Guru a New Spiritual Light

  • Guru is a new age spiritual light.
  • Gurus become leaders of cults which become new religions.
  • Moses initiated the light of God on Mount Sinai a completely new spiritual revelation.

Guru means teacher. Receiving a Guru is like receiving God as your teacher. In the Old Age God is called King. In the religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam God is called King. Each of these religions relates to God the King of the Universe. All these religions are connected to the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. Judaism was established after Mount Sinai receiving from Moses the Law of the Jewish people. Christianity came from Judaism connecting more to the Messiah but also with the desire to establish the kingship of God on earth.

Establishment of the kingship of God on earth is also the goal of Judaism and Islam. In Judaism Jerusalem is the capital of the Kingship of God. In Christianity, Rome became the capital in the world.  Mohammed changed the direction of pray to Mecca to distinguish Islam from Judaism. There is competition between these three religions. Each religion believes that it is the true way of God to build the kingship.

The Guru Janardan Parmahansa was the third in line of teachers of Ajapa Yoga. He developed a following in the 1970 but his cult has not yet become well known in the world.

Christianity began as the Catholic faith. Today it includes Protestant faith. There are various sects of Orthodox Christian faith primarily Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church.  Islam has broken off into many branches primarily Sunni and Shiite. Authentic Judaism is Orthodox. In the State of Israel, the Orthodox Rabbinate is given preference over Conservative and Reformed. Orthodox Judaism practices the Law of Moses without making any changes in the law. The study of the Law of Moses takes priority over the study of esoteric Judaism also called the Kabballa. The Law of Moses learned and revered by Orthodox Judaism was the Law of the Biblical Nation of Israel.

Each religion claims to be the true representative of the One God the creator of the Universe. Limiting God to one religion and one law may be a contradiction to the belief in God as infinite and unlimited. This contradiction has brought into the world these three major religions. The study of esoteric Judaism reveals this contradiction. The contradiction does not give permission for Jews to become reformed or conservative only to add to Orthodox Judaism esoteric spirituality. Progressive spirituality will not change the Law of Moses but add to the Law spirituality which was hidden within the law revealed in the Kabballa.

Religion emphasizes the attribute of God as King of the Universe. God judges the world from above according to his law. In the New Age has been revealed God as the teacher Guru. Guru is the presence of God which exists before religion. Judaism, Christianity and Islam were founded by their own teacher who was their prophet.  Each religion limits prophecy to their own prophet. Mohammed is called the last prophet. About Moses it says in the Torah, there will be no other prophet in Israel as great as Moses.  Jesus is not only called a prophet, he is considered in Christianity to be God the King. Judaism and Islam do not consider Moses or Mohammed to be God the King.

The Guru in the new age can also be considered God the King by sects of Buddhism. In this way many times new age cults may become dangerous. Judaism, Christianity and Islam oppose Guru cults.  These new Guru cults may or may not be authentic.  It depends upon the authenticity of the Guru. A true Guru is a prophet, a God enlightened and self-enlightened man.  From the Guru automatically is built into a new cult by his followers.  The Guru is considered their king or even God the Messiah like in Christianity.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the leader of the Chabad Lubavitcher movement is called Rebbe teacher by his followers which is the highest title in Judaism.

Within a religion like Judaism or Christianity there may be a person who begins a new light of spirituality. Chabad Lubavitch Chassidism calls their leader Rebbe which means teacher and spiritual guide. A Rebbe can create a change in the religion which is accepted or denied by other followers. The Zohar the Book of Splendor revealed a new light in Judaism. Esoteric Judaism revealed in the Zohar has been accepted in Judaism but has also been modified or even rejected completely.  Pope Francis the present Pope the leader of the Catholic Universal Church is controversial introducing in Christianity changes. Changes within a religion create sects within the religion but do not create a new religion. Therefore in Judaism as a result of The Zohar came Chassidism which is divided into many sects of Chassidism each one unique but all continue their connection to Orthodox Judaism and the Law of Moses. Chassidism is considered by many to be stronger in Orthodox Jewish faith than fundamental Judaism Orthodox Judaism.

A Guru who is authentic is different than a teacher within a religion or a Rebbe. The Guru of the new age brings to the world a completely new light, which becomes a new cult. Gurus teach Yoga which is Universal. Religions represent God the King of the Universe and his law. Religions are establishments. A Guru before he can be considered the King of a cult must first develop a following. The prophets of the three major religions were successful to gather their following to initiate a new religion.

The Guru in the new age has the potential to build a following even greater than Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Since these religions have already been established the place for a new religion in the world is limited. Religions today also look toward the goal of truth and knowledge the source of salvation but are limited and against to bring into the world a new light. The new age light today is the light of the Guru. Judaism, Christianity and Islam oppose a new light which may conflict with the old age and the religion of its prophet. Therefore in all religions is warned to reject false prophets.  Rejecting prophesy is a way of rejecting or preventing change. It this way the establishment within the religions can prevent change and continue to rule over its people. When Baha”i faith also called the Universal faith was established in Acre during the Ottoman Empire, the prophet of Baha”i was imprisoned for being a false prophet. The prophet of Baha”i was a new age Guru. Gurus teach Yoga which is new age. Baha”I is similar to Yoga.

Each prophet Moses, Jesus or Mohammed was a Guru and a prophet. Moses is called by Jews Moses our teacher. Each one was a teacher and preacher. Only Jesus became God their king. Judaism and Islam Moses and Mohammed were their prophet but not their God or King. These prophets were Gurus who built a religion with millions of followers. Each of these religions began as a family recorded in history Ishmael, Esau –Rome,and Jacob Judaism. Judaism maintains its connection to the family of Jacob who had twelve children which became the twelve tribes of Israel. Islam extended out to all people both Arab and Muslim. Christianity expanded its empire to become the largest religion in the world including in it Protestant.

In the 1960’s -70’s Guru Janardan went on a mission from his Ashram in Laxmanjula India to America and Europe to spread his approach toward Yoga. Today when most of the world are democracies with freedom of religion he was able to spread his teachings. Democracy provides people with the opportunity to enter new realms of spirituality.  It can sometimes be dangerous to follow a Guru.  Many Gurus are phonies and exploit the public. The connection which people have to their religion through birth is more dependable.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam have gained respect as established religions offering a way of life. The religions themselves are against these Gurus.  Democracy gives freedom to a Guru to preach his Yoga teachings in the world which may be life saving for many people. Theocracy limits its nation to receive only from teachers with their authorization and limits these teachers to follow the guidelines of its faith.

Democracy is the vessel for the revelation of the Universal Faith which includes the resurrection of Moses.  The Universal faith has no king. God is the only king of the Universal faith. The Universal faith connects to the Bible and Adam in the Garden of Eden who was created from the dust in the way of resurrection.

People await the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah may be one of these new age Gurus. He may bring to the world a new light. When there is freedom in the world; there is the vessel for a new light of salvation. There are people who need the new light.  There are people who are satisfied with their own religion which began as a new light. The new light sometimes needs to be renewed in each generation in many ways. The new light adds on to history but does not erase six thousand years of the development of civilization and World Faith.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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