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  • Tattoos are great, but caring for them can be a sore, painful and itchy reality
  • A Review of AfterTAT by TAT Balm
  • "I've never been a fan of tattoo aftercare products before, none of them seem to help enough to be worth the price, but WOW, did this stuff work well"
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Tattoos. For many of us enthusiasts they are more than just decorative, more than just art or eye candy; they’re a window to our souls. Want to know my political views?  Look at my left arm. My past successes and failures? Check out the right leg. Want to see a list of past lovers? Well, you’re gonna have to buy me a few shots of tequila before I get into that.

Maintaining all of these tattoos is a lot of work, and you have to keep them touched up so they look as good as the new ones. That’s not to even talk about the cover ups I’m planning (again, for the past lovers). With all that, I feel like I am constantly in and out of the tattoo shop.

A few months ago, my husband and I attended an award ceremony for our son, who is seven now and just graduated to a new belt level in Jiu Jitsu. We were so excited that we decided to get matching tattoos commemorating his achievement, with a progress bar that we can add to every time he goes up a belt level. I loved the idea of it, but I had just finished healing from a decent sized shoulder piece, and I wasn’t too eager to jump on board with the soreness and crazy mad itching again so soon. But eventually (and by eventually I mean like 5 min. later) my love for the idea got stuck in my brain and I couldn’t get it out, so that weekend off to the tattoo shop we went.

When I got in the chair, I started chatting up my artist Tito, and of course I had to whine a little bit about the soreness and itching and how I wasn’t looking forward to that so soon after my last tat finally healed up. Tito in his stoic way just bobbed his head a bit and said “Don’t worry I gotcha covered!”.

I was pretty curious from that point on, but Tito insisted that I wait for the final reveal of what he had cooking for me, but the wait was worth it. After my tattoo, Tito disappeared into the back, and came back out with a black tub with a sweet wing label. It was called AfterTAT By TAT Balm (I found out later they also have a PreTAT for numbing, and PopTAT for tattoo maintenance and rejuvenation, its a 3 step process).

Tito explained that you just need to put it on a couple times a day as needed, and that it will reduce the soreness and stop the itching. I took it home, and if you know me you know what happened next.  It went on a shelf and I forgot it for a day or so, until the itching got so bad I accidentally banged the fresh sore tat into my desk trying not to itch it. In desperation I tracked down the tub, and opened it up. It was a brown cream that smelled pretty dang good.

Long story short I rubbed some of that in, and BAM, within seconds the itching stopped! Within a day the soreness was gone, and I swear that when they say it heals a tattoo in half the time as without, they are underselling it. I was perfectly fine within two days, no need to even keep using it, the stuff was magic. I’ve never been a fan of tattoo aftercare products before, none of them seem to help enough to be worth the price, but WOW, did this stuff work well.

After my second day of using it, I gave some to my husband, and sure enough, within two days of using it, he didn’t even need it anymore either. The coolest part? Completely all natural! The only thing I can think of to watch out for is if you have a nut allergy since there is both almond and walnut oil in it, so if you are allergic to either of those, I would not recommend this aftercare, but to anyone else.

If you are interested in where you can get some for yourself, a loved one, or to carry in your tattoo shop (every shop should have this aftercare), check out WWW.TATBALM.NET

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