A New Solution for Wholesalers in the Pandemic Economy

The coronavirus pandemic, and the associated Great Lockdown designed to contain it, have wreaked havoc on the global economy throughout 2020.  The global wholesale market is no exception.  Forecasters believe this typically robust market will experience an industry-wide decline over the course of the year.


Many businesses and industries have been forced to adapt to the new realities of the pandemic economy.  In many instances, this has involved a shift from physical to online storefronts. Here again, the global wholesale market is no exception.

Enter a new online, global storefront for wholesalers, Shop the Globe, owned by a news company with worldwide reach and a proven track record of quick growth.

The Advantages of Shop the Globe

Shop the Globe provides listings for products in over 100 major languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu. Shop the Globe also offers a wide variety of currencies, from Afghanis to Zlotys, with more on the way.

This allows sellers to automatically list their products in the buyer’s currency and in a language they understand.  The result is a more efficient, one-stop shopping experience, open to almost all kinds of merchandise on a global scale.

For buyers, Shop the Globe guides them to their desired products through easy to use searches and filters. Buyers can filter by country or category on Shop the Globe, directing them to individual storefronts.  More importantly, Shop the Globe offers buyers the advantages of efficiency, saving them time and money, through open and direct communication.

For sellers, Shop the Globe’s only charge is 12% of what they sell. Shop the Globe has eliminated the costly, and in many instances, multilayered middlemen.  This allows Shop the Globe to provide listings and news publications for sellers at no upfront or out-of-pocket cost. Shop the Globe also requires very little set up time or effort, allowing product listers to hit the ground running.


Owned by a Global News Company

Shop the Globe is owned by a global news company, Communal News, where readers have a voice. Anyone can read our targeted articles on Communal News, Google News, or Facebook News. Communal News also keeps a keen eye on the markets, providing up-to-date reports and forecasts on a variety of products and services.

Shop the Globe is the company’s third site, along with Freelance Global Gigs.  Both have demonstrated tremendous growth over a short period of time, building a global platform at no or very low cost to our venders.  For more information about our sites, click here.

It is self-evident that these are uncertain times.  As such, it’s anything but certain that the pre-pandemic economy will return once the crisis has abated, if at all.  This includes the structures and inefficiencies of the global wholesale market.

Shop the Globe is a new alternative, a new solution for buyers to find what they want quickly and easily, and for sellers to greatly expand their profits.  Give it a try today!  Shop the Globe’s Global Wholesale Vender Registration is free.

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Wholesale & B2B Reviews

We provide to merchants a posting in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant your local merchant products can and will be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. The Shop The Globe target market is the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique goods. We ask that only merchants who are able to conduct business with and ship to other countries and businesses apply.

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