A King Without a People – Learning the Bible During Corona Pandemic

  • Adam was the last creation of God; the perfection of everything.
  • Adam was a king without a people.
  • His wife Eve was chosen by God to build for Adam a people.

God is the king of the universe. He is hidden from his people in a place unknown. His justice is unknown. The world suffers from Corona Pandemic. The world is seeking a light at the end of the tunnel.

God created the world as it says in the first words of the Bible, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. About this beginning there is a question. Some say the beginning was millions of years in the past. Others point to the beginning six days before the known creation of man on the planet earth. Man was created on the six day of creation after all the other creations including animals. God gave to Adam this world, the planet earth. Adam ruled the earth like it says “and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that dwells on the earth.”

The Tower of Babel.

He lived in the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve. They were both celibate like children. His rule was temporary. He was a king without a people. Eve was queen without a family. Adam and Eve united in love. They gave birth to the first children of man Kain and Abel. The world began to be populated. As the world began to be populated it became divided into families. These families became nations. The people of these nations appointed a King. Adam was the only king when he lived in the Garden of Eden before the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge with his wife Eve. Now on the earth there were many kings the children of Adam and many nations.

Nimrod was a powerful man who wanted to conquer the world to become the king of the whole earth but did not succeed. He built a large tower called the tower of Babel. His kingship was interrupted when God dispersed the people of the Tower of Babel throughout the world. They once spoke one language. Now their nation was divided into many nations speaking many languages. Nimrod could not replace Adam the first father of mankind or replace God as king of the universe.

When Adam was the only king on the planet earth, there was unity, peace called Eden. His kingship was challenged by his queen Eve. Scripture teaches that she extinguished the light of the world who was her husband Adam in his perfection. Afterwards, Adam shared the kingship with his wife Eve and the children they created as they became fruitful and multiplied. The world had one king Adam without a people. This kingship became divided into two parts between him and his queen Eve. A man can sometimes be a king and rule alone when he is not married. After marriage, he shares his kingship with his wife the mother of his children. When there is marriage between man and woman, there is a king without one voice. His wife can interfere in his plans and create disunity. When they marry, to become free again they negotiate a divorce.

Sarah the wife of Abraham was without a child. She allowed Abraham to take another wife her name was Hagar. Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Sarah later gave birth to Isaac at the age of ninety. Sarah asked Abraham to send away his child Ishmael with Hagar. The nation of Abraham became divided between his two children Ishmael the father of the Arabs, Isaac the father of the Jewish people. Abraham died. There was no longer one king to rule over the two families he created, which became great nations which we know today.

Adam was the one king on the planet earth before his kingship was divided between him and his wife Eve. Women will always seek independence. The man will always want to be the ruler of the household. Adam was a king without a people. He needed Eve to make for him a people a nation. The nation of Adam the father has grown to become 7 million people a world divided into nations. Each nation has a land and a governing body. Each nation seeks national security. The nation has two voices which are male and female. In democracy they each have one vote.

Nations cannot survive alone on the planet earth. They need unity between them. Each nation is separate. Corona has revealed this unity as the world struggles to go out of lockdowns. These nations work together to solve the problem of Corona. Israel has again closed its airport. Air travel is limited throughout the world. The nations under Corona Pandemic can unite through telecommunications but not always personally. They are united by their desire for life, for health, for peace.

There are two unities which is being revealed by Corona which are the unity of nations, the United Nations WHO, U.N., and national sovereignties. Israel today is a sovereign nation living in its Biblical homeland. They are leading the world in vaccinations. There airport is closed.  These vaccines were made in America Pfizer, and Moderna. They are producing their own vaccine. Russia has produced their own vaccine. Britain has produced its own vaccine. Other nations are producing their own vaccines. These vaccines are being shared with poorer nations.

The rainbow a symbol of hope,the picture chosen by Biden to hang in the White House.

The biblical truth reveals that the world has two kings living under the sufferings and frustrations of life. In heaven there is one king God the creator of the universe, his justice is unknown. On the earth there remains Adam the first king who reigned over the world without a people. Adam was the only man, the first man, primordial spiritual man before the world became populated. He was celibate.  It was more important at that point for Adam to give up his sovereignty over the Garden of Eden and share it with his wife Eve to make a people on earth. This kingship is shared today between man and woman. A man needs a woman. A woman needs a man. Their children need a father and mother. The father and mother the grandparents are in danger from Corona. The world has gone into lockdown to save their lives.

Adam the celibate, was created through the word of God. All other men were born through the natural unity of male and female. Adam was without sin. All people are born in sin. The bible teaches that Adam lived 930 years. Like all God’s creations he was given eternal life. He returned to the Garden of Eden after death. In the Garden of Eden which he shares eternal life with all his children who were born after him. Adam is still the king. On the earth, the kingship is shared between man and woman. King David lived 70 years. Scripture teaches that King David was given these 70 years from Adam. The Zohar teaches King David is the King of the earth. Adam is the king of the heaven. These are two kings and two Messiahs.

The message given by Christianity is that Adam the first man was created from the word of God, In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word became flesh. Adam is the supernal king in the eternal world called the Garden of Eden. The kingship of Adam in the Garden of Eden has been revealed through Moses and the Bible. This revelation was reinforced through Jesus and Christianity. There are two worlds interwoven together which is the eternal world in the afterlife and the world we live in today. Living for today means to make this world a dwelling place for God the creator of the universe through doing good deeds. In this world the kingship is shared between nations. Israel was chosen by God to be revealed as the nation of God on earth. Israel is a nation today on earth. Each nation in the world should use Israel and its law as a model, to become a holy nation. The modern state of Israel is not exactly the example of a holy nation. It needs improvement. We all need to improve.

Your king is God the creator of the universe. Our eternal father who is our king in the eternal world called the Garden of Eden is Adam. In the Garden of Eden are many trees but two of these trees stand out which are the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The teaching of the Tree of Life is that there is eternal life after death through resurrection. The teaching of the Tree of Knowledge which was the forbidden fruit is that there is also Gehinnom which is hell, there is reward and punishment. These two trees are sometimes connected to the two Messiahs, the Messiah of mercy and the Messiah of justice.

God existed before the creation of the world. The bible was his blueprint of creation. Those that are part of Adam are a part of Godliness. Adam is the soul of all mankind called the Ten Sephirot or eminations described in the Kabballa. Through Eve was created the womb for the body; she is called the mother of all mankind. Through resurrection the body receives eternal life. Through good deeds you build your share in the afterlife and resurrection. The soul of Adam was always with God before it became flesh. The Corona Pandemic is difficult for everyone. Through our sufferings we become wise. There is a light at the end of the tunnel which was the rainbow shown to Noah at the end of the flood. President Biden chose a picture of the rainbow to hang in the White House a symbol of hope.

Corona has come after has fallen three religious empires; the empire of Zion, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire. Each of these empires attempted to conquer the world but failed. Adam was the king in the Garden of Eden without a people. The Universal faith has been revealed uniting all these three kingships Judaism, Christianity and Islam through the resurrection of Moses.  The world today has three kings who have resurrected. Adam the first king unites them all. Adam is the secret of freedom the unity of the Ten emanations described in the Kabballa. God remains hidden from his creation. His justice is hidden. His mercy is revealed in the afterlife.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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