Abbas, Olmert Denounce Peace Deal at the UN

  • Abbas continues to insist on a peace deal where Israel returns to the 1967 borders.
  • Ehud Olmert supports negotiating land for peace, as it was discussed in the past.
  • America has a complete plan for the whole Middle East, including Iran without nuclear weapons.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced President Trump’s peace plan Tuesday before the United Nations Security Council. He described it as offering a “Swiss cheese” state, with many holes in it, removing sections of Judea and Samaria from a Palestinian State. These were instead giving to Israeli settlements for annexation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) addressing a press conference at the White House with President Donald Trump.

He continues to insist on a peace deal where Israel returns to the 1967 borders.  Already, Israel has advanced its settlement of the captured territories and cannot reverse their direction to surrender them to a Palestinian State. Abbas claims to be interested in a negotiated peace with Israel, and not a peace treaty like the Deal of the Century, designating which territories will belong to Palestine and which to Israel. Abbas agrees to continue to supervise over the territories given to the PA, called Area A and B, to prevent Arab terrorism.

Ehud Olmert, the former Prime Minister, who spent two years in prison for bribery and corruption, came to America for a press conference with Abbas. He and Abbas became friends during the time Olmert was Prime Minister, from 2006-2009.  He claims that they had a mutual understanding about the future of the two states and had even began negotiations. 

Olmert feels that the old policy of trading land for peace is better than the peace plan presented by President Trump, which designates and draws a map without giving the Palestinians or Israelis to determine their futures. It is then on to accept the well-organized, 180-page plan drawn up by Jared Kushner. Abbas refuses to relinquish control of the territories to be annexed by Israel because he still wants a state based on the 1967 borders.

Former Qatari prime minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim said he is “not against” a possible nonaggression pact between Arab states and Israel.

President Trump has come many years after the Oslo Accords and the period between 2006-2009, which Olmert attempted to make peace with Abbas and the PLO.  According to the Deal of the Century, negotiations have failed for many reasons. America is behind Israel and against Iran, who is the most dangerous enemy of Israel. Hamas had already proved not to be a partner in peace even though Israel was kind enough to give them Gaza. 

Instead of using the gesture of Israel to build peace, they split with Abbas and the PA, and formed their own terrorist organizations. The peace treaty calls for disarmament of Gaza, which Olmert ignores its importance. Olmert respects Abbas as a leader but Abbas is only the leader in Judea and Samaria and not in Gaza.  The Arabs are not united to even to begin to talk with them.

Kushner slammed the Abbas-Olmert meeting as “almost pathetic” and coming “from a lot of jealousy,” since the two had failed to solidify a final accord themselves. Abbas is in a difficult situation because his supporters are split between Hamas and Fatah. The major Arab nations, like Egypt, have softened their stand on the possibility of acceptance of the Deal of the Century.

These nations also need American support against Iran, who is a threat to the whole area. Besides Olmert, there are also opponents to Trump’s peace plan because it interferes with the Jewish dream of complete sovereignty over the whole Land of Israel.

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