Amazon Drone – Would You Own It?

  • Amazon Drone 'The Always Home Cam' will be released in 2021.
  • It is an autonomous Drone that can fly around inside your home and take a video of any specific spot you want when you are not home.
  • Once it is done flying, the Always Home Cam returns to its dock to charge its battery.
  • The Always Home Cam is expected to cost $249.99.

Always Home Cam-Amazon Drone is a miniature security Drone that will patrol inside homes recording video and broadcasting it to owners’ Smartphones. It was unveiled by Amazon on Sept 24. This $250 Drone was introduced by Ring, the Amazon-owned home security business. The Drone has a high-definition camera, it is small and light weight. It is programmed to auto fly on preset paths and monitor specific spots in your home. The Drone will automatically stream video of what it sees along its way to your Smartphone.

Dave Limp, Amazon’s top hardware executive says, “The seed was planted by the customers who don’t want cameras in every room for privacy reasons, or because they don’t have power outlets in the right spot, or because they can’t afford a camera in every room.”

Users can set the Drone’s path on their app. If the Drone suspects motion in any part of the house, it will fly to that spot and take a video. Amazon has set its release in next year. The Drone is for indoor use only. Users can link the Drone to Ring Alarm System, when the alarm is triggered, the Drone would fly in the preset route.

The camera is equipped with “obstacle avoidance technology” so it won’t crash into an unexpected human or pet while flying its pre-set paths.

Leila Rouhi, President of Ring, the Amazon-owned home security business; introduced The $250 Drone, called Ring Always Home Cam, on 09/25/2020. She said, ’The Drone’s camera appears to be mounted on a short trunk extending below its propellers (which are housed in a square cage), and will only record when the Drone is flying’ and ‘The camera is blocked when the Drone is sitting in its dock’.

The camera is equipped with “obstacle avoidance technology” so it won’t crash into an unexpected human or pet while flying its pre-set paths.

Rouhi said, “We know when something happens our customers want to be able to see exactly what’s going on, but it’s not always feasible to have whole-home coverage,” explaining why Ring created the Drone.

Privacy advocates express concern about how Ring and law enforcement agencies collect and use the information they gather. Ring also has patents for facial recognition technology that would scan through law enforcement databases.

Ring said the Drone is meant to be noisy while in flight — making it obvious when it’s in use -— and that it can’t be manually controlled.

“It’s an attention getter,” says Brian Jackson, an analyst with Info-Tech Research Group told me on the TechFirst podcast. “A flying robot in your home … it’s something that people have seen at the toy level so far, but to come out and say that it’s going to be an actual, useful product that you’ll use to help secure your home … that’s a whole other level. I really can’t wait to see live demos of this navigating people’s different floor plans.”

Amazon is producing a constellation of connected products that could be repurposed to record and surveil us, whether through its microphone- and camera-equipped devices, like the Echo and the Echo Show, or the new Ring cameras for cars Amazon also announced on Thursday. And with each new device, Amazon seems to hold more of the cards, collecting not only data about what’s happening in our homes but in our neighborhoods, too. That may not be the future we want.

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