Attraction and Repulsion – Uniting Opposites

  • The goal of Guru Janardan was to bring the whole world peace and freedom.
  • The Messiah the son of Joseph is the Messiah of freedom.
  • The Messiah the son of David brings to the world religion.

Guru Janardan travelled America at the same time when there was a festival in Woodstock. At the time of Woodstock festival in 1969 he was in Chicago receiving people to learn Ajapa Yoga. The climax of his trip to Chicago was organized a convention of people from all faiths. Guru Janardan spoke at this convention encouraging unity between people as brothers to unite with the one uniting force of creation which he described in this way. Yoga teaches Meditation and breath moderation. Yoga means literally unity. Guru Janardan focused attention to the two opposite directions of the breath which are attraction and repulsion, inhalation and exhalation. He said, attraction – repulsion One. The goal of life is to unite these two opposites with the inner source of all creation from which they emanate. Attraction and repulsion energies interact in life. The Kabballa esoteric Judaism describes these two energies in reference to the creation of world.

Guru Janardan taught Ajapa Yoga. During Woodstock festival he visited Chicago.

The world was created from the aspect of God called wisdom which is the letter Yud י of the name of God in the Torah of four letters, as is written by the prophets God says,” everything in wisdom, I have made.” Wisdom is called the beginning, like it says in the first passage of the Torah, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Another translation of this first passage of the Torah is “In wisdom God created the heavens and the earth.” First came wisdom on the highest spiritual level called the supernal wisdom and this wisdom is revealed in the name of God and his creation. Wisdom pictured in the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as the letter Yud י which is a point.

The second letter of the divine name of God of four letters is the letter Hai ה which is the most spread out of all letters the power of repulsion. Creation begins with the two energies which are attraction the letter Yud י a point and the letter Hai ה which is repulsion.
The powers of attraction and repulsion from these two opposite energies began the six days of creation. The seventh day of creation called the Sabbath is their perfect unity revealed in life. These two energies are called the father and mother of creation. The Guru proclaimed in front of the crowd of people at the convention in Chicago, Attraction – Repulsion – One.

The goal of life is to unite these two opposite forces which begins with the breath of life inhalation and exhalation, the work of balancing the breath. The Guru Janardan taught that the way of beginning to balance these two forces within the human being is through repeating a simple Mantra of one sound.  This one simple sound is a simple prayer for health happiness and peace. The first place to find peace is in the soul at the time of meditation with the eyes closed repeating this simple sound or prayer. This simple sound or prayer which is repeated in Ajapa Yoga is with the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet the letter Tav or Sav ת. The energy of life must begin from the bottom upward, from the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and unite with the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet א which is the letter Aleph. The letter Aleph is a picture of a unity of heaven and earth a unity of opposites two points above and below united by a line in the middle.

Guru Janardan taught in Chicago, Ajapa Yoga the universal energy of life. He revealed it with one simple sound. The letter Aleph in its essence has no sound of its own, the sound of silence, the sound of the soul. In the sound of silence from the bottom upward the letter Tav a simple sound is revealed the song of the soul without words. Words are added to the song of the soul but they are not universal. Each word has a meaning and interpretation. Music is universal. Sound is universal but word is received according to the intellect. The word of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai also called the Torah or Old Testament became the religion of the Jewish people. The Torah began with the wisdom of creation which emanated from an unknown source which is God the creator revealed on the Sabbath.

Identifying the source of creation requires to unite the two opposite energies attraction and repulsion. The Guru raised up one finger when he proclaimed attraction- repulsion- One. In the interpretation of One is an argument between scholars of esoteric religion. Some scholars unite with God from below to above, heaven to earth through the name of God which may be called differently by Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. The essence of the name of God cannot be pronounced but includes all of the attributes of God. From above to below the unity of opposites attraction and repulsion is revealed by the image of God like it says in Genesis, Let us create man in our image.  God is revealed in the formless and through his divine image which comes down into the world to become man and woman. Man is the aspect of divine image and woman completes the divine image but is without form. God is revealed both in the way of form and formless, male and female.

Judaism and Islam worship God in the formless image which is closer to all people God who is in heaven. Christians, Buddhists worship God in the image of the divine supernal man. Attraction and repulsion these two energies interact between religion and faith. Each religion has a limitation accepting only its way and connection to the One God as the true way revealing the energy of attraction in spirituality. The doctrines of religions given by their prophet prohibit to make changes in their scriptures. Judaism the first of the monotheistic religions is strongest to prohibit change since it was before Christianity and Islam. Christianity which came after Judaism can recognize Judaism from which it evolved. Islam which came after Judaism and Christianity gives recognition to Moses and Jesus as being prophets but Mohammed is called the last prophet.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe is considered by many of his followers to be the Messiah the son of David of the Zohar and Chassidism.

Religion comes from the force of attraction in the creation. Judaism came first after the receiving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Religions prohibit change. They are also against freedom the power of repulsion. The force of repulsion interplays with religion the desire for freedom. Freedom comes from the energy of repulsion. Attraction like gravity pulls toward the earth, repulsion pulls toward heaven. Religion is established through the word of God, faith is the energy of freedom.

Each religion contains both powers of attraction and repulsion but religion connects to the earth. In religion there is attraction which is first revealed through freedom. In Judaism Exodus came before establishment of the Biblical theocracy of Israel. Christianity is the religion of the Messiah of Freedom. The Universal Faith of Baha”i the Ottoman empire revealed a the trinity uniting Judaism, Christianity and Islam and their three prophets. The prophet of Baha”i refuted calling Mohamed the last prophet.  He also refuted the claims of Christianity and Judaism as being the only faith and connection to God. The prophet of Baha”i was imprisoned in Acre Israel by the authorities of the Ottoman empire.

The Universal faith unites attraction and the development of a unity of the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. World Unity and Peace Yoga is the Universal faith but it does not replace religion. Religion opposes the Universal faith and rejects change. When the Baal Shem Tov Rabbi Yisrael Shem Tov revealed Chassidism, his teachings were opposed by religious fundamentalists in Judaism. He revealed a new light in Judaism which even today faces opposition. In Judaism waiting for the Messiah for two thousand years has finally been revealed the Messiah the son of David in Some Aspects of Chabad Chasidism – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism and in Progressive Jewish Spirituality.

Jesus was revealed as the Messiah of freedom two thousand years ago to become the religion of Christians. Chassidism is a renewal of the light of the Messiah in Judaism in the twentieth century. The powers of attraction and repulsion interplay in the development of World Faith. The desire of Guru Janardan was for all faiths and religions to recognize their source in the breath of God and the interaction of attraction and repulsion for the sake of peace. Faith is a unity of three, religion is the dominion of one. God is one and infinite, unlimited and omnipotent.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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