An End to Religious Violence and Hatred

  • God cannot tolerate building a Golden Calf desiring only for material pleasures or a Tower of Babel nationalism without religion like in the Las Vegas and California discotheque shootings.
  • Christendom, Islam, Zionism are three parts of Religious nationalism which can only be received together in peace and controlled through freedom of religion which doesn’t accept violent acts of religious terrorism.
  • Moses revealed the plan of God to the world in his Torah.  It says that the Torah was the blueprint for the creation of the world.

Christendom, Islam, Zionism are three parts of Religious nationalism which can only be received together in peace through freedom of religion which doesn’t accept violent acts of religious terrorism. Freedom and justice can tolerate hatred when it is confined in the four walls of religion but not when it goes outside. The humanitarian will not accept violence in the name of God.  The humanitarian believes in freedom.  He also believes in peace. God cannot tolerate building a Golden Calf desiring only for material pleasures or a Tower of Babel nationalism without religion like the Las Vegas and the California discotheque shootings. Peace is the name of God. The Pittsburgh Massacre, The San Diego synagogue assault, The Christchurch massacre, Nigerian and Indonesian Church attacks shows that there has been enough hatred, evil and destruction. After the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, the time has come to put an end to Religious terrorism and hatred.

Before we can bring an end to hatred first we have to understand the source of hatred. Isaiah 43: explains the source of hatred “God says, all that is called in my name, to my glory, my creations, my formation, even my actions.”  The name of God is peace, love, unity, one, eternity etc.  God put his name in his creations, his formations which are two spiritual worlds above this physical world. The quotation is accurate to single out the world action “even my actions.” In the world of actions, the lowest spiritual world, our world there is less light of God, less peace, less love, less unity, less eternity which means death as opposed to eternal life.  The sages relate about this world and call it the world of “mountains of separation.” The higher worlds are united with the name of God which is peace and even if they are separate they stay united.  The higher worlds are the world of “angels.”  This world is the world of man.  This world is the world of “mountains of separation” the world of nationalism.  In the higher worlds there is only one nation in each world, nations of angels.  The world of man becomes divided into separate nations, separate families, separate religions, each person has equal rights. In this world there are 7 billion people, each person separate from the next.

The picture above is of the Hebrew letter Aleph א whose numerical value is 1.  The letter Aleph is built in three parts two points above and below a line in the middle representing the unity of heaven and earth and the two Messiahs written in the name of God which is his unity. God is One.  The Aleph is One Unity the essence of knowledge and faith.

There are reasons given by the sages how this world became separate from the higher more spiritual worlds. Rabbi Isaac Luria who lived in the city of Sefad, Israel in his book “The Tree of Life” explains about the creation of the world.  In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  Rabbi Isaac Luria called the “Arizal” explains the steps in creation of the world.  In the process of creation there were intermediates spiritual energies called sephiroth and supernal worlds before this world besides the three created worlds discussed above.  He explains that in the middle of the creation there was a breakage of spiritual vessels which were the cause of imperfection.  God is perfect but his creation lacks perfection especially in the “world of action” the world of mountains of separation.

The other reason given in the Bible for the imperfection that is in this world is the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who ate from the tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve had more perfection, unity and peace than their children who were born in sin.  Adam and Eve were created by the hand of God without an intermediate. God took the dust of the earth and put in it life. Adam and Eve were created through resurrection and not through a physical act of sex like all man.  Even Adam and Eve were not perfect. They were more perfect than their children but still had in them an imperfection.

The world that we live in needs a correction.  The world cannot be changed completely and elevated to be like the worlds above it where there is a closer connection to God and his name which is peace.  God has not deserted this world.  He brought into this world prophets of truth to begin to correct the sin of Adam and Eve.  The bible explains the whole story of creation from the first day until the Exodus and the giving of the Ten Commandments.  The correction of the world and the forces of evil which cause war and destruction could not be achieved in one step.  The world was created in seven days.  The correction of the sin of Adam and Eve is the work of six thousand years.  The final correction is coming closer for according to the Jewish calendar we are in the year 5770.

This world is the world of nationalism.  Nations are formed by families united together.  Ishmael, Jacob, and Esau are fathers of some of the families on the earth.  There are Chinese Hindu, African, Muslim, Jewish, Latin, divided up into many parts which are the nations of the world.  Nations are separate one from the other. Each nations has conquered a portion of the earth and defend the children of their family.  God and his name which is unity can be revealed in this world, but the nature of the world cannot be changed.  The world is a world of separate nations.  There is God the creator and higher worlds of angels in the worlds above; but the world of action, the world of mountains of separation cannot become spiritual when it is physical.  It has in it a spiritual spark but this spark is in a physical body in a physical world.

Moses at Mount Sinai made the first step in the correction of the world in receiving the Ten Commandments. He was only partially successful.  When he came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments with the hope of achieving the perfect solution for the world; he was faced with the reality that the time was not right.  He broke the first tablets which were for a perfect correction for the world.  He saw that the time was not right and changed his plan to begin the correction of the world through establishment of the Nation of Israel.  Judaism became the first Monotheistic religion in the world.  Moses knew that afterwards would be other prophets that would bring other religions into the world.  He made sure that Judaism would remain the religion of the Jewish people after these prophets would break off from Judaism and establish other religions like Islam and Christianity.

The first break off was Christianity which came through the resurrection of Christ.  The resurrection religion of Christianity was an attempt to globalize the world under one God.  The attempt failed and Christianity became a separate religion from Judaism.  Moses also attempted to globalize the world under one religion but also failed.  The time still was not right. To change a world of “mountains of separation” and unite these mountains of nature was still in the process and in the plan of God.  Christendom what is called today is not exactly the correction that the Christian founders had in mind.  They were attempting to end hatred between mountains, families and religions.  Jesus preached Love your enemy.

Islam was the second part of the New Age created by Jesus.  Today remains in the world three religions which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  They are three separate mountains with three separate laws.  A large part of the world are agnostics and even atheists even amongst the members of these three religions.  Moses understood very well how the world would break off into three separate religions and how a remainder of the world would need the final correction. He made also a place in the Bible to reject the solution of secular nationalism without religion called the Tower of Babel.

The correction of the breaking of the vessels in the beginning of creation and the sin of Adam and Eve is the work of six thousand years.  In the end everyone will be connected to God and receive a share in the afterlife.  Those people in the world which have a connection to these three religions receive their share in the afterlife through the blessings of their prophets by doing good deeds and following the precepts of their religion.  Today there is a need for a fourth religion to include all the three religions which have been created at Mount Sinai through the resurrection of Moses with all the prophets.  This religion hopefully will bring an end to hatred within mankind.

The letter in the center of the page is of the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet ת . The letter has at its bottom the shape of a foot where the light of God descends downward into darkness which causes religious terrorism.

Moses at the end of his life went up on the mountain Nevo his grave is unknown.  Even though Moses is the first redeemer of the Jewish people, he is not considered in Judaism to be the Messiah.  Judaism has lived without the messiah for two thousand years.  Islam also lives without the messiah.  They believe only in God without any intermediate.  At the splitting of the Red Sea Genesis 14: It says, “And the Jews believed in God and in Moses.”  Moses was included in the faith of Judaism at the time of the splitting of the Red Sea.  In Jewish law God is separate from Moses.  In Judaism the resurrection will come at the end of time. In Islam the resurrection will come at the end of time.  In Christianity there was resurrection before Christianity became a religion. Through the resurrection of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed all these three religions have connection to the messiah, the Messiah of World Unity and Peace and the Messiah of religion, two messiahs of truth.  For Christianity it is the second resurrection of Christ.  For Judaism it is also the second resurrection of Moses, the first resurrection was at Mount Sinai but not included in the religion given by Moses to the Jewish people after breaking the first set of Ten Commandments and replacing them with a second set of tablets given to them on their high holy day Yom Kippur.  The law of the first tablets which were broken was never revealed. This law will soon be revealed to the children of Adam.

With the resurrection of Moses now is revealed the first tablets of the Ten Commandments a religion which includes all three religions Judaism, Christian, and Islam united together with the resurrection and God.  About this it says ” on Zion will come a new light.” The new light did not come to replace the old light but to reinforce religion and add to it the aspect of World Unity and Peace.

Moses revealed the plan of God to the world in his Torah.  It says that the Torah was the blueprint for the creation of the world.  The whole secret of his plan is inscribed in the four letters of the name of God called his ineffable name.  The Zohar the book of splendor which was revealed eight hundred years ago brought a new light of Messianic Judaism.  The Zohar explains that the four letters of this holy name are divided into two parts, the first three letters and the last letter.  The last letter ה has three parts two are connected and one separate.  The last letter ה is in the world of action where religions and nations are separate.  The first three letters of this name י- ה- ו are the higher world the source of resurrection. God includes the whole name.  The whole name includes all three religions and their unity in the resurrection of the three prophets Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  On the small letter Yud י in the Torah is a crown to represent God himself separate and united to his name.

The purpose of creation is to reveal the name of God through his prophets and to give all the people of the world a share in the afterlife and the resurrection of the dead which will come at the end of time.  When God is one and his name is one, there is no longer hatred; there will be bridges between the mountains.  About this it says in Zecharia 14:9, And it is said God will be the king of the whole earth, in this day God will be one and his name will be one.” Isaiah teaches, “The whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God like the waters cover the sea.” The Zohar the book of Splendor teaches that the third temple on the place of the resurrection of the prophets will come down from heaven.  Jerusalem in the end of times will no longer need a wall. Faith and freedom will rule in the world together with religion.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe declared in 1992 that the time has arrived for the revelation of the Messiah. The revelation of God on earth comes through two Messiahs of truth, the Messiah of World Unity and the Messiah of the law of God. They together are at the entrance to the Garden of Eden like it says in the song of songs of Solomon, “Come into my garden, my daughter my bride.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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