Amazon Prime’s Latest Attempt at a Magic Special Leaves Some Wondering “Where Does Reality Start?”

  • Amazon Prime is revving up to tackle the video magic game.
  • New magic star Scott Xavier presents new series.
  • New series is a win for magic fans.

Amazon already has a plethora of magic specials all vying for the top magic spot, however forensic mentalist Scott Xavier has taken a commanding lead with “The Mind Reader: Head Trip.”

Scott Xavier and Ryan Evans developed the series for television and wrote or co-wrote the episode, and maybe now its Amazon’s attempt to create a different magic styled drama. Gone are the sponge balls and the cliched rabbits, and instead we get a tour of mentalism from various cities from Key West, Florida to Seaside Heights, New Jersey where the performances are centered around the powers of the mind.

Sure, there’s pretty bikini clad women on the Jersey Shore, but the real excitement comes from the seemingly psychic skills. Where this special carves a niche for itself, is with this forensic mind reading. Time after time Xavier walks up to people on the beach and plucks the names of their first kisses and pets from random spectators. And if you make it to the end and aren’t totally blown away, you will see a stunt of Blindfolded X-Ray eyes which Xavier debuted on the 2014 season of America’s Got Talent sure to leave you speechless.

The Mind Reader: Head Trip centers around the premise that real mind reading and psychic phenomena is possible but not supernatural — moments such as knowing when your child is lying to you is a regular occurrence in my house — they happen all around us. This is where Xavier excels. Scott Xavier is blurring the lines of reality in this streaming Amazon Prime 30 minute special.

Cast: Scott Xavier

Developed for television and written by: Scott Xavier, Ryan Evans, Matthew Teague, Kourosh Taie

Premieres: Wednesday (Amazon Prime)

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