About Us


Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace is Committed to You, Our Valued Audience.

CN & FGG Low Cost Marketplace is published and translated into every major language.

We are working to provide either free or very low cost global platforms with no restrictions to language or country, allowing even the poorest global readers complete and open access, providing for them to an ability and sources to attain open news information while leaning and  giving the ability to make a substantial living.

We have built an internet direct news and professional service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered third party direct services. . . with the goal of helping you to become intellectually enriched and hopefully more directly involved.  We designed our services to allow the every day person, in every country, throughout the entire globe,  first to simply become empowered by read the news, allowing them to get a though understand from points of views from other regions, counties and political views, even allowing you to write your own articles and / or provide your own comments. 

We can only hope and dream that with our truly global platforms, that you take it to the next level and start shopping for, or better yet, develop a global business service.  We hope to give everyone in our world the ability to lift up and empower their daily experiences even to the level where anyone in the world could even build and run a thriving global gig business.     Our goal and commitment is to share globally though news and /or global service in a way that make our entire world a better place. 

We understand the success of Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace is not from us being better internet coders.  It is from you our readers, our contributors, the gig providers and purchasers.  Those how read or make comments.  We have been working hard to empower our platforms so the average person could provide and learn more, at zero or very low cost, with no restrictions allowing you to  continuously read an article or gig without that interrupting pop up asking you to make a commencement.   Our duties is not only to service you but to trust you.  Our platforms have proven, that you could provide quality news and gig services at a robust and a fast growing rate.   That in only a couple of years we have build a vibrant and robust network for all the global and for that  we say thank you.

CN Goals:                       

  1. Not limit the news or accept the status quo from the same old outlets.
  2. Expand our reader’s information and knowledge.
  3. Our writers, reporters and thinkers will contribute directly into a collaborative network that provides an unfiltered conduit directly to the public.
  4. That our online community is open to global writers, especially if they are explaining to us the conditions where they live.   
  5. Contributors need to keep opinions out when reporting the news.
  6. However, submitting a non-conforming, well-sourced, and documented argument is not only accepted, we will reward it.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace Goals:

  1. To challenged the status quo allow for open low cost pricing.
  2.  Have to most open platform by langues country and services as long as inside the law.
  3. Our gig providers can contribute directly into a our collaborative network that provides an unfiltered conduit directly to the public.
  4. That our online gig community is open to global writers, especially if they are provide strong services and values.    
  5. However, submitting a non-conforming, strong benefited services is not only accepted, we will reward it.

A Open & Distributive (Better) Global Community Based News Service:

Our goal is for our platforms, utilizing the best of internet technology, to radically change how open third party news and services content can be openly delivered. By eliminating significant infrastructure, their associated costs and bureaucracies, we aim to provide the best, often unfiltered and often non-conforming news and serveries giving more power directly to the writers and gig service providers, who will be organically and directly rewarding our contributors.  

Please give us time and build your following with us as we build a significantly better way to present pour global platforms.,