After Lubbock Radio Host Slams Transgender Candidate, Local Preacher Gets Involved in the Fight

  • We need to stop the hatred.
  • I added him on my Facebook because I want to stay in touch with all my constituents in HD83.
  • While I may be doing something you may not agree with, I am entitled to live a life away from hatred and threats and worry about what someone is going to do to me, simply because I am Transgender.

Earlier today A Lubbock transphobic radio show host blasted my campaign, not over policy, but my gender identity.

But that was just the start to a horrific day, A few hours later due to the post I made from one of my endorsers for my campaign Freethought Equality Fund PAC, the same Baptist Church Preacher from Odessa Pride and Lubbock Pride that has been bashing me and my campaign since my announcement on July 1st of 2019 started it up again.

Addison Perry-Franks is a 38 years old transgender female. She Came out to the public as a transgender May 2018. Addison has been Happily married to her wife of 11 years Lacey, and they have five children. She has owned her own successful small business since 2008. I believe all Texans and Individuals, are equal.

He was silent for a while but started his wicked and warped interpretation of the bible yet again.  I know writing about him brings him more followers and I realize that is what I’m probably doing. But I want his story to be told, how he is anti-Equality, preaching hatred and invalidating everyone he talks to, just because his son is gay {he’s admitted his son was gay at Odess Pride, and he hasn’t talked to him in years}, and he wants to take it out on everyone else.

I added him on my Facebook because I want to stay in touch with all my constituents in HD83. From the get-go, I told him I did not want to argue about my religion, my campaign, or my gender identity, but yet he accepted the request, said ok, then started bashing me, stating Pratt On Texas was right in his bashing of me earlier in the day. Here are a few excerpts from our conversation with multiple comments from other transgender across the country, or friends of mine, or simply someone that saw his rant and wanted to fix the situation.

This is how the attacks started:

  • Stephen Miller: Addison, have you fathered children before? I am asking for clarification. I think some of us out here are genuinely confused about who you are.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Stephen Miller yes, I have 5 kids, that is all public, and I have my kids support in my decision. maybe pay attention to my campaign and what I say, as I have shared all this openly and honestly.
  • Stephen Miller: Addison Perry-Franks I am not asking what your children think. I was wanting to clarify that you have fathered children. That is only possible if you are a man. Therefore, I don’t see what was wrong with Robert Pratt’s comments. You are a male living as a female.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Stephen Miller we had this discussion in Odessa. I am a woman. And I told you last night I am not arguing with you. Do you understand gender dysphoria? Do you care about people? Are you Christian? Does Jesus not say Love everyone or not to judge? If being Christian is to hate like you are doing, then I am glad I am not a “so-called Christian” as you claim yourself to be, because your belief is hatred and bigotry. Not caring and compassion
  • Stephen Miller: First of all, you just falsely accused me. I had no idea you were going to be in Odessa. I went there to witness to people about their need for the LORD at the Pride event they had in the park. You were right there when I started walking through the event with your table set up. That is the only reason I knew who you were. And I am not arguing with you. You are a man, or else it would have been impossible for you to have naturally fathered children.

He continues on for a few minutes.

  • Addison Perry-Franks: Stephen Miller I think you need to refresh your beliefs and your ideas. I explained in Odessa I have female chromosomes that males do not have. I have different chromosomes from males. So can you please explain why you are not arguing but yet your preaching down the throat about something you don’t understand.
  • Levi: Meagan I mean she is a politician. This is to be expected. It does say a lot about her opposition though. That they would hit such an easy, and meaningless target as gender instead of hitting the policies she supports. To Addison Perry-Franks I would say don’t worry it’ll get worse before it gets better is not a reason to give up, but also try to not take it to personal. It’s likely as much political as it is idiotic.
  • Melissa: Stephen Miller What do you hope to gain from approaching people specifically to invalidate them?
  • Meagan: Nah, you know exactly how shitty and disgusting you are being right now. You are just hiding it behind god and your willful misunderstanding of science so you can pretend to have the high road while you peddle your bigotry. I’m not going to give it to you, and will happily return the same disrespectful energy you bring.
  • Stephen Miller: Addison Perry-Franks It is not derogatory for me to call you a man. You are a man.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Ok Stephen Miller I’m going to call you a woman because I believe you are a woman.
  • Stephen Miller: Addison Perry-Franks You calling me a woman doesn’t make me a woman. And I am secure enough in my manhood, that it doesn’t bother me if you do.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Stephen Miller well calling me a man doesn’t make me a man.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Melissa, Stephen Miller has been attacking me since I announced in July, “she” has misgendered me every time, and she believes she is doing God’s work by spreading hatred. I believe that Christians believe that they need to love everyone. Not spread hate.
I promise to keep my religion and other religions out of my policies, and politics, when Elected to HD83 in 2020, I will be the voice for all people in Texas for fairness, equality, and common-sense policies that all Texans want and desperately need.

This shut him up for a while, he didn’t like being called a female, just like he was doing to me in calling me a man, it hurt his feelings. It’s only all right when he does it to others, but when it’s done to him, it’s wrong.

  • Andy: Stephen Miller I know all I need to know about what you were doing at PRIDE as a Baptist preacher. The Baptists are well known for their hatred of LGBTQ people and their allies. I suggest you focus on HER political platform and not on HER gender. I mean, if you are Republican that opposes Medicare for All, Marijuana legalization, environmental protection policies, and the freedom from religious condemnation for living one’s authentic self, what does following a Democrat regardless of her sexuality or gender identity serve you? Be honest your less concerned with HER platform than you are her gender. Move along. Serve your flock and let us wolves be.
  • Melissa: Stephen Miller I asked you what you hope to gain from this, but no answer.
  • Meagan: Melissa, He thought if he started shitting on a trans person, she would be an easy target.
  • Jennifer: Stephen Miller Jesus made it quite clear that the greatest commandments are to love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself. As Christ-loving Christians we are mandated to go out into the world and spread God’s love. Telling people how wrong you think they are based on an Old Testament that was put aside when Jesus died for us is not loving them. You are the kind of “Christian” non-believers Hate. You are the kind of “Christian” that pushes people away from God’s love. No one is willing to come into a home where they will be judged and hated for who they are.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Yeah. The only reason I added him (which was a mistake ) was that I thought he had gotten over his petty rants about transgenders. But apparently, I was wrong and to be Christian is to hate everyone, according to his preachings. Stephen Miller has a wicked and warped interpretation of the bible.
  • Stephen Miller: Meagan Addison’s post came across in my news feed. He is the one who friend-requested me. I have not called him any derogatory names, or used foul language, yet you have managed to do both in the very first sentence of the only discussion you have ever had with me.

Multiple misgendered occasions later…

  • Addison Perry-Franks: I’ll stick to my Wicca religion and atheist allies, this seems to be a more loving And caring religion
  • Marie:  Hey Addison, since Stephen is such a God-fearing Christian, I wonder if he realizes the truth about the Eve spoke about and revered by them Christian folks as the mother of humankind? Oh, what truth is that? Well, you see she is the first transgender woman on the face of the earth if the biblical version of creation is to be believed. WHAT?!?!?!? That’s preposterous blasphemy and not at all possible you say? Hmm, let’s see your nonbinary God, stole a male rib from a man (Adam) while that man was asleep, then that same nonbinary God transitioned that male rib into a full-grown female as a companion for that first man named Adam. If you don’t believe that Eve was truly a transgender woman then I guess it wasn’t Adam and Eve, it was Adam and Steve since according to you and your beliefs, a woman who was a man (that’s assigned male at birth for all you learned folks) will always be a man because of her DNA and I am fairly certain that the male rib used to create Eve was 100% male DNA.
  • Piper: Stephen Miller I’m a mom and my transness do not detract from that, and your true scum comments are deeply offensive. Addison IS a woman and dragging her kids into this just makes YOU look bad. Not her. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your gender binary.
  • Zach: I am a straight, white and Atheist male. I am more Christian than you may ever be because I love my neighbor and respect them. That lady you are talking to is not a guy and she has stated such many times. You just keep refusing to listen and I am sure it won’t be any different with me. Just know that from one man to another I am the better one who won’t troll.
  • Addison Perry-Franks: Zach thanks
  • Zach: No need to thank me on this one. I am just tired of people like him doing this. I fight for equality as much as you do and if this person has indicated anything to me it is that he doesn’t want it. I believe in sticking to the policies and being a unique voice. You have that for Texas and I hope people see that once they begin looking pass your identity.
  • Marie: Zach you kind sir are a breath of fresh air among all the hatred people like him have for us transgender people and I greatly appreciate you. Thanks.
  • Zach: Well, it helps being brought up in a family that cares about equality for all. I am from Odessa. (The city mentioned a few times here.) My mother went to the pride event when I was working and told me about those same people spreading their bigotry. (Makes me wish I was there so I could have said my piece face to face.) I am also the VP of the Odessa Young Democrats and currently a candidate for precinct chair in Ector County Precinct 201. If you know anyone over here who would like to support me I have a Facebook page for it too.

The reason for this is simply to show how he spreads his hatred for LGBT, simply because his son is gay, He has followed me to Odess pride, Lubbock Pride and now is attacking me on my profile, simply because I voiced my opinion about Pratt on Texas. Thanks to the friends and allies I have on Facebook, trying to knock some human kindness into his shallow heart.

I love religion, Yes I am Wiccan, but I love and support all Religions, I help the Athiest in Lubbock, and several of my friends are Christian, Catholic, etc. Everyone is entitled to their religion and their opinion, but when it comes to preaching and slamming hate down someone’s throat, that is when one’s religion is not being correct. I promise to keep my religion and other religions out of my policies, and politics, when Elected to HD83 in 2020, I will be the voice for all people in Texas for fairness, equality, and common-sense policies that all Texans want and desperately need.

For those who think my lifestyle (LGBT, Transgender ) is a crime, and I have no rights, and I should go to hell for my decision: I want to state, a true Christian is taught to love everyone and not to judge. While I may be doing something you may not agree with, I am entitled to live a life away from hatred and threats and worry about what someone is going to do to me, simply because I am Transgender. I believe in all rights are equal, and I do not judge anyone, I simply want everyone to get along. What I do, has no bearing on you, I am not making you, your kids or your family transgender. I am not pushing it on the unsuspected. I am simply living my life. Is it too much to ask that I live a life away from violence, hatred, and worry about if someone is going to murder me, simply because I am not “Normal in someone’s mind” and transgender?

We need to stop the hatred towards minorities, and LGBT individuals, We are all human, we all bleed red, and we are all born to whatever higher power that we worship. This country and this state are better than this, and Please stand with me in Standing up for your right, Let me be your voice in HD83, Stand with Equality, and fairness.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.Facebook: https://www.facebook.comWebsite:   https://addison4tx.comDonation link:

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