A Billionaires Guide To Getting Rich: Be A Hard Worker

  • Laziness is the greatest enemy of progress under heaven.
  • Millions of people go through life in misery and poverty because they lack sound plan through which to accumulate wealth or riches.
  • You must live a planned life and follow strictly your plans.

The sage Zenrin once said “If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the person who goes back and forth on it.” Sound advice, but are you following it? If you’re like most people or probably not. So whose advice do you listen to?

  • Your next door neighbor?
  • Your barber or hairdresser?
  • Your mechanic?

The list is endless. You get excited about starting your own business and the doom and gloom crowd takes pleasure in stomping on your dreams. Before you listen to them, ask yourself one question. Have they been where you want to go? Probably not. So who’s advice should you listen to? The men and women who’ve traveled the mountain. One man who traveled the mountain and amassed a fortune in the process, was J. Paul Getty.

Money represents many things today. Money is power. It is security; money is the real ticket to complete satisfaction. Money is the main issue and the nominator anywhere under heaven. Most problems could be traced to lack of funds. Money making has been a major headache of people today. Several people live and work for money. Both rich and poor need money to redeem issues.

There is the principle of making money. To be financially successful in life, you must be a hard working and diligent in your duties. Laziness is the greatest enemy of progress under heaven. You must be ready to embrace hard work if really you desire to experience financial freedom. It is only in the oxford dictionary that success comes before hard work.

In the real sense of it, money is not for the lazy ones. Therefore, if you need plenty of money to live your life, get set to be a workaholic. You need to experience the ‘’Baptism of Labor’’ if you will be financially free like others.

Lasting wealth is borne out of serious, vigorous and consistent laboring! You have to earn your financial success. You have to work hard and smart for the money you desire to earn. Do not be lazy in any way if you are serious about money making.

Be ready to work and work smart enough. Give it what it takes, and you will reap the abundant of it. There is a big reward for labor in production as explained in the study of Economics. Every factors of production has its own gain. Wages is the gain for Labor in production. Rent is for land; Profit is for the entrepreneur.

Do what can fetch you financial reward all the time and be serious about it. People desired to be riches and have plenty money without following the principles guiding money making. You need to find out what can attract big money to your side. If you need financial success like Bill Gates of America or love to be famous like Aliko Dangote of African; then embrace hard work all the time.

My friend, face the reality of life now. Work remains the only medicine to relinquish poverty. All hard wok brings profit but mere talk’s lead to poverty. There is no automatic success without real labor.

“Work is one great law of the universe,” says Zola. 

If you are lazy, poverty will come your way like a bandit. If you do not want to suffer unduly, get to work and start making things to work in your favor.

Many are poor today because of their attitude to work. If you must work, please work hard enough! Those who know what they are doing don’t get trapped in poverty for long.

Many businessmen failed because of laziness; whereas, those faithful and diligent workers were successful in life. One of such people is Chief [Dr.] Gabriel Igbinedion, the legend of our time from Edo State of Nigeria. He belongs to the set of millionaires who worked hard and smart to attain financial success in life. In an interview during his 54th Birthday,[inside the Vanguard newspaper, Tuesday, September 11,1990] Chief Igbinedion said that the secret of his success is hard work!

“I like working, I could work for seven days at a stretch without sleeping”

There is every prospect of success for a hardworking man. Working hard is good and rewarding. It leads to increased income. The ability to work hard brings money; prestige and other good things of life. You must love your Job. The man, who does his work, any work consistently, must always be in one sense a great man!

By working properly you can easily and substantially increase your income. No wonder, Henry Ford said:

“Work, does more than get us a living. It gets us our life”

Work Hard and Smart if You Desire Huge Success out of Life!

Your attitude to work will determine your financial success status at any time under heaven.  I know a man, “Work! Work!!Work!!!” That is what he does daily and he offers no apologies.

According to this man, the day he stops working he would drop dead. Grandfather of philanthropist, the man was a passionate workaholic. To him, the day begins at 4.30 a.m. The man was Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. To this great Nigerian, work is endless.

“Work or Starve’’ is nature’s motto and it’s written on the stars! God’s promise is prosperity, but we must work hard and smart to experience it. You have to do something tangible for the Lord to prosper you in a big way. Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hand brings wealth.

Millions of people go through life in misery and poverty because they lack sound plan through which to accumulate wealth or riches. A whiz-kid of Nigeria business, who became a millionaire at the prime age of 19 years, Chief Onwuka Kalu said:

“I have developed myself to work hard for every penny and be my own godfather. I have never been fed with a silver spoon and am not expecting to be fed tomorrow. So I am prepared to work hard. Money is important to keep business going , and to keep the banks happy! As far as am concern, money making is an art. Like an artist, you are elevated spiritually and mentally when you are molding something out of nothing, that’s how I regard the process of money-making”

If you do not work, you cannot get anything tangible from life in the actual sense of it. Good things only come the way of those who mean business and hard working enough. Being lazy will not help you in any way or place.

A sensible man gathers the crops when they are ready. It is a disgrace to sleep through the time of harvest. If you are lazy, you can’t attain financial success. A hard working farmer has plenty to eat. Look, it is foolish and stupid to waste time on useless projects.

“People will have to work hard to make money’” says Chief Ernest Adekunle  Shonekan, former Nigeria Head of State and one time UACN Chairman. Shonekan is a man who has his fingers at the purge of the Nigeria nation. His domain is the economy. Shonekan’s daily regime starts with waking up at 5.00a.m. He returns home at about 11-12, talks to the children and then retires to bed.

To be hard working is quiet involving; but equally rewarding. To make it in life will demand certain things from you really! You are supposed to eat out of the sweat of your labor. Work and you will definitely earn a living. However, if you sit around talking, you’ll be poor at the end of the day.

Nobody has ever made it by being lazy. Hard work stands out anywhere in the world. There is no substitute for hard work anywhere in the universe. It is only inside the dictionary that success comes before hard work.

Look, hard work stand out anywhere in the world. God, the creator of the universe proved to us the importance of working hard. The world was created as a result of God’s perfection and diligent.

The rich and great men like Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, and a host of other successful business tycoons were hard working in their pursuits. Look, your financial success will not be accidental if you learn early in life to be very hard working and diligent in your duties all the time.

In addition, you must learn that caution, preparation, analysis and study are excellent matters of procedure in all the affairs of life. They beget progress and are the hand minds of adventure.

The Japanese are one of the industrious set of people in the world. They get to work on time and they usually work carefully and hard while they are there. They believe strongly in honest day’s work for a fair day’s wages. They have a sense of pride in what they-and their nation-produce. An average Japanese worker has a strong sense of commitment to his job. He works about 40 hours a week. As a result of sacrifice, dedication and hard work, the Japanese succeeded economically.

Meanwhile, planning is vital to getting the most out of work. You must live a planned life and follow strictly your plans. Plan your life; plan your work as well! Have a plan of actions to follow. Get the right and suitable patterns to follow and work out in a good way.

Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria, who was regarded as the most industrious of his contemporaries, was convinced during his life time that effective planning and diligent self application were the determinants of success. You need to set targets for yourself and work seriously at them. Don’t deceive yourself; be plain, honest and more realistic. You’ll reap it later.

Success achieved through hard work is more reliable, rewarding and lasting.  However, as you work hard, don’t overwork yourself. Be moderate in all that you engaged yourself. Have your limitations. Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond only to definite plans backed by definite desires through constant persistence and hard work.

Be assured, God’s plan for you is to prosper. He plans to give you hope and brighter future. But you must be serious, discipline your tongue, thoughts, actions and appetites.

Except you are highly disciplined, hard working with self reliant and tremendous inner control, you are not likely to succeed in life! But if you can have love for the course which you have chosen; you will make it big at the end.

“Some Have Achieved Outstanding Results By Dint Of Painstaking Efforts and Unflagging Will Power!”

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Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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