An Answer and Hope to the Prayers of the Pope in Arabia

  • We call upon the Muslims nations of Saudi and Iran to end their conflict over the sovereignty of Yemen. The people of Yemen have suffered enough.
  • We call for all the religions of the world to be gathered together with the Pope to bring the message of World Unity and Peace to the earth.
  • God is one and his name is one.

The Pope visited Arabia and made prayers for peace in Yemen.  The solution is on the table.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn N.Y. declared in 1992 that the world has changed, the way to peace has arrived. See on the web

To our dear Muslim friends throughout the world and those suffering in Yemen,

We have good news.  The news has arrived from Jerusalem that Mohammed has resurrected and the nation of Islam has been completed.  There is no longer a conflict over the leadership of Islam between Ali and Abu Bakr.  Mohammed has returned to be the sole leader of Islam. 

In addition, Mohammed has resurrected with Jesus the father of the Christians and with Moses the father of the Jewish people.  They have all resurrected in the place of the Al-Aksa on the temple Mount of Jerusalem.  There is no longer war between Jews, Christians and Muslims.  The fulfillment of the prophecy of Mohammed has been fulfilled.  There is one nation, one religion of God on earth.  Each religion continues its own customs as before, but there is no longer hatred between them.  There is no longer hatred and competition between Muslims.  

We call upon the Muslims nations of Saudi and Iran to end their conflict over the sovereignty of Yemen.  The people of Yemen have suffered enough.  The work of Mohammed has been completed. There is left only to spread the name of God which is Salem and the faith in Allah to all the nations of the world peacefully including those nations which today have no religion or faith.  There is salvation in the world.  The Messiah has been revealed in the world and also to the Jewish people.  The world shares One Messiah and each nation of God has their own private Messiah to escort them into the next world to receive their share in the afterlife. 

The revelation of God on earth began with Abraham.  Abraham went up upon the Mountain of God to sacrifice his only son to be a symbol for all human beings of the importance of sacrifice and giving of the soul, mind and body in love to the creator.  God was revealed on Mount Sinai to the whole world in one instant.  This revelation is shared by all people, the children of Ishmael, the children of Esau, and the children of Jacob.  Each of the fathers received prophecy through Mohammed, Moses and Jesus to bring the holy name of God into the world in a different way through a different religion.  Each of these three religions are sacred.  Nothing has changed but the prophets today are united together in peace under the Mosque Al-Aksa they are hugging and kissing, dancing and rejoicing together.  The message of World Unity and Peace has come down from heaven.  The Pope has brought this message to all of the Arab world, that there should be peace on earth and peace between Muslims who are fighting over leadership of their nation.

This peace also applies to differences which exist between Christians and Protestants.  It also applies to healing the hatred amongst Jews between their brothers.  Alla Salem calls for an end to terrorism.  He calls for an end to extremism.  Alla declares “put down your weapons of destruction.”  The nation of Islam is a nation of peace.  War is the way of pagans.  The message of One God has been received on earth through the religious wars of the past.  The Ottoman Empire and Byzantine empires fought over the crown of the Lord Allah.  The war is over. Also in Israel already the Jews have learned that the victory comes not through power, not through soldiers but through the spirit of God.

We call for all the religions of the world to be gathered together with the Pope to bring the message of World Unity and Peace to the earth. Nuclear weapons have the power of destruction that in one moment all the life on the earth will be ended.  Life is important but even more important is the afterlife because it is permanent.  We receive our reward in the afterlife for the good deeds that are done in sacrificing for Allah. 

God has many names.  All his names only reflect a small part of his greatness.  Sallem peace is the name shared and understood by all people.  This is the name which Mohammed and the prophets have taught to us; this is the name which has been revealed through his resurrection. Muslims like all people love freedom, but also love their law of God Sharia. We give respect to the Law of Moses and the Jewish people.  There is no freedom without the Law of God.

Long Live Mohammed with Allah and all the saints and prophets known and unknown.  God is one and his name is one.  His name if Salem, Shalom, Om tat sat. Peace and joy on earth and everlasting life.

With all blessings,

Artisans of peace

(The picture above is of Al-Aksar the ancient holy mosque located on the temple mountain of Jerusalem where has begun the resurrection)

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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