A New Alternative to Trade Shows for Wholesalers and Producers  

My experience in business is that almost every company not only wants but really needs more sales. Companies want to expand sales and to do it with limited or no out of pocket costs. Due to the retail Internet migration and COVID-19 we are seeing a massive change in the wholesale market and one of the biggest changes is that there are almost no traditional trade shows.  You must also know that the traditional trade shows might not come back!

We are possibly seeing the largest business migrations away from in person buying and trade shows to new online alternatives. This leads me to wonder how many companies are able to show their products in the very desirable, one stop format?  What alternatives to trade shows do companies have ?

How are the buyers today finding the more attractive and effective online market?

Now there is a very attractive alternative to traditional trade shows, with no out of pocket cost, and immediate access, making this a more attractive alternative for both buyers and sellers.

Almost every wholesaler and producer who has worked at trade shows knows it is a large investment of time and money with the idea that in time, hopefully, it will increase their profits. Shop The Globe not only understands this, but its founders have paid for and worked many trade shows, as producers and buyers.  In their experience, some trade shows were very beneficial and were money makers, but all of them cost both time and money, and several were just a waste of time for everyone involved.

We know how inefficient traditional wholesaling is, and we also understand that global trade shows have been historically worse and incredibly inefficient. Is it time we find a new solution that allows for very efficient, highly desirable, one-stop shopping, combined with utilizing the global scale of using multiple languages and currencies?

An alternative to trade shows is Shop The Globe. They will post your products on your own wholesale storefront, and list them in over 100 languages. Shop The Globe helps guide buyers to find their desired products through filters, searches and categories, sending most buyers into the individual storefronts.

Shop The Globe provides prices in over 65 currencies, and one stop shopping.  Their only charge is 12% of what they sell.  This allows buyers to shop from anywhere in the globe, but able to price the goods in the local currency that the buyer prefers. This is an approach that puts Shop The Globe on the same side as the wholesalers, producers and buyers — wanting all parties to be happy.

Buyers have a desire to be more efficient, especially knowing there are globally almost 8,000 apparel wholesaler websites alone. Buyers do not want to go to 10-30 different websites, learn how the websites work, and sign up for each one, often just to see the products don’t fit their company’s goals. Of course they’d prefer to find one website that would provide one stop solutions.

We know most wholesalers and producers would greatly benefit from this incredible leverage that provides 24 hour around the global efficiency, combined with one-stop buying. This is also what most of the buyers strongly prefer, as they will revisit the site much more often, even making it the first site they go to, where they prefer to shop.

The world is ready to move beyond trade shows (knowing their inefficiencies, high cost and unpredictability) and now has a better for more efficient path to move business forward– one with real ways to achieve future profit and growth.

This is why we are so excited to explain the many advantages of Shop The Globe such as no upfront costs, very little time to set up, and your products and wholesale business will be posted in over 100 languages with superior one stop advantages. It has been pleasantly surprised how many orders and inquiries some of our vendors have seen almost from Day One.

For those who were involved with trade shows, do you wait for them to come back?  If the trade shows do come back, will they ever be the same?

Or do you try a new alternative that could possibly give you much more profit?

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We provide to merchants a posting in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant your local merchant products can and will be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. The Shop The Globe target market is the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique goods. We ask that only merchants who are able to conduct business with and ship to other countries and businesses apply.

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