AliExpress Review

  • Wildberries is a Russian online marketplace.
  • AliExpress pays Russian-speaking individuals to provide fake positive reviews.
  • People receive possibly counterfeit or unsafe items from AliExpress.

AliExpress is popular in Russia and the bordering nations of the former Soviet Bloc. A lot of drop shoppers source the products from the AliExpress. Russia has its own online marketplace, Wildberries. Last week, Wildberries marketplace announced expansion into Germany.

Wildberries is the largest Russian online retailer. The company was founded in 2004 by Tatyana Bakalchuk. Bakalchuk started the business in 2004 at age 28 in her Moscow apartment while on maternity leave from teaching.

Currently, Wildberries are operating in ten countries in Western Europe. There are over 4 million products that will be offered to the German consumers. In 2020, the Wildberrires marketplace had a total sales value over $6 billion.

Nevertheless. the items listed on Wildberries have questionable quality and many believe the items are sourced from AliExpress and repackaged to make it look like they were manufactured in Eastern Europe. The statement is true, when it comes to the apparel and the beauty market.

Furthermore, many Eastern Europeans in North America continue to order from AliExpress. There are many Instagram posts and YouTube videos dedicated specifically for reviews of AliExpress products.

Moreover, there is an AliExpress division which is geared specifically to Russian-speaking consumers. There is also a whole network of paid reviewers, who live in the small cities in Russia.

They are paid to provide positive reviews of the items that they have never used. The pay is very low and the completion is fierce.

Just two months ago, there has been an expose done of the underground reviewers’ network by one of the top Russian YouTube bloggers. Therefore, when reading the reviews of the products on AliExpress, the amount of fake reviews exceed 80%.

Moreover, one of the individuals in my online class decided to purchase a glitter and eye shadow palette from AliExpress. The items were priced much lower than the manufacturer’s suggested market price.

The brand was supposed to be Tom Ford, which is a premium beauty brand. An item arrived fairly quickly. However, during a Zoom group session, her eyes looked very red.

The AliExpress marketplace home page.

When the makeup was applied, the eyes started to burn and the eyeshadow pigment was barely visible. Additionally, the eye shadow had some sort of petroleum scent.

Hence, it is plausible to believe the items were counterfeit and even possibly unsafe to use. The redness lasted almost a week, the items had to be disposed of, and the vendor would not refund.

AliExpress does nothing to prevent the counterfeit products’ sale. Clearly, the items are not safe to use and there is a possibly the allergic reaction could have been much worse. There could have been a chance that medical attention would have been needed.

Overall, AliExpress is not a good platform to use and the buyer should be purchasing the products assuming the risk. There is no remedy and the marketplace utilizes dishonest practices.

Christina Kitova

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