Antidotes for You – They Bring Salvation in Many Ways

  • An antidote defined in the Meriam-Webster dictionary is a remedy to counteract the effects of poisons.
  • On the first day of creation God created two spiritual lights for the world against emptiness and void.
  • Learning the Bible can be for you an antidote like it is for President Trump.

An antidote defined in the Meriam-Webster dictionary is a remedy to counteract the effects of poisons.  If you are bit by a snake there is an antidote to counteract the poison venom. A second example of antidote given by Meriam-Webster something that relieves prevents or counteracts for example an antidote for boredom.

People are naturally sad.  They need to be cheered up. No one is immune from pain. Life is not always pleasant. One of the antidotes created by the Lord in Heaven is song, another antidote is comedy. During World War II the newspaper had a difficult time cheering people up.  The news was filled with stories of tragedy.  A little bit of humor was added as an antidote.  Sometimes the antidote of humor comes as a joke; sometimes as a cartoon.

Comedy cartoons figure as an antidote to sadness.

Many drugs may have side effects.  When the psychiatrist will subscribe for his patients anti-psychotics he will also give them together with an antidote against its side effects.  For example Clonex or Deckinet.  Clonex is also a narcotic.  Narcotics are antidotes for calming the nerves.  If they weren’t habit forming they would be much more popular especially Heroin.  If you have taken LSD or a friend dropped a tab into your coffee and it is starting to work on you and you are seeing colors. When it is becoming more intense.  You can’t handle it.  “I am losing my head.”  The antidote is a Seconal a narcotic pill a sedative called also by the name “down.”  It will bring you down from your trip.  Afterwards you may or may not need to take them to keep you calm. You may become addicted or may choose to begin to use Heroin. Another antidote for a bad trip is take another tab another trip and try again.

You have decided to take a hike into the desert.  After a few hours your canteen of water has run dry.  Another few hours later you are lying on the ground dying from thirst the sun is beating down on you. Your telephone has run out of power.  You need water. Water is the antidote for thirst.  In Exodus 37, the brothers of Joseph the son of Jacob threw him into a pit without water and filled with snakes and scorpions.  They were jealous. They thought he was crazy.  A caravan came by at the moment when his life was to end.  They decided to sell him to the Egyptians.  His antidote was to become a slave in Egypt.  He later became a hero in Egypt when he saved them from the famine.  Water is the most universal antidote.  Without water there is no life.

Text in a letter written by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov to his student revealing that he is alive 250 years after his death.  Rabbi Nachman told the world in this letter to say Na, Nac, Nachma, Nachman Mauman connecting his name with the name of God as an antidote for sadness and all the troubles of life.

The fish in the sea cannot live without water.  People need water for many reasons.  The prisons in communist Russia were not like the prisons in America or Israel. Many Jews were sent to live in Siberia where the living conditions were the most difficult from any other places in the land.  They died from cold and from hunger.  A famous Rabbi Rabbi Yechezkel Rutner who built a synagogue in Brooklyn after the war was sent to a concentration camp.  A story told about him is that he was about to die of hunger unconscious. A fellow prisoner placed a potato peel under his nose which was an antidote enough to get him out of his unconscious state.  A little bit of water can save you or a little bit of food for a starving person; their antidotes. Siberia was very cold. The weather in the winter can reach the minus 60’s.  The antidote for cold weather is warm clothing. Another antidote for poverty is charity.

God created the world.  On the first day it says, “And the earth was empty and void, and there was darkness.  God said let there be light, and there was light.”  Light is a remedy for darkness.  However it says further that God created on the fourth day the sun, the moon and the stars which were for physical light.  On the first day of creation God created two spiritual lights for the world against emptiness and void.  Emptiness and void are two states of existence which need antidotes.  The world was empty and void an existence of darkness.  It needed people.  People need people friends and community.  People need work to keep them busy.  Work is the antidote for boredom.  God gave the Jewish people work for the purpose of building the Kingship of  God in Israel and on earth. The Torah has in it 613 commandments which do not give the Jewish people a chance to be bored.  At the same time they are busy learning the Bible and performing tasks of unity of God each day including the keeping of the Sabbath.  The whole world is busy.  Everyone needs employment.  Without livelihood there is no food.  Livelihood is the antidote for starvation, housing, and community.  Money is important.  Trade is important.

Work is not all of life. Socialism is a good plan to keep everyone busy and to give everyone employment.  In Israel when the State for formed in 1948 life was difficult and was organized Kibbutz community for sustenance a socialist system. Today there are left only a few kibbutz communities.  The people naturally preferred free enterprise.  People want freedom.  The remedy antidote of work is not enough to fill the emptiness in life. About this it says in the Torah, “Six days you should work and on the seventh day rest.”  Rest implies relaxation and freedom. These are the two lights created on the first day of creation against emptiness and void which are work, and Sabbath relaxation and freedom.

People work very hard each day.  Eventually they need a vacation. Summer is vacation season.

India includes in it the Old and the New.  In the mountains of India there is a man who is always dirty.  He never bathes.  He has taken on a challenge of personal affliction which is considered to be a way to find God.  Other people in India begin to fast.  They fast day to day.  They fast week to week.  They may go on a long fast for forty days like did Moses when he went on the mountain to receive the Torah.  Through fasting by afflicting the body with pain you learn to appreciate food.  You see the hand of God as the giver of all sustenance.  When the man has not taken a shower or bath for one year.  Now he swims in the river Ganges or his first shower he is opened up to the blessing of the river, the blessing of water.  He sees the Hand of God in the river in water. Antidotes bring salvation in many ways.

God is in everything and can be revealed in many ways.  The man after one year without showering swims in the Ganges he now worships the Ganges.  A starving man is given food he appreciates food or may even worship the giver of sustenance and bow before a loaf of bread.  Self-affliction was once a way to find God. Hippies put themselves in psychedelic states of mind eventually they needs an antidote to come down.  They later searched for a better antidote for their trauma and found God and meditation.  These are extreme paths to find God.

You can find God without having to suffer. This is the way of simple faith the way for most people. You cannot control life completely to avoid suffering.  Everyone gets sick someday.  Sickness is a step closer to death.  Simple faith in God and belief in the afterlife is the antidote for the fear of death.  The other type of fear is the fear of life.  Out of the fear of life people become terrorists and blow themselves up killing many innocent people.  God didn’t give the antidote of simple faith and belief in the afterlife for this purpose to be abused by terrorists.  The love of life comes before the fear of death.  People are afraid to love life because they are afraid of death.  People are afraid to love because “love is a losing game.”  About this sang Duncan Lawrence the winning song at Eurovision song contest “Loving you is a losing game.”

God created prayer as an antidote for sorrow and suffering to give hope to people in times of trials.  Prayer begins with silence which is the heart of flesh and pain.  From silence it opens up to sound. Sound begins with a groan Ow Ow Oh Oh then to one syllable and opens up to words of love. About this sang Serhat representing San Marino at the Eurovision song contest. His song is called “Sing Na Na.”  Na Na is in the beginning of prayer. To sing NaNaNa is an antidote given in this song for all the pains of life.

The learning of the Bible is the universal antidote for all the pains and troubles of life. It includes in it all the antidotes included in life including the antidote of the Messiah, the Messiah of work against boredom and the Messiah a healing for overwork, two lights created on the first day of creation, Let there be light and there was light. Learning the Bible can be for you an antidote like it is for President Trump.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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