Are the Ladies Jumping to the Front of the Line? A Simple View of the 4 Democratic Leaders

Former Vice President Joe Biden former (D) is down but not out. He needs to find a working message. He is always being attacked and focusing solely on Trump is not working. He has failed to draw big rally crowds or a mass following. He holds the best pathway to the nomination but he is loosing steam even faster than most people believed he would. At the presidential scale, he is a poor candidate but a very likable guy. It appears he hardly ever controls or leads the conversation and often seems to be rambling.

Biden is struggling with most liberal voters, but as he move left he seems to loose steam faster. The question being asked after the first Democratic debates is “Can he really beat Trump?” The good news is that his moderate pathway (if the liberal vote lines up behind the other candidates such as Harris, Warren and Sanders) is the most likely to win, so the former VP still has a good chance.

But it’s looking less likely every day. He’s now picking up attacks from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) because his mainstream view is not what any activist Democrat wants. He still has poor rally sizes, which is an issue.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D) did very well in the public debate but so far that is the only thing working for her. We don’t see her much in public and her fundraising is low. The press is very much behind her, but she often waffles on key issues for base voters. What is her pathway as a matter of fact outside of being a lawyer? What experience does she have running a large organization?

Even though she’s great on the attack (she’s a lawyer!) she doesn’t seems very skilled at answering policy questions or outlining her agenda for governing the nation. Instead, she relies on attacking Trump. Her attacks are effective, but Biden and Clinton relied on that to keep above the fray and avoid deep policy issues and it did not seem to work. Harris is the darling of the press. Her strategy appears to be moving far left to capture the nomination and then waffling back to the middle– something that risks conveying insincerity to liberal voters. Harris needs a better ground game and fundraising plan soon to keep moving up the ladder.

Oakland crowd of 6,500 for Elizabeth Warren at Laney College.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) is doing OK raising money but big corporate sponsors and Big Tech doesn’t like her. Plus, in many ways, she is probably left of Bernie Sanders. This hard left pathway is the toughest to the nomination, with less votes but the most competitive. Offering free college helps her college age turnout at rallies but the fact that she wants taxpayers to just completed pay off college tuition, with money from people who didn’t go to college, just seems very wrong. However, only Bernie Sanders has a better ground game.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is possibly the best campaigner and fundraiser on the Democratic side, but his ceiling of of support might be the answer to the question, “Does America want a Socialist in power?” The Democratic Party and the press are also asking that question.

Not only did the Clinton-controlled Democratic Party not want to support Bernie in 2016, but the post-Clinton 2020 Democratic Party seems to feel the same way. Too many people know the history of socialism in the 20th Century and it’s not very pretty. Ten years ago Bernie was claiming that Venezuela leadership was giving the middle class more of a chance than America. Still, he powers on.

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