A Look at Tipperary’s 2019 Football and Hurling Campaigns

  • Tiobraid Árann are one of the best of the best teams around.
  • They have won the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship on four occasions.
  • The club have also won 27 Hurling titles.

The Gaelic Games are Ireland’s ancient national games consisting of their four main sports: Hurling (male) and Camogie (female), Gaelic Football, Rounders and Handball. At each event a team is selected from the county’s club players. The best players from the clubs in the county are put together in order to compete in a county team at the games.

The Gaelic Games have become increasingly more popular every year with more media coverage. In 2017, almost a million people attended the 45 GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Senior Championship games. 2019 is the most anticipated year yet with more interest than ever in the events, including the upcoming Kilkenny match. You can find the Kilkenny vs Tipperary betting odds on sites like Paddy Power.

Gaelic games are sports played in Ireland under the auspices of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Gaelic football and hurling are the two main games. Other games organised by the GAA include Gaelic handball and rounders.

Tipperary GAA or as they are natively known, Tiobraid Árann are one of the best of the best teams across the board. From the province of Munster, Tipperary are the Blue and Gold legends who make up one of the many teams who compete in the GAA championship every year. Kilkenny are their main Hurling rivals, it is a rivalry that began in the 19th century (1887) and still continues today.


In Football, Tipperary have won the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship on four occasions, in 1889, 1895, 1900 and 1920 – it’s a difficult championship in the Gaelic Games as due to the popularity of the sport, there are far more teams contending for the top spot.

This year unfortunately for Tipperary they have been relegated to Division 3 of the National Football League, however, with losing 5 out of 7 games, it is to be expected. Having said that, Tipp were only ever a few points and goals behind their opponents on each of those defeats, most of the time, one goal would have secured a win. The fact remains, for a lot of the matches, Tipp were missing several key players in their team including the latest, goalkeeper Evan Comerford. Taking all things into consideration, a relegation might just be what Tipp need in order to recuperate and head back to Division 2 next year, stronger than ever.


This year the Senior Tipperary Hurling team have made it to the All-Ireland final against Kilkenny on Sunday 18th August. Tipp are commonly known for their incredible Hurling team, and this year’s campaign has been no different. With a total of 27 titles, it is expected that they will claim their 28th this year, but Kilkenny are no easy feat – they have both remained in the top tier of Hurling for 8 years having never been relegated, Kilkenny place just below Tipp and managed to claim the title last year – Something Tipperary haven’t done since 2008. This year we can expect the two long-term rivals to battle it out as an attempt to claim glory! With the results Tipp have been having this year, we suspect that they will be putting up an incredible fight to claim the title from its current owners.

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