7 Ways Rich People Travel Completely Different from the Rest of Us

  • They would pay luxury guides with as much as £100,000 just to get a perfect trip exclusively compiled for them.
  • They would ride in exclusive, high-end vehicles to avoid the crowd.
  • They get access to the world's most prized hidden gems.

We live in an era where AirBnB and budget flight tickets are made popular to anyone on an average salary; but admit it or not, travelling is extra nice for the mega rich. Given they have the means for extravagant vacations, the world’s wealthiest people experience the world in a whole different horizon.

For most of us, enjoying a glass of champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, visiting the “Crystal Caves” in Iceland or solo cruising around the remote Komodo Islands in Indonesia are merely fond hopes. But, people who are affluent and financially secured can experience all these little pipe dreams in just a month or two.

I know, so much envy going on right here! But, who knows? As luck would have it, we could all dream about a future in which we’re in ‘that’ exact position. For now, we’d love to know how the world’s richest people travel, so we could get some ideas on how we’re going to explore once we become one of them by any chance. *Crossed fingers*

Scrap Lonely Planet. They opt for comprehensively customised experiences. 

Ordinary travellers would scour the internet to catch the most affordable travel packages available, while many rich people would pay luxury guides with as much as £100,000 just to get a perfect trip exclusively compiled for them. Everything is well-planned from five-star accommodations to the most lavish experiences before they even set off on their vacations. They say money can’t buy happiness; but, it can buy us an impeccable trip without lifting a finger, so we guess it’s close enough.

They ride in exclusive vehicles. 

Forget minibus hires and economy class flights because rich people would never step a foot in those rides. Why? Because people born with a silver spoon in the mouth would rather be away from the crowds. Most of them would own a private jet or a yacht to take them to places whenever they need to.

Time is gold, especially when it comes to travel.

They travel to different places extensively.

Time is gold, especially when it comes to travel. Very often, ordinary travellers will plot a short trip because the longer it takes, the more expensive it gets. Luxury travellers, on the other side, know that they won’t get the most of their experience from a 3-day trip in the Maldives. So, they would plan for at least a month-long excursion, allowing them to have a better experience and understanding of the country’s culture, people and history.

They have access to private places.

You might think that the world’s most lavish experiences would be found in gorgeous cities like Paris, London and Milan. Well, not for the mega rich people. They argue that the real luxury is defined by their exclusive access to the hidden gems of the world.

They acquire unique experiences

The most extraordinary travel experiences of the wealthy are something that gives them a whole new insight on the culture, cuisine and landscapes of the world’s exclusive, underrated places.  In case you were wondering, some of these high-end experiences are a super yacht cruise in Brazilian Amazon, private diamond and gemstone in South Africa, exclusive jet ride to the Indian Himalayas, and catching the sunrise on top of Christ the Redeemer over Rio de Janeiro.

They make acquaintances

On top of visiting new places and winding off, rich people would also travel for the sake of new prospective clients to whom they might offer business opportunities. Provided they have enough time and opportunity to spend in certain places, it will be easy for them to make new acquaintances and achieve their purpose of paying a visit.

They buy the best souvenirs

Great shopping opportunities are an essential part of travelling. As much as ordinary travellers would like to splurge on the best souvenirs to take home, local items can be very expensive for international visitors. The wealthy can have all the best goods and items that their native countries don’t have.

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