A New Path for America

  • The citizens of the United States have spoken and chosen a new president and a new path forward for America.
  • The holiday season is beginning. We must all work to make it as safe as we can so we can survive until early next year when we will probably have the vaccine available to us all.
  • The movie this month “Lost Horizon” explores the possibility of a kinder, gentler society.

These are the last two lines of the song America the Beautiful: “And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.” Americans have spoken in this election and chosen a new path for America. They have chosen the path to more rationality, more justice, more inclusion and more compassion. That is what our democracy has always taught us to value. Now our new President elect Joe Biden and all of our citizens must be prepared to implement this shining vision in the coming years. We all have a lot of work ahead of us to live up to our unique place in the world as democracy’s world leader.

The election was hard fought and has left our country divided in ways we have never experienced before. It will take time to heal that divide and bring our country back to where it once was and again moving forward to a better and more secure future for all of our citizens and for the world. Joe Biden is the right man for this task and it is the right time in the world to begin this monumental task toward a brighter future. There have always been two paths to success in the lives of individuals and countries.

One view of success is the philosophy that “I will take care of myself and my loved ones and conquer and exploit anyone who stands in my way.” The world has long been functioning on this individualistic and corporate principal. It has been every person and every country on their own against everyone else. This has pitted the rich against the poor, one class against another class, women against men, race against race. This principal usually ends up in misery, despair and ultimately war.

In 1937 James Hilton’s book became the movie Lost Horizon directed by Frank Capra.

The second principal of success is that people and countries are stronger together, working and helping each other to achieve lasting peace and prosperity for the good of all. When families work together with understanding and compromise they become happier and stronger. When communities work together with compassion and understanding to solve community problems, they become more effective and better communities. When countries work together to solve global problems, the world becomes a safer ,more well-functioning and welcoming place.

The world has many challenges and problems to solve so that every human being on this small globe we called earth can begin to live a safer and more fulfilling life. We need to work toward this goal for one reason. A better, happier world is a safer world for all of us to live in. It is time in the long history of civilization to begin the work of healing –first in our country, so that we can be an inspiration and example to the world and then outward to help make our world a better, safer place for all humanity.

December Holidays

We will all be celebrating the 2020 holiday season this month. It will be unlike any other we have ever experienced because of the continuing danger from Covid 19. Whatever you do to celebrate this sacred and emotional holiday season, be sure that you and your family stay protected and safe so that we can all survive this dangerous time and live to celebrate a virus-free, more joyous holiday season in 2021.

Monthly Movie

People have always fantasized about a kinder, gentler world and in 1933 Author James Hilton wrote the novel Lost Horizon about a utopian, mystical, fictional place called Shangri-La where the citizens lived to be many hundreds of years old in a well-functioning, happy society. In 1937 James Hilton’s book became the movie Lost Horizon directed by Frank Capra. Today we have the skills to make that gentler, kinder world possible, if we decide to finally work together to make that cherished fantasy into a reality.

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