7 Highly-Awaited Big Data Conferences in 2020

  • Big Data is what will drive businesses globally towards optimal profitability in 2020.
  • You will meet some of the brightest minds in the industry domain, whose mere advice can help change the fate of your entire business in a short span of time.
  • The Data Science Conference (Chicago) will be a one of a kind big data conference that will be sponsor-free, recruiter-free, and vendor-free, all at the same time.

Are you a business entity that somewhat depends on the availability of consumer data and insights to anticipate future business possibilities and trends? If yes, then you must attend these 10 globally-impactful data science conferences scheduled in the first half of 2020 across varied locations on the globe.

And mind you, there could not be a slim possibility of your business not depending on consumer insights and related data. And therefore, attending these highly informative and eye-opening big data conferences would certainly help you flourish your business throughout 2020 and beyond.

By the way, 90% of all the digital data existing at present in the world has been created in the last two years itself!

Volume of data/information created globally from 2010 to 2025 (in zetabytes)

What Will You Get Attending These Data Science Conferences?

Following these conferences, and even better, attending them will allow you to meet like-minded people, industry experts, and the top big data professionals worldwide. You will meet some of the brightest minds in the industry domain, whose mere advice can help change the fate of your entire business in a short span of time.

Who All Should Go For These Change-Enticing Meets?

It would prove to be a great fair for technology professionals such as data scientists, software engineers, researchers, and business owners.

One would get to know what’s all going in their respective industry domains in terms of business opportunities and future market trends.

Big Data Conference 2020 – Top 7 Most Influential

1. Deep Learning Summit (San Francisco), 30 – 31 January 2020

What To Expect:

  • In-depth discussion sessions from industry experts comprising workshops and technical labs.
  • Detailed and thorough interviews with experts and speakers of the domain.
  • Facilitation of networking possibilities to help attendees form business partnerships, and make new business connections.
  • Opportunity to fix your meeting schedule with fellow attendees in advance.
  • A perfect occasion for cross-industry collaboration.

Topics Covered: Deep Learning Algorithms, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, NLP, Speech Recognition, Autonomous Vehicles, Image Retrieval

Attending Companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Google Brain, FedEx, IBM, LG, Nike, Hitachi, DeepMind, among many others.

Ticket Price:  $695 – $1,995

2. Data Business Congress (San Jose, CA), 3 – 4 February, 2020

Subject Coverage:

  • How data can help bring an increased business efficiency
  • Top techniques to conserve data and extracting value out of it
  • Available opportunities in value creation with data


  • Jason Waxman – Intel (Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Data Centric Group, & Chief Strategy Officer)
  • Erich Andersen – Microsoft (Corporate Vice President)

Major Sponsors: Richardso Oliver Insights, Microsoft, Shearman, Konsert, & Ankura

Ticket Charges: $695

3. Data Science Salon (Austin, TX), 18-19 February, 2020

Topics Covered: Machine Learning Best Practices, Cloud Automation and Machine Learning, Improving Data Quality, Enhancing the Viewer Experience with Machine Learning and AI, Data Strategy and Governance, Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning, & Using Large Scale Data Sets


  • Meltem Ballan – GM (Sr. data scientist)
  • Elizabeth Chabot – ScaleFactor (Lead Data Scientist)
  • Priscilla Boyd – Siemens Mobility (Senior Data analytics manager)
  • Ruusa ipinge – Data kind UK (Data scientist)

Sponsors: ElectrifAi, Verta.ai, phData, DellEMC,

Ticket Prices: $175- $325

4. Global Women in Data Science (Stanford University, CA), 2nd March, 2020


  • Ya Xu – Linkedin (Head of Data Science)
  • Nhung Ho – Intuit (Director of Data science)
  • Been Kim – Google Brain (Research Scientist)

Sponsors: IBM, Microsoft, Walmart Labs, Google, Facebook

Ticket Price: $50 – $400

5. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, (Grapevine, TX), 23-26 March, 2020

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Driving new sources of revenue and innovation.
  • Getting useful insights from peers regarding best industry practices to follow
  • Developing adaptability, resilience, leadership skills, and agility required to stand out
  • An in-depth discussion on protecting data privacy while sharing
  • A thorough session on major future innovations that can help in business growth


  • Dr. Steve Robbins – S.L Robbins & Associates (Inclusion Expert)
  • Dr. Hannah Fry – UCL (Associate professor)

Sponsors:  ThoughtSpot, Incorta, IBM, SAS, SAP, Collibra, MicroStrategy

Ticket Prices: $3,475

6. Open Data Science Conference East (Boston), 13 – 17 April, 2020

Topics Coverage: AI for engineers, Data wrangling, Data Visualization, Data Science workflows, Machine vision, Machine Translation, Deep Learning, AI research, Predictive analysis, Machine Learning

Other Additional Subjects To Be Discussed: Data science research, Conversational AI, Self-driving vehicles, etc.

Technologies & Tools To Be Talked About: R programming, Python, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, Neo4J, Azure ML, etc.

Sponsors: DataRobot, Microsoft


  • Hilary Mason – Fast forward labs (CEO)
  • Andrej Karpathy – Tesla (Director of AI)

Ticket Price: between $299 – $1,329

7. The Data Science Conference (Chicago), 14th & 15th May, 2019

This would be a one of a kind big data conference of 2020 that will be sponsor-free, recruiter-free, and vendor-free, all at the same time. One will find people from advisory boards of companies, speakers, and professionals from industry verticals such as data analytics, data mining, machine learning, AI, and Predictive Modelling.


  • James Guszcza – Deloitte Consulting (US Chief Data Scientist)
  • Amit Gandhi – Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure (Chief Economist)
  • Charles Midwinter – Facebook (Data Scientist)
  • David Harkness – National Geographic (VP – Data Science, & Predictive Analytics)
  • Alessandro Panella – Facebook (Data Science Manager)
  • Gaia Bellone – KeyBank (Data Science Leader & Senior Vice president)
  • Anand Dwivedi – Nasdaq (Data Scientist- MI Lab)
  • Julian Jenkins – Google (Senior Data Scientist)

Companies with Their Advisory Board: Groupon, Uber, Amazon, NASDAQ, American Statistical Association, AT&T business, TripAdvisor, Verizon wireless, & LinkedIn, among many others.

Ticket Price: $1,150

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