6 Best Free Webcam Software for Windows 10

  • ManyCam is an excellent app for screen recording, video recording, and live streaming.
  • If you’re a home or personal user, this Yawcam is the most practical tool to record or stream your videos.
  • Splitcam is best for online streaming and screen recording.

In recent times, we all are finding ourselves using video communication more than ever. Many of us are unaware of webcam softwares, bringing the best out of your in-built webcam. Webcam softwares can be used for video calling, clicking wide-angle pictures, recording videos, streaming calls, and live videos in high quality and content creation. A good camera only is enhanced by good webcam software.

YouCam 9 is the best choice for a beginner.

Although many options are paid and serve the users in all aspects, there are several free options available for the same, providing equally good services for free for you to download on your PC.

This compiled list of 6 best webcam software sourced from experts will help you find the best and most useful software to guide your webcam to its best usage. Most of these are not complex to use and easy to learn.

Here is the list of 6 best free webcam softwares:

YouCam 9

It is the best choice for a beginner. It has a clean UI and a full and diverse range of editing tools, filters, and other effects, making it enjoyable to use. There are dynamic effects, scene filters, emoticons, stickers, face distortion, lenses, etc. It also has 200+ products to make your real-time videos more fun. It is the best software for home vloggers, YouTubers, business professionals, streamers, and other users.

Its technology will adapt to your environment. It does automatic light airbrushing while still looking natural and adjusts light while recording in a dim-lit room. It has features like Live Animation, which makes videos look well-edited. Syncing of YouCam can be with Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

It saves pictures in JPG, BMP, and PNG, and the video quality starts from 240p, going upto full HD. The free version has lesser effects than the paid version though sufficient. The available version lasts 30 days.


ManyCam is an excellent app for screen recording, video recording, and live streaming. It is highly recommended to create tutorial videos and for YouTubers. It is more than mere webcam software; instead, it is a complete editing tool. Users can access their multiple virtues like filters, effects, and presets.

To stream, artistic videos use their transitions, different backgrounds, facemasks, and emoticons. Youtube integration, green screen, and Picture-in-Picture are some more features that are much useful in videography.

ManyCam offers video quality ranging from 240p to FullHD and 4K with 5-60fps frame rate range. Users can also adjust the video’s audio bitrate and apply the audio suppression feature of the software.


If you’re a home or personal user, this Yawcam is the most practical tool to record or stream your videos. All the software features are visible on one page while the commands are in everyday language, all aligned in a single menu one-click bar.

It lacks the fancy tools that the last two software had, but they have real and apparent camera tools. Though the app offers some exciting features like text/image overlay, scheduler, and image-to-movie converter, it also has a motion detection feature that picks up any movement in its view and notifies its user. The app does not have a watermark. While editing, some features like saturation and vibrancy are handled by itself, while you can control the same percentage.

IP Camera Viewer

Surveillance is also one of the most used activities for a webcam, aside from video and photo editing and recording. IP Camera Viewer is the most trusted for this task. This software will let you safeguard the house or workplace by monitoring it for you.

hoto Booth Pro does not lag like most of the webcam softwares.

Users can separately configure and customize video quality like frame rate and coverage area. It also supports over 1800 different IP camera models. The software’s properties, like saturation, sharpness, brightness, etc. can be manually adjusted, and quality ranges from 360p to 720p. The software will allow upto four cameras which can record simultaneously on one screen.

Photo Booth Pro 

Photo Booth Pro does not lag like most of the webcam softwares. It features many filters and effects which the user can test out while real-time recording and taking pictures. You can power your creativity by effects like blur effects, distortion lenses, artistic filters, and axial mirror effects.

A cool feature like “photo strip” is also available, which will allow you to have a photo strip of four pictures with different effects. Videos can be uploaded on Facebook and Twitter directly from the software. It records in MP4 format and 16:9 and 4:3 ratio. However, it has a fixed resolution at 640p*360p and 30fps.


This software is best for online streaming and screen recording. It guarantees a smooth and effortless working while being used for game streaming, mobile live streaming, and online education.

It does not integrate Facebook and Instagram so that users can record for platforms like Youtube, Skype, Gtalk, etc. It has impressive green screen effects and different exciting backgrounds. It also has filters like face masks, frames, and text on images and videos.


You can learn more about these software to record your webcams here.The above listed were the six best webcam softwares for windows ten, which are available for free. I hope this helped you in making a decision picking and trying for yourself!

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