America Confronts Iran – Democracy vs. Theocracy

  • The bible teaches the importance of freedom and the goal to unite freedom and religion, not to separate the mother bird who is freedom from her chicks in the nest.
  • Jesus was revealed to the world as the Messiah of freedom but today the Statue of Liberty is the lady of freedom whose soldiers are Trump supporters.
  • There is no one who is not free but it is also important to follow the instructions of the elders the wise men of life.

The world is waiting to see what type of retaliation will be made by Iran for the assassination of Solimeini their general chief of staff. Iran shot eighteen missiles at US headquarters in Iraq. Democracy is at war with theocracy in the Middle East. In democracy freedom is of first importance in life. In theocracy the law, the Koran, The Torah is most important. Progressive Jewish Spirituality and Baha”i faith teach that freedom and the law are of equal importance but just like God is unknown his law is an unknown law. Koran and Torah are two attempts both claim to be the Law of God but they are in truth the Law of the Israel nation or the Law of the Islamic nation.  The prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jerimiah taught the truth that there is a third law whose specifics are unknown which is the Law of God. Teach this in a theocracy and you will be put to death immediately.

Moses was the prophet of truth and his Torah is truth. The Torah has two parts called the Oral law the law for the nation of Israel and the written law known as the five books of Moses for the seekers of truth. Civilization according to the Bible the Old Testament is only 5780 years old.  The Bible relates the whole story of civilization from the creation of Adam until the point in history when the Jewish people were ready to enter the land of Israel their new leader Joshua the successor to Moses. The Old Testament written by Moses the prophet begins with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the initial sin which sent them out of the garden to populate the world. In the Garden of Eden before the sin there was peace no wars, not in their home or in the world.

Wars started immediately after their first two children were born Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel out of jealousy. The Bible continues to relate the families of the world and their lineages.  In the middle of populating the world there was a flood. Noah and his family were saved from the flood and the animal life which they could fit in their small home the Arc of Noah. Dinosaurs were just too big and could not be saved.

There were tribal wars between families over control of the earth. Nimrod was a great warrior who desired to conquer the world. He built the greatest nation of his day and the Tower of Babel. Nimrod did not succeed; his nation was dispersed.

Iran retaliates for the assassination of their general.

The Bible relates the story of Abraham whose name was Abram until he proved his true devotion to God when was added to his name an H symbolic of the connection he made with God the letter H is one of the letters in divine name of God written in the bible. The world began to divide into empires. Abraham had two sons Ishmael and Isaac from two wives. The two wives and their children did not get along well. They had both been circumcised.  Abraham had to choose between the two wives Sarah and Hagar and he chose to live with Sarah.  He sent away Hagar and Ishmael. Both were destined to become great nations.

The next family conflict occurred in the family of Isaac. Isaac and Rifka had twins Jacob and Esau. Esau was officially the first-born because he came out of the womb of his mother first. Esau had red hair related to the nation of Edom translated as red. Edom is Rome. Jacob became the father of the Jewish people. Jacob had twelve sons which became the twelve tribes of Israel.

The Bible story relates how the Jewish people were forced to descend from Israel into Egypt because of a famine. In Egypt they were fruitful and multiplied which put fear in the heart of the King of Egypt Pharaoh that they may become his competitors like Jews in America who have become affluent and influential in politics. Jews have special genes and a special blessing and excel wherever they live.  Pharaoh decided to make the Jews slaves in his nation.  According to bible they were 210 years living in Egypt. The plans of Pharaoh were stopped by God and his attempts to stop the Jews by killing their first born male children.  Moses born from a Jewish mother was miraculously saved, when his sister Miriam placed the new born baby in a cradle and floated the cradle in the Nile River.  The daughter of Pharaoh saw the baby in the cradle floating in the river, the child glowed with light.  She  took him into her home.

Moses grew up in the house of Pharaoh and became the savior of the Jewish people oppressed by Pharaoh in Egypt and with the help of God through ten plagues, miracles and wonder redeemed the Jewish people from Egypt. Pharaoh regretted to let them free; he chased after them when they reached the Red Sea. Moses split the Red Sea. The Jews crossed the waters and the soldiers of Pharaoh drowned. At Mount Sinai, the Jewish people received the Torah, the Ten Commandments.

The delivery of the Jews from Egypt was interrupted shortly after the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. There was a war in the Jewish camp. Moses descended from the mountain with two tablets inscribed on them by God the Ten Commandments. Moses saw below was built a Golden Calf people; were worshipping this idol; and he broke the tablets in disgust. The camp of the Jewish people was split in two parts with two different spiritual desires.  Moses was in between them and counselled with God to reach a compromise. The compromise was a second set of tablets with the Ten Commandments a new law which became the law of the Nation of Israel when they entered the land. With this new law they had to wait forty years in the wilderness to enter the land.  Moses and the elders of Israel did not enter the land only their children. Moses and the elders of Israel were of a higher spiritual level then their children. In the wilderness they lived only on miracles. In Israel they served God in natural life without revealed miracles.

The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom of America.

Joshua led the Jewish people into the land of Israel.  God was with them but it took over four hundred years to conquer the land. There was a known miracle in the beginning of the conquest of Jericho in the life of Joshua when the walls of Jericho miraculously fell to the ground. There were bloody battles through the years of conquest. In Israel Jews lived a natural life on the way to building their nation with a King, a government, and a holy temple. The conquest of Israel was completed by King David; his son Solomon built the holy temple. The nation of Israel was a theocracy governed by the Law of Moses. There was no freedom of speech. Judaism was the only religion in the nation. Prophecy was allowed but a prophet was forbidden to introduce new ideas or a new faith. Each law of the nation was judged to be the law of God. For desecration of the Sabbath, the punishment was death. Schools were set up in Israel to study and practice the law of the land. Neglect of Torah study was considered a crime. In this way, the Jewish people were a holy people observant of the law of God living in their land. The king of Israel was their leader, but not a Godhead. When he died, he was replaced by one of his sons.

Israel had an army. They fought wars with the nations surrounding them until they were conquered by the Babylonians who destroyed their temple, and exiled the people from their land. The Jewish people continued to follow the laws of their nation given to them by Moses in Babylon and other places where they were exiled. The first exile was for seventy years until they returned to their land. They rebuilt the temple which stood for another four hundred years until they were conquered by the Romans and the second temple was destroyed leaving only remaining one wall called the Wailing Wall today.

The Jews exiled continued to practice their religion based on the Law of Moses. During the time of the second temple there were reformed movements amongst the Jews. The nation became split between reformed and Orthodox Judaism. One of these reformed movements was Christianity. The people felt the law was too strict and needed to be changed. The Orthodox judges the Sanhedrin refused to change the law.  The reformed movement was a movement for freedom. Jesus became a symbol of freedom, the Messiah of Freedom.  His disciples made him their king forever a new religion based on Judaism.  Rome who had executed Jesus adopted Christianity to be its religion. Judaism continued according to the Old Testament. In Christianity was written a New Testament.

Mohammed came four hundred years later to write a new law for his followers who were the descendants of Ishmael the son of Abraham. In the Koran there was no Messiah of freedom like in Christianity. In Judaism there is no Messiah of Freedom.

In America today stands the Statue of Liberty symbolic of the Lady of Freedom not attached to any specific religion. The Statue of Liberty is not the Statue of Jesus which stands in front of and in churches throughout the world. The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom of America.  Christianity was founded by the Messiah of Freedom who became accepted by a third of the world. When Christianity became a religion; Jesus the Messiah of freedom was only a symbol because the religion was like all other religions a theocracy. America replaced the symbol of freedom who was Jesus with the Statue of Liberty not attached to any one religion. In the Byzantine and Ottoman empires the only religion practiced was Christianity or Islam. In America there is freedom of religion for Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Christians. America is not a White Anglo Protestant Nation. It was found by the pilgrims.  It is progressive WASP with the Statue of Liberty as it’s symbol of freedom in place of the Statue of Jesus. The law of America is Judea-Christian. Democracy is Judea-Christian law.

The modern nation of Israel because of the diversity of ideals amongst the Jewish people was made to be a democracy by Ben Gurion and its Zionist founders. In Israel are secular assimilated Jews, and Orthodox Jews. Orthodox Jews are the remnants of the Biblical Nation of Israel following strictly the Law of Moses. The right to be a Jew with full citizenship in Israel is according to Orthodox Judaism. Ultra-Orthodox Jews called Neturei Karta are against the State of Israel because they claim that the State of Israel will cause Jews to assimilate with the modern world. Many Jews living in nations of the Middle East Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon assimilated adopting secular Zionist values. The Shas established in 1984 a political party in Israel is a movement to unite again the Sephardic Jewish community with Torah values.

Mohammed wrote the Koran a religion without Jesus the Messiah of Freedom. Judaism continues without Jesus the Messiah of freedom like it was in biblical times before Jesus. Iran was assimilating with the modern world at the time of the Shah; and there was an Islamic revolution which changed it over to a strict Islamic nation. The strict Islamic nation of Iran does not want democracy or freedom.  They are a theocracy living by the ideal of the Koran to change the world over to Islam.  They succeeded in Iran. America led by Trump is a democracy which is progressive Evangelist. Iran is orthodox Islam Shiite.  There are other Orthodox Islamic states like Saudi Arabia. Iran and Saudi Arabia are at war in Yemen. Iran which became a powerful nation is at war with Israel.  There are other Muslim nations in the world which do not follow strictly the ideology of Islam such as Egypt, and Morocco and even less strict like Azerbaijan.

The mother sits over her chicks in the nest. The mother is freedom. Theocracy sends the mother away rules over her children without freedom. In democracy the mother and the children live together.

There is a goal in the creation of God written in the Bible to unite the world with the name of God which is peace or Shalom. To achieve this goal today is needed freedom of religion. The Messiah of freedom was revealed once as Jesus the Messiah but today it is represented by the Statue of Liberty. America represents freedom which is needed to unite the world with God. God is written in the Law of Moses but the secret of the name of God is freedom. A nation today which is against democracy is against freedom; is against God. Times have changed from the days of the Bible when the nation of Zion was a theocracy. There is a place for religion but not in politics. Freedom demands progressive values but the ethics and morals written in the Law of God in religion are still valid.

Moses placed in the bible the wisdom of God which is a lesson for all of mankind for all times. One of his commandments sums up the whole conflict between America and Iran, democracy and theocracy. In Deuteronomy 22:6, It says when you will see a bird nest, a mother with her chicks, “Do not take the mother with her chicks but send away the mother and take the chicks.” The Zohar describes the esoteric meaning of this commandment. The mother represents freedom.  A nation with freedom is the best way a democracy, the mother with the chicks. If it is possible leave the mother alone to be happy with her chicks.  Don’t disturb the nest.  If you don’t have what to eat, send the mother away before taking the chicks meaning make a nation without freedom separating the children from their mother who is freedom the happiest way of life. It is always best to make a nation with the ideal of freedom but sometimes it may not be possible. Iran the Islamic state is a theocracy against freedom and democracy. America is progressive with freedom and religion. Moses wanted Israel to be a free nation.  It was not possible so he broke the first tablets and replaced them with a theocracy. In those days it was possible to make a theocracy and maybe the best type of nationalism. Today theocracy is inflexible to accept all the various monotheistic philosophies that have been born in the course of history, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bhuddist, Baha”i, and humanitarian.

Freedom was Moses’ first choice.  Moses is behind President Trump in his conflict with Iran. Moses has resurrected with the prophets, Jesus, Mohammed and they are at peace living under the holy temple. Today the 10th day of the month Tevet the Jewish people fast in memory of the beginning of the destruction of the first holy temple. The holy esoteric book called the Zohar which teaches the secret of the “mother in the nest” also teaches that the solution in the Middle East must be left over for God to decide who has dominion over Jerusalem. God is revealed in the end of times as Freedom. Freedom has no limits. Freedom is infinite. God is infinite. The solution is not through war but through faith and trust in God.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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