Anti-Semitism in Disguise – Trump Impeachment Hearings

  • Jews can become the tools of anti-Semitism in disguise.
  • The three Jewish professors called to testify could have used their own discretion and refused to enter into this disgusting controversy.
  • Jews are gifted with precious genes for which they should give credit to their forefathers.

On December 10, a deadly shooting took place at a grocery store located in the Greenville section of Jersey City in which five people including the two attackers and three civilians were killed while another civilian and two policemen were injured. The motive of this attack has been established to be anti-Semitism. The two terrorists, who were members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, posted their intentions to attack the Kosher Supermarket as a hate crime and also stated that they intended to kill and injure policemen.

President Trump liked and disliked by many Americans.

Anti-Semitism can be revealed in the open like in the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre and this Kosher Supermarket attack or it can be disguised like is happening in the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.  It is difficult to call a Jew an anti-Semite but Jews can also become the tools of anti-Semitism when they are covering up their identities as Jews in their work as politicians or judges in the court. The Jewish people represent only 4% of the population of America but this small percentage does not prevent them from becoming influential in American politics and law.

On Wednesday December 4 the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee launched impeachment hearings just hours after the Intelligence Committee chaired by Adam Schiff concluded its own impeachment hearing. The Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler brought three witnesses, all constitutional scholars, to outline a theory of impeachment. All three witnesses are Jewish: Noah Feldman of Harvard, Pamela Karlan of Stanford, Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina. Also Jewish are Schiff and Nadler and the Democrat counsel who directed the first 45 minutes of questioning, Norman Eisen. Ann Coulter, a right wing agitator tweeted, “Too little diversity among the professors for me.” She went on to say “How many f—ing Jews do you think are in the USA.” She obviously is jealous of how many Jews have distinguished position in American society.

Ann Coulter, a right wing agitator.

True News, the Youtube channel run by an a Florida pastor called the impeachment a “Jew Coup,” accusing Jerry Nadler and his three Jewish witness of escalating the Jew Coup. He singled out Jonathon Turley, a George Washington University scholar who stated cynically that the evidence for impeachment doesn’t add up, as a Roman Catholic. Everyone in this impeachment proceeding has his own ethnic label.

Jonathon Greenblatt representing the Anti-Defamation League fighting hate for good, along with his many tweets attacking anti-Semitism, tweeted in connection to the impeachment proceedings to prevent anti-Semitism from being considered in reference to the impeachment proceedings of President Trump coming from TruNews.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Gerald Nadler.

Jews have been pulled into dirty politics between Democrats and Republicans.  At the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Jews from the Pittsburgh community accused Trump of creating hatred.  It seems when Jews are used as weapons of hatred against Jews, it can only cause more hatred against Jews.  The fact that Jews are a minority (only 4% of the American population) and their power in the American society has become public in these proceedings can only create jealousy and more hatred against Jews.

The professors maybe should have declined to testify because they were Jewish.  They were not obligated to testify and their presence had great potential to cause tweeters like TruNews and other anti-Semites to laugh at the Jewish people making fools of themselves. Only those Jews that were obligated to enter into dirty politics (which could stimulate Jew hatred) because it was their job have the excuse for this type of behavior. President Trump is attacked for loving Jews. Many Jews do not like President Trump for many reasons and everyone has their own right to their own opinions, but in this type of controversy Jews who could refuse to participate should have stayed quiet.

There was a professor in Israel who was a holocaust victim and wrote many books against Judaism. He was originally from a Chassidic background and became an atheist.  He wrote the Lubavitcher Rebbe a letter explaining his disenchantment and opposition to Judaism. On his deathbed he revealed the answer to his letter from the Lubavticher Rebbe. The Rebbe did not attack him for his opinions; he only wrote a short answer which was: You know who your ancestors were. Jews have precious genes that make them so successful in all areas of life. The Rebbe said that this secular Jews should be proud and recognize it.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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