Advocate Greshun De Bouse Establishes National Doe B Day

  • National Doe B Day is established/founded by Advocate Greshun De Bouse, and officially celebrated June 13 Annually #doebday613.
  • Shirley Thomas, mother of slain rapper Doe B-who recorded and performed with Celeb Rapper T.I. wanted to meet Greshun and solicit her help.
  • Greshun says, "The advocate and daughter in me were genuinely affected by the sad story Shirley Thomas and the music liason told me."

We all know and love her! We all remain in awe of her endless contagious positive energy! She is trusted and beloved Equality Advocate Greshun De Bouse! This past Saturday, Greshun was in Montgomery, AL attending a peaceful and positive Rally Against Injustice. Because of Greshun’s astounding track record as a powerful global leader, successfully founding national holidays, advocating for positive causes, and simply being a mover and shaker who gets things done in record time, Shirley Thomas, mother of slain rapper Doe B-affiliated with Celeb Rapper T.I.-who brought national attention to Alabama after performing one of his biggest collaborative hits with T.I. on MTV’s 106 & Park in 2013, wanted to meet Greshun and solicit her help.

National Doe B Day.

On Saturday before the Rally Against Injustice, Greshun happened to cross paths with a local Montgomery, AL rap artist, YunRo, who was filming a video for his new single promoting non-violence which featured Doe B’s mom. Mere minutes after conversing with Greshun, YunRo was so in awe of her that he immediately called his musical liason to return to the downtown location to meet Greshun.

Immediately upon meeting Greshun, YunRo’s musical liason asked Greshun for assistance with getting Doe B’s 250 unreleased tracks registered, which are on Doe B’s estate. The liason asked Greshun if she would meet with Doe B’s mom. After the Rally, The liason called Greshun to meet with Doe B’s mom, who upon meeting Greshun, stated it was a privilege to meet someone of Greshun’s caliber.

After brief conversation and a quick self-initiated Google search of Greshun, both the music liason and Doe B’s mom asked Greshun to establish the official holiday, assist with securing release and registration of Doe B’s music, have a road named in Doe B’s honor, and more. Beloved Greshun De Bouse had this to say.

Both Shirley Thomas and the music liason’s chief plight that they shared with me is having been trying for seven long years since Doe B’s death to have his remaining music registered with BMI and the like, and for Doe B’s mom and grandchildren to finally begin receiving appropriate royalties from her son’s/their father’s music.

Advocate Greshun De Bouse & Shirley Thomas 6.6.20

Shirley Thomas repeatedly expressed to me during the following three days following the Rally that we spent together how mistreated she has been in the past by those in the music industry who posed as helpers. She stated how Doe B’s dad had been removed as executor of Doe B’s estate because of his theft of at least $10 K from the estate and she could not depend on him.

Doe B’s mom also stated how others were making money and living comfortably off of her son’s music, but she hasn’t seen a dime. Ultimately, Both Shirley Thomas and the music liason gave me quite a sadly compelling story to solicit my help.

I delivered. I established/founded National Doe B Day, wrote the proclamation for the mayor’s office in the city where Doe B was a resident upon his death, created social media presence for the holiday-wiki, website/domain, logo, Twitter, FB, etc., used my contacts to secure things requested by Shirley Thomas.

All things I did or have done relative to the holiday or othe Doe B-related matters were both at the request of Doe B’s mom and the music liason, and upon approval of Doe B’s mom. I just saw a mother who alleged she had had a seven year battle with mistreatment, and release of and benefits from her own son’s music amid her trying to grieve and press forward. The advocate and daughter in me were genuinely affected by the sad story Shirley Thomas and the music liason gave.

National Doe B Day is officially celebrated June 13 Annually #doebday613.  Kudos to loving Greshun De Bouse for producing results like always!

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