A Happy New Year With a Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • We pray for a happier better year in 2021.
  • Our world leaders have spoken about 2020 and to give hope for 2021.
  • For sure God has given mankind Corona as a challenge.

This year 2020 has been difficult for everyone. It was not the usual celebration at Times Square in Manhatten. 2020 is called the worst year of our lives.

Global leaders took to the social media to wish their citizens a brighter future. Many acknowledged the sacrifices people made and thanked the public for pulling together through a historically difficult year. To date more than 1.8 million people have died from Corona Pandemic.

Times Square on New Year’s day not the same this year.

President Trump recognizing the trial times which Americans have endured, as usual gave himself credit for his speedy delivery of the vaccine. In his four year term in office as President of the U.S.A he began his first three years with incomparable success only to face his downfall in 2020 when the Corona virus which he called the Wuhan virus overcame America and finally caused him to lose the elections. One of his extraordinary achievements was to get the Arab nations to make peace with Israel in the Abraham Accords. In Israel President Trump is called the best friend that Israel has ever found coming from America.

In his New Year’s address to his country President Vladmir Putin acknowledged that 2020 has been a difficult year saying that it contained the weight of several years. It has been difficult for all of us, with anxieties and great material difficulty with worries and for some the bitter loss of loved ones. We look up to our dear veterans to the valiant generation that defeated the Nazis; we fulfilled our sacred duty celebrating the 75th year with appreciation. His address was for only six minutes.

Pope Francis was not present for his New Year’s Eve liturgy because he was suffering from painful sciatica. He offered a message of hope for those searching for meaning at the end of a trying year marked with Corona Pandemic. His text was read by one of the Cardinals. “It might seem forced almost jarring to thank God at the end of a year like this, marked by the Pandemic. At the close of 2020 our thoughts are for those that have lost one or more family members, of those that have been sick, and of those that have lost their jobs. To question God and ask, what is the point of this drama, we must not be in a hurry to answer. Not even God responds to our most distressing why’s by resorting to higher reasons.

The world is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. It is still not sure what the results will be through vaccination as in the background is emerging a new virus from England. God has challenged medical science through bringing on humanity the Corona virus Pandemic. Scientists feel pride for their accomplishments. Corona virus has baffled these scientists. It has revealed their arrogance. Even atheists appreciate life. Only depressed people curse the life which God has given them as a gift. Atheists work hard to make life better in the way they see is right. Atheists are not without conscience but between atheists and religion there is a difference of opinion about the meaning of life.

The simplest meaning of life is found in the scripture of Job. Job was a successful man who was struck by a plague which caused him to be crippled. He was a religious man, but even with all his bible knowledge he found it difficult to find reasons for his suffering. He said, “man to toil is born.” There is no easy way in life even for the wealthy there is sufferings emotionally or from sickness. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a famous Chassidic master said, there is no such thing as without hope. If there seems to be no hope, is required to look deeper into the problems which may cause hopelessness to find answers.

Job and his friends. Job a biblical figure suffered terribly disease. God sent to him Satan to challenge his faith.

One of the best remedies for depression and overcoming sadness is prayer. Rabbi Nachman instructed his students to find a quiet place and pray to God from your heart in your own words. Prayer is universal for everyman to use to heal his pains and frustrations. God is available to answer prayers.

Another remedy for sadness is to await and pray for the coming of the Messiah. The belief in the Messiah has kept Jewish people alive with their faith in God and their religion. Jews believe that the Messiah will come to rescue the Jewish people from persecution.  Esoteric Judaism brought to the world the belief in the Messiah of resurrection. Traditional Judaism believes in the afterlife and the resurrection which will come at the end of days. Esoteric Judaism believes in the resurrection of the Messiah. Jesus became the Messiah only after his students claimed that he had resurrected. The Messiah of Resurrection became the connection to God through Christianity.

Today, students of esoteric Judaism connected to the Zohar the Book of Splendor, believe in the resurrection of Moses. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed have all resurrected and are living under the holy temple of Jerusalem. The belief in the resurrection of Jesus and Moses came after Elijah the prophet went up into heaven on a cloud in his body without death. Whichever way there is the connection to the Messiah, there is hope.  In the last generation in Judaism, the Lubavitcher Rebbe predicted that a second holocaust was on the way, and emphasized the belief in the coming of the Messiah. This holocaust has been revealed as the Corona Pandemic twenty five years after the Rebbe left the world.

If you are an atheist, be a happy atheist. If you are religious don’t take it to heart that your sins have caused our problems today. As Pope Francis mentioned in his New Year’s speech “Not even God responds to our most distressing why’s by resorting to higher reasons.” There are higher reasons but the justice of God is unexplainable. We do not question our valiant health workers who save lives everyday if they believe in God. If they are working to save lives for sure they believe in the importance of life. Scientists and medicine works to lengthen life. It doesn’t worry if it is saving the life of an atheist, Jew, Christian or Moslem.

Bill Gates said at the outbreak Corona Pandemic is a world war but we are all on the same side. Only enemies of life ask for God to punish man or are working in the background to exploit Corona sufferings for financial gains. Most important in the time of a Pandemic is to remember the commandment of the Torah and Bible “Love your neighbor as you love yourselves.” Perhaps through arrogance there was a feeling of superiority by some before Corona Pandemic. Today we have received the message “Black Lives Matter.” The Black African Americans have suffered three times as many deaths as other Americans. They need help.

Before the Pandemic a million Syrian Moslems were displaced from their homes by the terror of Assad. Their suffering may not have been felt by the world except through Corona Pandemic. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; like the Rainbow which was revealed by Noah at the end of the flood Pandemic in his times.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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