6 Marketing Tactics to Increase In-Store Sales

  • In-store promotions and coupons will always work to get people in your shop.
  • Make your store front visually appealing and attractive to customers walking by. Be sure to advertise any sales you are having.
  • Get listed online in directories and in Maps Services.
  • Localized SEO tactics can help you attract more customers from your area.

Despite how much of the market seems to be dominated by online retailers, many businesses still make the majority of their income from brick and mortar stores. However, with so many distractions for people’s attention, it can be quite the challenge simply convincing consumers to walk through your door. Thankfully, there are marketing tactics you can deploy to increase the traffic inside your physical location as well as the revenue produced from your in-store sales.

Close to 90 percent of consumers perform online research before visiting a physical store to make a purchase.

Use Coupons and In-Store Promotions

If you want to increase traffic inside your brick-and-mortar location, there is no strategy as effective as giving consumers a financial incentive to do so. Consider sending out coupons via your social media accounts, website, or even through direct mail that give a significant discount on products bought inside your physical store. You can even forego the coupon altogether by offering the discount as a promotion for anyone that walks through the door. Announce the promotion in all your marketing materials. Even if the promotion is time-limited, increasing in-store sales during that time period will do the job of increasing the number of consumers that revisit your store in the future.

Create Visual Distractions Outside Your Store

One of the oldest marketing strategies is still one of the most effective. This is done by creating visual distractions that draw the attention of consumers to a store. Think, for example, of how neon signs were implemented for many years to do this job by alerting motorists of diners and more. There are, of course, many other choices as well. Inflatables are a common choice implemented by a wide array of different retailers such as car dealerships. A 200-foot tall inflatable tube man, for example, is a cheap investment that can immediately draw people’s eyes to your brick-and-mortar store.

Get Listed on Map Services and Online Directories

Smartphones have changed how people shop, and that certainly includes how people shop in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Close to 90 percent of consumers perform online research before visiting a physical store to make a purchase. Make this process easier for them by ensuring that they can easily find your street address by getting it listed on online map services and online directories used by search engines such as Google My Business. No one is going to visit your store if finding your physical location is difficult.

Implement Localized SEO

Many business owners may assume that search engine optimization is something only relevant to online retailers. This couldn’t be further from the truth due to the fact that most consumers research brick-and-mortar businesses before showing up in person to make a purchase. Obtaining high rankings on Google and other search engines like Bing is very important. Make sure the SEO you use is “localized” by implementing keywords that are relevant to your city, region, and geographic area. Doing so will allow consumers in your area to find your business via relevant search results.

Another option you should consider for your marketing mix is billboard advertising.

Use In-Store Pickup for Online Orders to Obtain Add-On Sales

Most retailers know that a good portion of their income is produced from “add-on sales.” These purchases occur when a consumer goes to a store for a specific product but ends up buying additional products as well after seeing them displayed on store shelves. You can also do this via online sales by having consumers pick up their purchases inside your retail store. If they see other items they want, they can be convinced to spend more money. You can make in-store pickup the preferable option by charging more for shipping those items to the customer’s home.

Use Billboard Advertising

Lastly, another option you should consider for your marketing mix is billboard advertising. Billboards, of course, have been used for decades upon decades to alert consumers of local businesses. They are effective because they directly target consumers in specific geographic areas. Since most people need to commute during the day, they can, in fact, be more effective at alerting locals of the existence of a nearby retail business than other choices such as print, radio, or television.

Getting people inside your retail store to make purchases may seem more difficult than in the past due to stiff competition from online retailers. Still, most people continue to shop in brick-and-mortar stores at some point during the week. Implement the strategies above to help increase the traffic inside your store so you can generate more revenue from in-store sales.

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