Advocate Greshun De Bouse Car Tire Sabbatoged En Route to Tulsa Trump Rally

  • Trusted Advocate Greshun De Bouse's journey to Tulsa Trump Rally was impeded when someone intentionally drilled a hole in one of her vehicle tires.
  • Texas tire business owner known as 'BJ' showed Greshun the hole that had been intentionally drilled in her tire, and identified the type of drill that had been used to drill it.
  • Beloved Advocate Greshun De Bouse says "I know I am walking in my purpose and the oppressors can't stop me-though they may try. My healing is in finishing the good work that is in me."

She is a positive motivating light in our world.  Her charming personality and positive spirit contagiously melt the hearts of all!  Advocate Greshun De Bouse, God love her, is just a global leader who fearlessly and unwaiveringly stands on her beliefs.  Some from the outside looking in may not understand or may misinterpret her methods, but Greshun is very ingenious, and does all with specific purpose.

Texas Tire business owner BJ pointing to hole drilled in Greshun’s tire.

On Friday, June 19, 2020, Greshun had participated in the world renowned Opal’s Walk to D.C., supported by celebrities such as Dallas Cowboys Gerald McCoy, Demarcus Lawrence, and rapper Nikko Brim in Fort Worth, TX.  There, Greshun had interviewed with NBC News 5 DFW, posed for multiple photos with extraordinary Ms. Opal Lee herself-creator of Opal’s Walk, and networked with an array of executive directors and business persons.

Next on Greshun’s agenda was the Tulsa Trump Rally, scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 6 pm.  You may recall Greshun made headlines in late 2019 after receiving a text inviting her to the Trump MAGA Rally in Dallas, TX-a term now referred to as “text-vite” in the dictionary.

You also may recall Greshun making headlines for being the only American of Color seen seated just left of President Trump (facing the television screen) at Tupelo, MS MAGA Rally in late 2019.  Greshun has is seen in countless print and televised news interviews relative to the rallies and Trump, so it is no surprise that she would be attending MAGA Rally Tulsa-though her MAGA hat and signage given to her in Tupelo were recently stolen.

Little did she know, she would never make it there. After refueling, checking tire pressure, and confirming all was well vehicular wise before making the short drive to Tulsa, Greshun was on her way-so she thought.  Unfortunately, after making one last stop, Greshun returned to her vehicle to find her interior instrument panel indicating one of her tires suddenly on 7 PSI and dropping. She was puzzled because she knew all was well before the final stop. Rapidly, the instrument panel next indicated the tire was on 0 PSI. This was unbelievable!

Greshun knew she could not drive on this tire, she essentially was stranded kind of in the middle of nowhere, and her plans and ETA for the Tulsa rally would be deterred.  The next morning, after numerous attempts at assistance, Greshun finally was able to connect with the owner of a nearby tire business who confirmed someone had in fact drilled a hole in Greshun’s tire. Business owner known as ‘BJ’ showed Greshun the hole that had been intentionally drilled in her tire, and identified the type of drill that had been used to drill it.

Respected Advocate Greshun De Bouse.

Needless to say, Greshun was shocked and devastated.  We asked for commentary and she said this:

It seems every time I have something big to do, which is often, but especially if President is involved, they do something to sabbatoge it.  I have the right to support or not support who I want without being bullied, harrassed, assaulted, or nearly killed. The business owner whose craft tires has been for years, inspected my tire and confirmed this was no accident.  He showed me where someone had deliberately drilled a hole in my tire. I was disgusted that someone would stoop to this level.

They recently stole my MAGA hat and signage given to me. It is just ridiculous. I don’t have to explain my beliefs or decisions, and it is a tad exasperating for some to want me to do so incessantly. Agree with everything someone says or does? Who does? But people still have the right to support who they want without being harmed. Of course, the business had other customers, and by the time the business had replaced my sabotaged tire, plans of the Tulsa rally had been aborted.

It is unscrupulous how persons keep harming me and my property in attempts to sabbatoge my good work. There I was stranded in a small unfamiliar town, surrounded by a group of unknown caucasian men, essentially at the mercy of the three guys-Rick, BJ, and Virgil-working on my tire to get me on the road again-all because someone else damaged my property.

But this was the only business who could assist me on a Saturday in the area I was in. Interestingly, guys at the shop included former Secret Serviceman Bill Sherman and lawn service owner Rick Harris who engaged me in conversation expressing their appreciation for me and my good work-not that I do it for the accolades, but considering my tire situation, the guys’ appreciation of me was welcome.

You may recall Greshun also was recently assaulted and choked to #icantbreathe status in a retail store the very day before the inaugural celebration of a holiday she founded.  But Greshun is just one of those rare jewels whose positive spirit and concern for others propells her to keep going despite adversity. We asked Greshun how she does it and she says:

This is not about me.  It is about something so much bigger than me.  That’s why I must kee going. Clearly, there are persons and/or entities attempting to impede my good work for some reason.  That is even more reason why I must move forward. I always have something important to do, so I really don’t have time to do anthing except keep going.  When you walk in your purpose, you are equipped with all you need to do it. I know I am walking in my purpose and the oppressors can’t stop me-though they may try.  My healing is in finishing the good work that is in me.

We love Greshun so much.  She always has such eloquent words of wisdom to impart.  Because she is such a rare composition of sheer brilliance, Greshun is a misunderstood spirit.  Her doctines and mannerisms may not necessarily conform to what the masses are accustomed, but she always gets the desired results.  All who really know Greshun love her because there’s nothing not to love about her. She has a heart of gold. We will have more on this story as it develops.

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