Anti-Semites in America Are Also Anti-Trump

  • President Trump more than any other President is against hate crimes.
  • Wealthy Democrats claim to be for the poor minorities more than President Trump which is dirty politics.
  • There is no safe place in the world for a Jew today.

People want to blame President Trump for the constant anti-Semitic attacks on Jews like the attack in Jersey City and the attack in Monsey.  For sure during the four year term of President Trump has risen the amount of hate crimes.  Blaming President Trump for these crimes contradicts the truth. More than any other President of America President Trump fights against hate crimes.

Location in Monsey of the anti-Semitic terrorist attack.

President Trump more than any other president defends Jews in Israel and America. The blame for these attacks is on those members of the Congress a large number of them are Jewish that attack President Trump for defending Israel and America from hate crimes committed by minorities in the country against other minorities. They are encouraging ignorant violent people to do anti-Semitic hate crimes. President Trump represents the majority in America which is White Anglo Saxon Protestants and evangelists. He has picked the Jewish people as a minority to help them in America and abroad since the Jewish people are so vital to America and the world.

Between the WASP and the Jews there is no jealousy since both are successful in business and politics. Israel stands as a minority in the middle east six million Jews amongst a billion Muslims and Israel excels in business, and the nation of Israel although internally divided is a stable country from within.  Their only enemies are the nations around them that are jealous because these nations became independent when Israel became independent when Britain removed the mandate and they have not been able to stabilize and industrialize like Israel.

tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh that was attacked in 2018.

Anti-Semitism comes from jealousy of Jews.  Jews in America living in Monsey and other communities cannot help but display their success living in large beautiful houses like the house of the Rabbi in Monsey. President Trump when he built the wall in the south made a point to defend the right of wealthy Americans to build gates around their mansions. America a wealthy country therefore has the right the build a wall in south for its own protection from illegal immigrants. President Trump is behind Americans who are interested in wealth and success.  He appeals to this type of American and they will support him in 2020.

The Americans who are against Trump are those American politicians who they themselves may be wealthy like Bernie Sanders and Judy Pelosi looking for the support of minorities and the poor Americans as a political tool. They really don’t believe in what they preach and are only preaching Anti-Trump, Anti-Wasp to gather support from those that carry jealousy because their inability to reach the American dream.  American democrats are impeaching Trump who is a good man an example of a successful American. He hasn’t done anything wrong. These democrats are creating hate and jealousy through their dirty politics.

Kosher Supermarket in Jersey City that was assaulted.

The simple person blames Trump for the arousal of Anti-Semitism. The Democrats know that it is not the fault of Trump and will not confess that they are also on the side of affluent Americans and pretend to be concerned about minorities who have difficulty competing in a capitalist society. It is only dirty politics.

Avigdor Lieberman Israel politician made a statement in reference to Anti-Semitism in America encouraging American Jews to move to Israel. Israel is safe today because President Trump stands behind them. If Trump goes down, Israel will fall. Iran does not fear Israel; they fear Trump.  The solution for Jews in America is to again take steps to organize their own civil servants to assist the police to watch over their communities.

Many religious leaders, mostly Zionists, claim that today’s events has the sign of the beginning of another holocaust. America with all its faults; will always remain democratic.  It will never change into a fascist state. Trump is doing the impossible through supporting Israel. All the Jewish lives that are lost in America because of the love and admiration of President Trump for Jews and the jealousy of his political opponents, is not a fraction of the lives that could be lost in a war between Israel and Iran. Iran fought a war with Iraq and lost a million citizens without blinking an eye. The mentality of Islamic culture does not value life like Trump and Jewish mentality. Anti-Semitism is Anti-Trump. Democrats that want to impeach Trump are Anti-Semites and spreading anti-Semitism.

Blame the Democrats for these hate crimes against Jews. It is a shame that Jews have joined the haters of Israel and the Jewish people to achieve political power. It encourages ignorant jealousy of Jews and Wasp wealthy Americans.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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