and funded by Om Prakash. Om Prakash is an entrepreneur from the city of Chhapra in Bihar.

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