A Disturbing Aspect to “Shelter in Place”

  • "Shelter in Place" may expose one to contamination.
  • Domestic legislation mandates a lack of transparency.
  • International treaties which should provide protection here are inadequate.

A number of years ago, an article appeared on Salem-news.com discussing the dangers of a “stay at home” policy should (and when) a pandemic occurs.  The article specifically discussed the mounting concerns attached to revelations in blueprints that the government now has the capacity to selectively deliver a toxic substance into pre-selected homes, via the water lines.

The blueprints supporting this contention do not require an advanced degree in engineering to understand. There are now two main lines running down every street which are cross- connected via service lines. Whatever is in the second line can be pumped into pre-selected homes via the operation of a remote controlled valve, such as featured in this diagram.

Is your water safe?

This information has been heavily suppressed. Radio interviews, such as the one I did on the Alex Jones show a number of years ago, have been removed from websites. Contacts from disarmament groups, such as the Quaker American Friends Service Committee, initially voicing their alarm at what was presented in a series of articles concerning this critical infrastructure project, (such as this one) have suddenly been silenced. An editorial assistant at the Los Angeles Times, equally alerted to the significance of what I had uncovered, brought my work to the attention of the higher ups at the Times and was shortly thereafter let go.

It appears that work on this water project began in the US around the time that President “Tricky” Dick Nixon declared that the US was unilaterally abandoning its offensive biological weapons program. Shortly thereafter, the international treaty known as the Biological Weapons Convention came into effect, as other nations ostensibly concurred in the necessity to ban biological weapons. Research as yet unpublished indicates that Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State under Nixon, was heavily involved in reaching out to other countries in order to establish this water project elsewhere. The unpublished research also has located the double line water system, aka water weapon, in Canada, Israel, Switzerland, post-invasion Iraq and in at least one capital city in Latin America. It is thought that this may be a woefully incomplete list.

This reporter has, under the mantle of an NGO, twice advised the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva of these concerns. Responses by delegates to the Convention have confirmed the attention that has been paid to these presentations. However, the Convention is hamstrung by the legal anomaly of its failing to have executed a verification mechanism. Due to this, the Convention has no teeth and no ability to monitor or prosecute a violation of the Convention, which bans the banning the development, production and stockpiling  of biological weapons.

We are now entering a scenario where “Stay At Home” orders are not only being suggested and legally enforced, but also rewarded.

When legal mandates to stay at home do not work, getting neighbors to inform on you may.

Whether or not the plan is to utilize the water weapon to further impact the viability of the pre-selected targets at this point in time—or at a later date– is not known.

Should a noxious chemical, rather than a biological agent, be pumped into your home via the water system in your city, the Chemical Weapons Convention would be the treaty that would have jurisdiction over the attack. However, the CWC has shown itself to be dedicated to accommodating the agenda of the United States on multiple fronts. The gas attacks in Douma, which CWC inspectors attempted to pin on Syrian President Assad, are being contested as US-generated machinations to unseat Assad.  Other, individual reports of chemical weapons attacks that could be traced back to the US are being summarily denied investigation by the CWC, which has stated that  “The issue you mention in your e-mail falls under the remit of national authorities. Best regards.”

In other words, “Gassed in Auschwitz? Complain to the Gestapo!”

The Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002 makes it a felony for US government employees to release information about critical infrastructure.  This protection racket was furthered when President Trump signed CISA back in 2018, gutting any private right of action (a lawsuit) should anyone allege impropriety in the use or abuse of critical infrastructure.

Reports to DHS and the EPA about the dangers posed by a double line water system have been funneled into a “national-security” type of response. A recent public records act request to Winthrop, Massachusetts, concerning a water line project initiated in that city was summarily and quite illegally ignored.

We appear to have been shut down in efforts to address these concerns through established channels. Given that the “Stay At Home” orders now in effect provide the scenario for launching the water weapon (most people will be using their house water if they are confined to their homes), it is strongly advised to include water from outside the home on your prepper list. Store the water in your home and should you suspect that your water is contaminated, use the stored water.

A biological agent, such as Covid-19, which incurs a death rate of under 1%, is not the real danger here. Crashing economies, mandated vaccines and your own house water may constitute the real threat.

We are pretty much on our own here. Water is life. It is your life and future at stake here. Be smart and take appropriate measures to protect yourself. Share this information with others and we will be able to get through this.

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Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan is an investigative reporter,  poet, and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE.

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