Amanullah Khan, Pakistan’s King of Comedy, Dies

  • Pakistan's President and Prime Minister expressed their condolences.
  • Amanullah's career spanned 34 years, in which he set a world record of 860-day night theater plays.
  • Several well-known Pakistani comedians also sent their condolences.

Amanullah Khan, widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s greatest comedians, passed away Friday at the age of 70. He had been suffering from kidney and lung disease for some time. Amanullah, as he was simply known, was regarded as a legend in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, and called the “King of Comedy” in his country.

Amanullah or Amanullah Khan was a Pakistani theater and television stand up comedian and actor regarded as one of the best comedians in Pakistan. Khan has a world record of 860-day night theater plays.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, expressed his deep sorrow over the death of Amanullah, and prayed patiently for his bereaved relatives. President Arif Alvi also expressed his condolences in a separate message. Both said Amanullah was an asset of the stage and drama industry.

In addition, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan, Provincial Minister of Punjab for Information and Culture, expressed regret over the death of the well-known comedian, saying that Allah Almighty bestowed the highest place in Paradise for Amanullah. He said that Amanullah lives in the hearts of the people. Amanullah was one of the founders of comedy in Pakistan, the space created by Amanullah’s death will never be fulfilled, and that all comedy artists have learned from Amanullah.

Amanullah received an assistance from the Pakistani government for treatment and he was being treated at a private hospital in Lahore. After the news of his death, all activities in the performing arts circle were suspended.

Amanullah Khan was born in 1950 to a poor family in Gujranwala. From a young age, the family has been selling things to meet the needs of the family. His career began first with a stage play called “Successor,” and then many of his scripts were welcomed at home and abroad.

Imran Khan (born 5 October 1952) is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Pakistan and the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Before entering politics, Khan was an international cricketer and captain of Pakistan national cricket team, leading the team to the victory in 1992 Cricket World Cup.

He has also participated in TV news comedy shows, including news clips. In his 34-year career, Amanullah has also set a world record for 860 day-night theater plays. His funeral was held on Friday evening at the Academy of Lahore. Amanullah’s close colleague and well-known comedian Sohail Ahmed only said, “Amanura has been sharing a smile all his life.”

In answering a question, Sohail Ahmed said that the sad truth is that the lives of laughing artists are full of problems and sadness. He suggested naming the lobby of the Alhamra Art Centre in Lahore after Amanulla.

Sheba Butt, a well-known stage actress and amateur with Amanullah said that Amanullah’s death was a big loss for the Pakistani show business industry. “I worked with him on more than 200 stage plays, toured with him in Germany, the USA and Europe, and his death was saddened by fans around the world, including India.”

In response to a question, Sheba Butt said that Amanullah had problems in the last days of his career, he was sad that the unhealthy dances on the stage diminished the importance of the artists if they were on TV channels. If they had not got a job, they would have long lost the battle of life.

Another theater actress, Megha, said that he was not only a good artist but also a very good person, he was kind to young artists and directed them. According to him, an academy should be created to train comedians in the name of Amanullah, and annual awards should be presented to encourage new comedians in the name of Amanullah.

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