Amazon Continues to Reward Ebanel Fake Reviews – More Consumer Fraud From Blakeview

After we sent our last article to the Department of Justice, they have responded. So we will be coping them on all of our future articles. We have made a claim that Amazon discriminates against both against US and honest businesses; that Amazon gives an asymmetric and unfair advantage to known and documented cheaters and/or offshore companies that use large scale fake reviews from day one.

“Even one inauthentic review is one too many,” the spokesperson added. Amazon “invests significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews.” Then why are they rewarding serial fake reviews?

Amazon is not only letting the consumer fraud grow, they are rewarding it. Still to this day, we have not identified a company that uses fake reviews more than Ebanel. At first it was to boost their own ratings. Now we can document they went so far as to use fake reviews to penalize their competitors. After getting caught multiple times, you would think they would try to do the right thing, but they just change their fake review approach again and again. We thought they had already reached the bottom of corporate subterfuge, but that was before they aimed their fake review farms at their competitors.

The worst part is Amazon is claiming “one authorized review is one too many,” but they are still rewarding documented cheaters. Shorty after Amazon claimed they took “appropriate actions” against Ebanel, the company moved Ebanel from an “Amazon’s Choice Badge” to the highest ranking of “Amazon’s Best Seller Badge.”  Amazon call this “appropriate action.” We call it a reward.

We still can’t find the place in Amazon’s Terms of Service where it says they will reward serial cheaters.

Amazon claimed “We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take legal action on those who violate our policies.” Soon after reviewing documented fake reviews on Ebanel, Amazon promised “appropriate action” against Ebanel– which turned out to be rewarding them with the website’s highest reward as an “Amazon Best Seller.”

No wonder we’re seeing a flood of offshore competition on Amazon. It looks like many of these companies are using multiple consumer brands (several retail names on the same product) from Day One, as a secondary circuit breaker, so they can push the limit until they get caught. In the end, these companies risk nothing. They have almost zero US investment, so there are no consequences. Just put out a small amount of up front costs and then rip off consumers for as long as you can!

Review Meta quote about CN  “Just wanted to reach out and let you guys know about ReviewMeta, we show a lot of stats about the reviews for Amazon products and your analysis of this last product is pretty spot on:”  ReviewMeta

We have found only a few of these pirate companies that have even bothered to set up a US website– even companies with websites owned by Alibaba. These new multi-branded fake companies are pushing the limits in an epic way. Amazon is sitting idle while the fake review farms brag online about their successes.

It was bad enough when Amazon was rewarding serial cheaters, and leaving the honest businesses (with better products) watch their online analytics and sales plummet. Now, Amazon is allowing the cheating companies to use their fake review farms to place fake negative reviews on these honest competitors as well.

This week’s fake review is Blackview: 72% of 5-star reviews are fake.

PRODUCT: Blackview Rugged Cell Phones Unlocked, Blackview BV9600 pro 128GB ROM 4G LTE IP68 Waterproof Smartphone.

Shenzhen DOKE Electronic Co., Ltd. is the company that owns BLACKVIEW. It was founded in March 2013 by serial entrepreneur Xu Ming (David Xu). They have launched products in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Greece, Algeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos and more. They claim to have an office in Beverly Hills for US customers but provide no address or contact information.

The website is from Hong Kong; their headquarters are in mainland China. Eight out of 11 reviews were fake:

Name: sharon sobansky, Reviews are not shown.

Name: Ron M, Reviews:


Name: Sharon Goodnow, Reviews:


Name: Diana Daul, All reviews are missing.

Name: Ron Young, Reviews:


Name: Violet Miles, Reviews removed.

Name: Bnytech Inc, Reviews removed.

Name: Sunny Right, Out of 36 reviews, only 12 are showing. This is the new normal for fake reviews. Four reviews were 1-stars giving negative reviews.


The whole scam (that Amazon allows) just makes us sick.

If you know about any Amazon fake review issues, please send it to:

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