Amazon — Defective Cat Litter Causes a Mess

  • The item wasn't supposed to be sold.
  • The country of origin was not listed.
  • Amazon continued to sell defective product.

The Coronavirus pandemic’s second wave continues to cause havoc around the globe. The quarantine and restrictions continue to be in place for a majority of the world. Hence, online sales have been increasing, due to safety reasons and convenience.  Amazon is one of the major players on the online marketplace.

Ökocat: better for the environment and totally biodegradable.

Since Amazon became a huge entity, their service and quality of products has been decreasing. I am a Prime member myself, and in the past two weeks alone, I have ordered and received questionable items. One of the items was cat litter.

The convenience of ordering online and setting up a subscription service, which offers an additional discount, sounds like a great option to use. Not so fast— the experience ended up causing more aggravation versus the convenience.

As per usual, I placed an order for Okokat cat litter. The litter attracted me originally, due to being all natural and reasonably priced in the category. Additionally, it is made in Germany and there is no question of Chinese-made ingredients that may possibly be toxic.

The order arrived within two days as promised. The box looked the same as usual. However, when I opened the box, a saw dust cloud covered the whole area and it made me cough. Anyone with asthma or any other health conditions would have had a full-blown asthmatic attack. I was very surprised at what happened.

Upon the box inspection, I noticed that the product no longer was made in Germany, but the US. One would think that, due to shipping, Okokat opened a plant in the US for their North American clients’ convenience.

I immediately contacted Amazon regarding this product. I spoke to the wonderful customer service representative. I told her that the product was clearly defective, and now I will have to figure out a way to clean all the saw dust and can’t use the product.

She told me thus far, there were no other complaints regarding this item. Nevertheless, she issued a refund, and I pressed for the contact information of the supplier. I was able to obtain the information.

The defective SKU number of the litter.

Moreover, I called the supplier and was able to reach the right department. I explained what happened to me and it was quite dramatic to have almost the whole room covered in sawdust.

The response was that they were sorry, and they are aware there is an issue with a product and the products should have been pulled off.

The batch is defective, and they indeed switched the manufacturing of the product to the US. Unfortunately, the raw supplies caused an issue. Hence, Amazon continued to sell defective cat litter, even though the supplier was clear it should not have been sold.

I called Amazon back and asked to speak to the manger. I was transferred to the right department and was told Amazon was not aware of the removal of the product. First and foremost, Amazon does not list the country of origin of the product. Additionally, Amazon only cares for profit, as selling a defective product which was known to be faulty.

Overall, buyer beware that you can easily get a defective product and on recall and Amazon will only do something when the consumer takes an extra way to obtain this information. Clearly, there should be other alternative marketplaces to use.

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Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

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