A New Light Shines on Zion and the World

  • The first Chabad Chassidic leader Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi once said that it will come the time that the Messiah and his teachings will be revealed in the newspapers.
  • There are two sides of spirituality according to the Zohar.
  • There are two Messiahs shining their light on Zion and two Messiahs shining their light on the world.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory emphasized in his life that the time of the Messiah has arrived.  The exile called Galut began at the time of the destruction of the holy temple. It was already beginning over four hundred years before when was destroyed the first temple.  The first temple was destroyed because of idolatry. The second temple because of hatred between Jewish brothers. The people of Israel that were dispersed carry with them the Torah with the instructions from Moses to be careful in your application of the law, to continue to teach the Torah, and make a fence around the Torah to protect its holiness. The People of Israel are the representatives of the Torah which is also called the Holy Bible.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Representing King David, the Messiah of Israel and the Jewish People.

The world has changed over the past two thousand years after the destruction of the temple. New Monotheistic religions have come into the world through other prophets. Judaism survives the diaspora on the strength of the Torah and Torah Scholars. A new light is being born in the world which is the light of peace Shalom.  The Torah is full of secrets.  Moses our teacher was a prophet of truth with knowledge of God and prophecy on the highest level. He knew everything that would develop through history.  The Torah also called Old Testament is not only a book of laws and ethics; it is also a book of history.  The study of history is important in Jewish thought and intellect.  History is also recorded in Tanach the Hebrew Bible especially in Divrei Yomin also called Chronicles.  There is even a history book which goes much further called Sedar HaDodorot translated as the Order of Generations. History is recorded by historians; history is being made every day. Everyday there is a newspaper which comes to the door.  The New York Times, The Daily Post, Modia, Yediot Acharonot. Today news is spread through the internet, Times of Israel, Communal News, Cnn, Fox news.

There are two opinions in Judaism about the importance of keeping up on the daily news. Following the news can be considered a danger to strict religious values in Judaism.  There are in Israel and America newspapers special for the religious congregation and also religious news internet sites. Judaism does not consider reading a newspaper important and some scribes consider it a waste of good time.  The Ultra–Orthodox don’t allow internet in their homes. However the Torah is also a history book.  Every day is added on to history. The Jews and Israel are a separate nation sharing the world and its resources.

Scientists look at history of the world beginning millions and billions of years ago. The Torah is the history of the world and civilization for six thousand years beginning with Adam and Eve.  The Torah divides up the history of the world beginning with Adam in three parts, two thousand years of chaotic life before the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, two thousand years of Torah holy life, two thousand years for the coming of the Messiah after the destruction of the temple. We are close to end of the last period of two thousand years the days of the Messiah when the knowledge of God will be fill the whole earth in the language of Isaiah “like the water cover the sea.” The prophets Isaiah, Jerimiah, Ezekiel, etc wrote about the days of the Messiah. The goal of the days of the Messiah spoken about by the prophets is World Unity and Peace, and spiritual revelation. The Jewish people are part of this revelation the representatives of Moses and the Torah.

The summer time the Jewish month of Tammuz and Av from the 17th day of Tammuz until the 9th day of Av is a period of mourning in Judaism for the destruction of Jerusalem and the holy temple. Mourning for the destruction of the temple is not the only purpose of Judaism but it is also important.  The purpose of Judaism is to bring to the world the revelation of God.  The revelation of God did not stop after the destruction of the second temple but a new era in this revelation began for the next two thousand years. The mainstream of Judaism continues the period of two thousand years of Torah. A portion of Jews are involved with the two thousand years of redemption the revelation of God in the days of the Messiah. The Torah is divided into two parts the Oral law which is also called the Code of Jewish law, and the written laws the five books of Moses. In the written law are the secrets of Torah to be revealed in the Days of the Messiah.

Pope Francis representing the Messiah of the world located in Vatican City.

There are two major works of Kabballa in Judaism devoted to the revelation of God in the days of the Messiah which are called the Torah of Kana and the Zohar.  Both of these books were written after the destruction of the temple by prophets.  The Zohar is attributed to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who lived shortly after the destruction of the temple. The Talmud relates that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai escaped from the Romans and hid in a cave twelve years with his son where they received their divine revelation. The author of Sefar HaKana Rabbi Chanunya lived shortly after the time of Mohammed probably 1200 years ago. In both of these books is prophecy and is revealed the deep secrets of the Torah.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe in one of his last speeches emphasized that prophecy has returned to Judaism.

Sefer HaKana pinpoints the time of the redemption to be about the years 1200-1300. It also mentioned about 1750 years after the destruction of the temple. In 1200 -1300 was discovered the Zohar with deep secrets about the coming of the Messiah never revealed before in Judaism which began a new age in Jewish thought. The years 1750 on the Jewish calendar corresponds to the year when fell the Communist regime in Russia. The Lubavitcher Rebbe emphasized the importance of this event in history. The fall of Communism made the majority of the world a democracy.  Democracy contradicts theocracy which is the way of Judaism.   The Lubavitcher Rebbe almost made the fall of Communism into a Chabad holiday. He told his representatives on this day to wear Sabbath clothing during the week. The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe when he came to America in 1940 after suffering the oppression Communism in Russia even imprisonment said “America is no different.”  If America was a nation of freedom it did not make a difference to him and his Judaism. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 was not important to Rabbinical leaders. Most of them were against its establishment for many reasons.

From the time of arrival of the Zohar and Sefer Hakana is already seven hundred years and Jewish mysticism has developed in stages.  The Ramak Moses Cordevero lived in Sefat almost six hundred years ago and he wrote a commentary on the Zohar.  His student the Arizal taught the Kabballa in the city of Zefat in the Galilee written by his prime student Rabbi Chaim Vital.  The Arizal declared that the learning of the Kabballa is most important and should be spread.  Chassidism came about three hundred years ago to bring the Kabballa the secrets of God closer to humanity.  The most important leaders of Chassidism are Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and seven generations of Chabad Chassidism culminating in the last generation of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson based in Brooklyn N.Y.  The first Chabad Chassidic leader Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi once said that it will come the time that the Messiah and his teachings will be revealed in the newspapers. The time has come to reveal the Messiah and the secrets of the Kabballa in the newspapers and on the internet to make it public.

The main secret revealed by the Kabballa which was kept as a hidden secret is that there are two realms of spirituality.  Moses gave two Torahs and there were two sets of tablets containing the Ten Commandments, one that was written by God and broken when Moses saw Jews worshipping the Golden Calf and the other the second tablets were written by Moses with instruction about building the Nation of Israel in their land.  Likewise the Zohar teaches that there are two Messiahs.  Fundamental Judaism waits and prays for One Messiah to rebuild the Biblical Kingship and the holy temple. After the holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel, in the last generation was revealed the two Kings, the two Messiahs of Israel.  They still have to be received by the Jewish people and the world each person has their own free choice. The last speech that the Lubavitcher Rebbe made he told his representatives that the time has come to receive the Messiah. Receiving the Messiah in Lubavitch became of utmost importance also learning about the Messiah and the redemption. The Rebbe came back from the Ohel where is buried his teacher and father-in-law shortly before his stroke which crippled the Rebbe until his death.  The Rebbe cried and apologized that he had not succeeded in his mission to bring the Messiah for reasons unknown to him. However he gave instruction to his followers “Do everything that you can do to complete his work. I have done my part in this tremendous task.”

There are two sides of spirituality according to the Zohar. In the other side of Chassidism the side of Breslov Chassidism was revealed a very old man who was carrying a deep secret many years even into the nursing home where he stayed many years after his wife died.  His name is Rabbi Yisrael Ber Odessa a resident of Tiberias.  Saba Rabbi Odessa received a letter written by the hand of Rabbi Nachman 250 years after his passing. On the letter Rabbi Nachman inscribed his name Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman from Uman the place where he is buried in Ukraine. Never before in Judaism was revealed the resurrection of a holy saint and master.  Rabbi Nachman was the grandson of the founder of Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism and his writings are unquestionably enlightening. Several young interested men heard of Saba and this letter and took Saba out of the nursing home. Saba and the letter became revealed to the Jewish world.  Saba and his close followers journeyed to America to show the letter to the most recognized authority on Jewish law Rabbi Moshe Feinstein in New York on the East Side. Rabbi Feinstein was amazed by the letter and wrote his approval. All the questions about the authenticity of this letter were answered. The letter is True. Rabbi Nachman has resurrected. At the end of his life at the age of 105 Saba told his followers that he is Na,Nac,Nachma, Nachman the king of Israel.

Saba wrote many letters in his life to Prime Minister Zalman Shazar which are printed in a book called Avi HaNachal. In it he tells Zalman Shazar to connect the State of Israel with Rabbi Nachman of Breslov which will be the greatest help for the people of Israel and the nation. He even wrote to him a letter on Israel Independence Day quoting the well-known Biblical passage, “On this which God has made rejoice in it”.  Almost all the Chassidic Orthodox leaders oppose the Modern State of Israel because they are waiting for a theocracy a Biblical State. Saba of all the Chassidic leader was accepting of the State of Israel as a democracy and his goal was to elevate it through the teaching of Rabbi Nachman. Saba died but his message still lives. On the other side of spirituality and Chassidism is the Lubavitch which claim that the Rebbe is Moshiach but the Rebbe had a friendly relationship with the State of Israel but did not accept the State of Israel a democracy.  Saba accepted the State of Israel when it includes in it the King the Messiah Rabbi Nachman Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman. Saba taught that those that connect to Rebbe Nachman are free and the letter he received from Rebbe Nachman is called the letter of Geula redemption and freedom.

Many nations of the world were once theocracies or kingships but today are democracies. They have retained a symbolic King or Queen images. England has a queen and a prince. Having a King or Queen adds royalty to a State. A democracy can have a king as a symbol.

Na Nac Nachma,Nachman is this king forever.  Actually there are two kings but the Rebbe of Lubavitch is the King from the Old days, Saba is the King about which it says, “a new light will reign on Zion, and all will be quickly redeemed in our days.” They are two spiritual symbols of the heritage of the nation of Israel. The Zohar teaches that only God is one.

There are two Messiahs shining their light on Zion and two Messiahs shining their light on the world. There are also two chosen nations of God living together with all of the seventy nations on one earth with freedom and democracy blessed by God and the Messiah.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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