Amazon Masks Counterfeit Hair Products

  • The product received was counterfeit.
  • The negative review was not approved to be posted on the Amazon marketplace.
  • the Amazon chat feature was insufficient.

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces. The diversity of selection and one-stop shopping became the convenient way to order items. Amazon charges monthly membership fees, which vary from $9 dollars and up. There are discounts for students and seniors.

Counterfeit Kerastase Thick Hair Mask

Amazon delivery is also supposed to be convenient, with two-day Prime shipping. The Coronavirus pandemic also changed the trajectory and made online marketplaces more attractive.

For convenience purposes, I have decided to place an order on Amazon and buy Kerastase Thick Hair Mask. Since, the coronavirus pandemic, it has been more challenging to make a hair appointment. Hence, hair products use at home has increased.

The order arrived on time, and the box seemed to be intact. Nevertheless, upon opening the shipping box, the item didn’t seem right. The shape of the container was the same, but the label was not centered. Usually, the label is centered. When I opened the product, it had a scent of drug store shampoo, not the Kerastase scent. The cost of the mask is $20.

Furthermore, prior to use, I decided to google additional information about the product. During my research, I have uncovered there are counterfeit products that imitate the Kerastase brand. I was unaware that there are counterfeit hair masks. There are multiple reviews of the product being counterfeit, but they were mostly pertaining to purchasing the items on eBay.

I contacted Amazon to complain about the item I received. At first, I used the chat feature that is promoted by Amazon, as it is supposed to be convenient and instantaneous. The chat was easy to open and there is a drop down of the orders and I selected the order I had an issue with.

The individual appeared on chat and I explained the issue I was having with the product.  The individual did not seem to comprehend English, or even what my issue truly was.

Amazon chat feature to reach customer service.

First, the Amazon representative suggested I return the item for a refund. I told him the container has been opened and I was fine with return. Suddenly, I was told that I can’t get a refund, due to the fact that Amazon credit was used. It should be noted that I obtained that credit from the refund of the cat litter that was defective.

Obviously, I was not satisfied with that answer. I had to end the chat and call Amazon’s phone line instead. I finally got through to the manager, who told me the credit is non-refundable and, as a curtesy, I was given a return of the credit and was told to dispose of the item as I saw fit.

Overall, the experience took me close to an hour on the phone and I still did not have the item I wanted. This is not the first counterfeit product I have received from shopping on the Amazon platform.

Every time I give Amazon another try, the convenience I expect is simply not there. The negative review I have written about the product was not approved by Amazon to be published. Therefore, there could be unsuspecting customers still purchasing this product.

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