Angels, Man and Corona

  • Angels have a closer connection to God than people and assist people throughout their lives.
  • Those health care workers who work to save lives are angels.
  • Man unites heaven and earth; his soul is from heaven and his body from the earth.

Man suffers in the Pandemic of Corona. Angels and souls come down into the world accepting the sufferings of life as part of their purpose. God gives us a promise that we will be rewarded in the afterlife in two ways which are the reward for the soul and the reward for the body.  Both portions in the afterlife are eternal. The reward for the body is resurrection.  The reward for the soul is triumph and a temporary home in the Garden of Eden. Souls are angels. Man unites heaven and earth, a physical earthly body ignited by a spiritual spark called its soul, like it says, God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life.”

Health care workers are angels in a human body that risk their lives to save people

The body will be satisfied with resurrection.  Resurrection is for the body the ultimate pleasure which it always desired during life.  There are many pleasures in this world which people enjoy.  Some people enjoy their cup of coffee in the morning. It is for them their Garden of Eden.  Americans enjoy brewed coffee in their homes.  Some Americans each morning make a visit to Dunkin Donuts special to start the day. Some people love work.  Only at their work station do they feel peace.  Some people hate their jobs and are looking for a better job for different reasons.  An easy interesting job may not pay enough money.  Money is a factor in employment. Other people are satisfied with government employment and its benefits for health and pension.

God gives each one a choice between spiritual life and physical materialistic life and its pleasures. Some people may chose in their youth spiritual life direction and sacrifice the physical love in marriage to become a Catholic priest or Buddhist monk with spiritual pleasure without a woman. The greatest pleasure for most men and woman is their husband or wife. From physical love is born the children we love. These are two types of love spiritual and physical loves, two worlds which are created on earth and in heaven.

King Solomon had a thousand wives and many concubines. He sang a love song called the Song of Songs about the beauty of the woman.  He enjoyed the beauty of the woman in two worlds.  He begins his song of love with the words, “Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth; for thy love is better than wine. Your ointments are fragrant. Your flowing oil is renowned. You are loved by virgins.” For King Solomon there was the ultimate of two pleasures of the two worlds spiritual and material. Not everyone can be wise like Solomon.  Wisdom was one of his loves. None of us has the riches of Solomon the King of Israel or of Bill Gates. Everyone is called rich if he is content with his portion. King Solomon and his father David were also known to have fasted and inflicted themselves with the suffering of the body to reach their levels of perfection.

In the future waits the eternal experience of resurrection where there is only joy and no pain. The Bible teaches that each person should make a balance between pleasure in this world and the next world not to sacrifice the next world for the pleasures of this world or to reject the pleasures which God gives each person in this world. The Pope may be celibate living without the pleasure of a woman his whole life. He has suppressed one pleasure of life but each morning may enjoy the pleasure of a cup of coffee and has in his life other pleasures including his job.  The great righteous men and teaches of Israel immersed in the study of Torah day and night sacrifice many of the pleasures of life but still live with pleasures mostly gained through their Talmud study. There is no life without pleasure. In the times of Corona God has taken away from life many pleasures.  It is pleasant to be alive when you are healthy. Corona will teach to appreciate normal life.

A guardian angel saving two children. Appreciate the help from angels who assist us in our lives. Some we see in the flesh and some are hidden from us. They are all holy.

Judaism teaches not to inflict punishments on the body and deny the permitted pleasures of life. A person who made a vow not to enjoy a particular fruit, or a Nazir that vowed not to drink wine or cut his hair like Samson to end his vow brings a sacrifice because denial of pleasures are sins just like over indulging in pleasure. Before taking pleasure from foods religious Jews make a blessing to thank God for the fruits, and foods which he enjoys. There was once a plague in the time of King David where over a hundred Jews died each day. King David made a decree which is active today to make 100 blessings each day.  This decree stopped the plague. It can also help to stop the plague of Corona. Bless God for the pleasures which we still have amidst the plague of Corona. The pleasures of this world end in death.  Thank God for life.

While the body is rewarded with the ultimate pleasure and bliss in resurrection in the afterlife, the reward for the soul is the work and challenges it confronts in life. The soul rejects physical pleasure for hard work. Job in the Bible worked hard his whole life and lived righteously. He became sick like the sickness which Corona inflicts.  God sent an angel from heaven to test his faith with infliction. Of all the pleasures of life Job enjoyed work. He says, “Work is the reason why we are born.”

The soul does not seek pleasures in this world or in the afterlife. The soul is a spiritual spark which rejects pleasure but seeks work.  Amidst the crisis of Corona, there are those soldiers wearing those uniforms in hospitals and burying the dead, risking their lives which is part of their job. The soul is a soldier of God in this world. The soul rejects pleasures for work building the kingship of God, saving a life. The soul sometimes even rejects the pleasure of resurrection, the ultimate pleasure.

Adam and Eve had the ultimate in divine pleasure when in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is the pleasure of Sabbath, divine rest. They sacrificed divine rest in the Garden of Eden when they went out into the world to populate the world which meant getting involved in the problems of living in a physical world like the plague of Corona today. In the Garden of Eden their lives were civilians sitting at home while their children are fighting a war on the fronts of life. The elders are ordered by the Ministry of Health to stay home.  Their children are fighting Corona in the hospitals and on ambulances. Their children are working outside in public services wearing masks and gloves. There are soldiers in life and civilians. The soldiers their purpose is to save a life, the life of civilian’s men woman and children.

The two aspects of afterlife or eternal life are gained through entering the physical world where faith in God is tested each day when reading the newspaper or seeing on television more and more deaths and people hospitalized from Corona. The body is inflicted in a temporary life of 120 years or less with pain which each pleasure heals, the pain of hunger healed by food and drink, the pain of loneliness which is healed by marriage, love and friendship, the pain of Corona which is healed by drugs and medical care. After being sick we thank God for health, like it says in the Bible, it was evening and it was daytime on the first day. Souls are soldiers. God does not let souls rest. Elijah was the example of the perfection of a soul when he went up into heaven on a cloud and never died. The work of Elijah is like the work of angels which never ends. Angels are compared to souls. We are all angels from heaven. When times are difficult like today we need additional help from God and angels. Connecting to angels in prayer may save your life like to say this passage in Psalms 91:11 when in danger, “May he give his angels charge over me, to watch over me in all my paths.”

Madonna is an angel in the flesh. She may even be the Messiah of song in the Universal faith

There are also interruptions in life for souls and angels. They come down to earth and return to heaven when their missions have been completed. Some say their missions are never completed and they are forever being reincarnated in this world or another world. Some say their mission will be complete when is fulfilled all the prophecies when the world reaches its perfect revelation of the father of all angels who is the One God.

Resurrection is a onetime experience for a body, complete bliss, a permanent Garden of Eden. Jesus is connected to resurrection.  He became eternally the Messiah for all mankind after his resurrection on the third day after death. The Jewish sages were instructed by God to work and reject pleasure.

About Torah scholars it says, Torah scholars have no rest, not is this world and not in the next world. The job of the Jewish scholars never ends.  Their work is national supporting their nation the Nation of Israel in this world.  Torah scholars are the soldiers of the Nation of Israel. Just like it says in Psalms 121:4 about God, he who keeps Israel will not slumber or sleep, Torah Scholars are soldiers that are continually on patrol watching over the religion of Israel. The job of Torah Scholars is teaching and learning Torah day and night. They are soldiers of Israel, souls whose purpose is watching over the Jewish people and their nation. Souls are angels which come into the world to do work today fighting Corona in hospitals.  Their work is in saving lives and their share in the afterlife grows with their work. There is afterlife for souls and angels even if they deny themselves pleasures of rest called Sabbath or Garden of Eden.

A man or woman is a soul in a body. The body is physical the product of a sexual act between male and female. The soul comes down to the earth to fill this body with the purpose of work.  After death the soul returns to the place of souls in heaven. After death the body is resurrected to receive eternal bliss. These two portions of life are represented by the two Messiahs of eternal life.  There is the Messiah of resurrection of the body eternal bliss and freedom.  There is the Messiah the leader of souls. The Messiah of resurrection is the unity of three also called the Trinity. Freedom has no limitation; therefore the Messiah of resurrection is shared today by the three prophets Moses, Mohammed and Jesus in the Universal faith. This place cannot even be limited to three and reaches into infinity, an infinite number of souls and angels. On the other side is the Messiah the leader of souls connected to the work and achievements of mankind in building the kingship of God on earth. For the Messiah the leader of souls pleasure is secondary to work. The Messiah the leader of souls is also given the name Commander and Chief. Each person has a share in the Messiah the leader of souls in fulfillment of the purpose of creation. Today amongst our leaders include, President Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other leader of nations in the battle against Corona.

The students of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who died in 1994 look at their teacher as an example of the Messiah the leader of the souls of Israel, also called the Messiah the son of King David. Like King David the Rebbe denied himself the pleasure of rest and was occupied his whole life in the study of Torah and the work of the Torah Scholars. Some of his students even deny that the Rebbe died and consider him to still be alive in a physical body. It is also said about King David, “David the King of Israel, lives forever.”

There are two afterlife and two Messiahs connected to God in the purpose of creation of the world revealed in the holy Bible which begins with the words, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” To believe in God, means to believe that there is always purpose in life. There are two realms of existence which are heaven and earth. Earth is the place of the body and resurrection connects heaven and earth. Heaven is the place of souls and angels which are eternal.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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