Assassination of Fakhrizadeh Fuel for Anti-Semitism

  • Jews feel their lives threatened by anti-Semitism living in the diaspora.
  • Anti-Semitism has grown in America and abroad during the Trump Administration.
  • The Welfare of the State of Israel is more than just protecting Jewish rights.

Iran is blaming the State of Israel for assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, their Chief of Staff in production of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.  Israel has in the past been accused of targeting killings. The second suspect for the assassination is the United States under the leadership of President Trump. The week before the assassination Netanyahu made an unannounced visit to Saudi to meet Mike Pompeo and the Prince of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of their meeting the danger of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons to the stabilization of the Middle East which has already begun with the Abraham Accords.

Iran in the center of the Middle East large in size wanting to control the region.

Throughout the world there is opposition to the perpetrator of the assassination even condemnation. Even in America there is mixed feelings about the assassination. Joe Biden has almost certainly won the elections in 2020.  Republicans in America supporting President Trump have no problem with the assassination. President Trump cancelled the nuclear treaty which Obama had made when he was in office. America made a targeted assassination of general Solomeini, leading Iran imperialism in Iraq, and Syria.

From examining election results, the majority of Americans even Jewish Americans are against America and Israel using military force to stop Iran imperialism and having nuclear weapons. America is in the middle of Corona Pandemic, and the sentiment in America is more toward internal problems than problems abroad. America did not interfere between Armenia and Azerbaijan which eventually Russia brokered a ceasefire. The conflict between Israel and Iran in the Middle East potentially may develop into a war between the two nations. To prevent a war is in the interest of Joe Biden when he will become President.

The Nation of Israel a small nation which has become a world power.

The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, was part of a new beginning for the Middle East. Israel became the first democratic nation in the region. It is in the interest of America and the free world to support Israel. In the same way, the cause of democracy is not considered important enough to the free world to fight for Israel. Israel has to protect itself.

The Zionist State of Israel in which today lives over 6 million Jews is problem for the whole world. Israel has developed into one of the world powers. Even though Israel will not admit to it publically, it is well known that Israel has produced nuclear weapons hidden somewhere under the ground. Israel air force is one of the most effective in the world. Israel is a small nation located on the tip of the Meditarrean Sea, an easy target for Iran to eliminate it with several Atom bombs.  Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East many times the size of Israel.

The assassination of Mohsen is fuel for anti-Semitism throughout the world. Jews living in America under the Trump Administration were not happy with the rise of Anti-Semitism in the country.  He caused strong opposition from democrats and liberals even from the Jewish community.  In the end he seemingly has lost the elections.

Coronavirus Pandemic interfered with his plans which have succeeded only to go half way toward complete stabilization of the region. Israel is willing to join the Western World but Iran does not want Israel as a partner. They continually publicize that they want to destroy Israel. Anti-semitism is a private issue for Jews alone which most people consider important to protect Jewish rights. The welfare of the State of Israel which is a Jewish State is a problem for the world.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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