Advantages of Project Management Professionals

  • Having extensive knowledge of risk management, a PMP certified project manager can both avoid mistakes and better manage mistakes.
  • For every investment of $ 1 billion, there is a wastage of $ 122 million.
  • A PMP certified individual can enjoy a mean base salary up to $113,000.

A Project Management Professional is a globally accepted Project management Certification. It would be safe to say that it is the most reputed project management certification and not without reasons. Business solutions face various challenges these days like the need for high level of adaptability, minuscule time to market, complex structure and diverse scope. In such circumstances, traditional project management techniques or untrained management may leave loopholes in execution and delivery. Project Management Professional has come up as a touchstone for project managers and a method to make sure that the best-in-class practices are implemented in project management.

While PMP certification brings multiple advantages to organizations they also come with multiple benefits for the professionals taking up the certification.

Value to the organizations

1. Best Practices for Project Management

A direct benefit of employing PMP certified project managers is that they ensure that the best practices are being deployed during project management. A PMP certified project manager has both the experience as well as structured training to be well equipped to implement the best practices during project execution.

2. Add Value to the Company

Employing PMP certified professionals adds multiple benefits to the organization.

  • You can be assured that the project is being overseen by someone who really knows what he or she is doing.
  • Having extensive knowledge of risk management, a PMP certified project manager can both avoid mistakes and better manage mistakes.
  • It gives assurance to the clients that the project managers are giving the best service possible.

3. Fulfill customers’ demand

Whether one believes in the value of PMP certification, the truth remains that clients ask for PMP certified project managers to work on their projects. Several service providers have claimed that their clients expect them to employ a certified project manager on their project. The trend seems to be global in nature and such demands have come up from clients around the globe.

4. Reduce Wastage of monetary resource

According to, for every investment of $ 1 billion, there is a wastage of $ 122 million. Certified project managers are equipped to minimize the wastage because of mistakes or low efficiency.

5. Reduce the chance of overshooting deadlines

PMP certified project managers are known to take a structured approach to manage various aspects of the project along with taking appropriate steps to manage inconsistencies. This greatly helps in avoiding overshooting deadlines.

6. Better communication with Clients

PMP certified project managers are experts in identifying grey areas in projects or identifying areas where direct and clear communication with stakeholders become important. This results in a better understanding of project requirements and delivery.

Value to the Candidates

1. Better Performance

According to, 80% of high performing projects have PMP certified project managers behind them. Having a higher number of successful projects under the belt intrinsically improves the career growth for PMP certified professionals. Along with this, they also avail the benefit of having an upper hand in promotions and growth within the company.

2. Improved Networking

It is general knowledge that professional network plays an important role in career growth. PMP certification includes you to the elite network of Project managers. Connection to this network can bring great opportunities to you.

3. Learning and Validation

While you can learn through experience, PMP certification fast tracks the learning process. A structured training PMP training program can cover multiple underdeveloped skills necessary for a product manager. The Project Management Professional certification also validates your knowledge and skillset in the project management domain.

4. Expanded Marketability

A PMP certification can set you apart from the rest. It not only improves your visibility to recruiters but shows that you are highly motivated and are willing to take an additional step to deliver the best results. All of these add to your marketability factor.

5. Higher Pay

Various surveys support the fact that PMP certified professionals are likely to receive a 20% higher salary than non-certified individuals. A PMP certified individual can enjoy a mean base salary up to $113,000.

6. Open New Sector and Markets

Almost all sectors need project managers. Getting PMP certification opens multiple new sectors and markets for you.

7. Get more challenging Projects

Project managers with PMP certifications are generally trusted more in the industry. A direct outcome of this comes in the face of getting access to more challenging projects. Such projects often turn into great learning experiences and an added star to your profile.

Whether you are a project manager aiming to improve your carrier or a company considering hiring a project manager, Project management Professional certification can be a valuable asset. With the certification, an individual has all the tools to give his career the desired boost.

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Happy learning!

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