Are China or Russia Behind the Fake Story About the US Being Involved in Failed Venezuelan Coup?

  • US president Donald Trump denied US involvement with Silvercorp to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela.
  • Mike Pompeo denied such actions as well.
  • The information provided and leaked to the press seems to coincide with China interests to further destabilize the US public image.

On May 6 The Washington Post reported that the Venezuelan opposition in October 2019 signed a contract with the American PMC Silvercorp to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The Post states the contract amount was approximately $213 million. The agreement supposedly outlined Nicolas Maduro was the target and specifically indicated the undertaking to overthrow Maduro. Additionally, it included the clause to establish the regime and bring to power Juan Guaido.

Juan Guaidó is a Venezuelan politician, a former member of the social-democratic Popular Will party, federal deputy to the National Assembly representing the state of Vargas.

According to the Silvercorp websiteSilvercorp USA was founded with one purpose in mind. We provide governments and corporation with the realistic and timely solutions to irregular problems.”  Such an entity would be able to complete a task to overthrow a foreign government leader.

However, a representative of the Silvercorp, Drew White  made a statement strongly denying US authorities being involved in the failed coup attempt in Venezuela. Drew White is a chief operation officer of the Silvercorp and former Green Beret.

The United States Army Special Forces, colloquially known as the Green Berets due to their distinctive service headgear, are a special operations force of the United States Army that are designed to deploy and execute nine doctrinal missions: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, counter-insurgency, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, information operations, counterproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and security force assistance via seven geographically focused groups.

US President Donald Trump said Friday on Fox News that the US played no role in the coup, confirming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s denial on Wednesday.  Trump also confirmed the arrest of the two US citizens but said it had nothing to do with any attempt to overthrow Maduro.

Prior to The Washington Post article, the Venezuelan government announced their prevention of the operation, which according to the Maduro administration was part of a plan for a coup in that country. Eight people were killed and two were detained by the Venezuelan police, one of whom is an agent of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Later the government announced eight more detainees.

One of the Americans arrested by the Venezuelan authorities, Luke Denman, admitted to planning to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and told about the contract with the PMK. Denman also said that the direct head of the operation is President Donald Trump.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The head of Silvercorp USA confirmed that the detained Americans indeed work for him. In his interview , Operating Director of PMC Drew White told about his contacts with ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau:

“[Goudreau] contacted me about this Venezuelan operation, which seemed to me to be a State Department operation. Well, I started dealing with it, but the contract didn’t line up. So we parted ways there, I didn’t participate in the operation… it didn’t seem like a sanctioned operation,” White said. According to him, “it was a contract that was presented as a contract of the state Department. I just didn’t believe it.”

White also noted that he could not comment on a rumor that Goudreau was communicating with President trump’s personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

A tweet made in real time by the Silvercop account on Twitter that now has been deleted.

There is no way a professional organization working on behalf of the US government would be acting in such a manner, especially the Central Intelligence Agency. The whole story is fake.

There are multiple alternative scenarios:

1) The scenario could have been that Silvercorp was trying to boost its high profile status and made their employees tell a fake story in Venezuela during detainment.

2) The individuals were actually working under contract for a hostile government, such as China to spread misinformation about a failed US coup. Another interested player would be Russia. The Kremlin has been heavily involved in Venezuela and by proxy owns a majority of its crude assets. They could benefit from a fake scandal involving the US. It could even be a Venezuela operation with Russia paying Silvercorp employees. This scandal strengthens Maduro’s power and control over the nation.

3) The only other option could be the arrested US nationals made up this story to get a deal from Venezuela. It is a convenient scenario but highly unlikely.

This story has many holes. The employees of the Silvercorp marching in the jungle and convincing Venezuelan military to join them and help overthrow Maduro, while their boss is tweeting in real time from his account? The story is not believable from any angle.

Ironically, even in the Russian media no one seems to believe the pseudo story of the Silvercorp mercenaries. Usually, if it does not make sense it is not true. Covert operations are not handled in this manner by the US government. Who were these Silvercorp employees working under contract for?

It is certain the Silvercorp detained employees in Venezuela were not under contract to the US government or operating in US interests.

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