Bangladesh is Now Completely Open to the Freelance Global Gig Low Cost Marketplace

In 2019, the national freelance award went to M Shamir Hasan from Bangladesh. He, like millions of others from Bangladesh, started freelancing as a profession because he claims, “I wanted to support myself financially.” India, which almost completely surrounds Bangladesh (at one time they were part of the same country), has seen very strong growth in online freelancing. Many in India believe the following three things contributed to that country’s strong freelance growth:

  1. FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money !

    India’s fast reliable internet.

  2. A nationwide openness to freelance at all levels of government.
  3. A strong background and education in how freelance works.

But many of those same factors seem not to be helping Bangladesh to attain or accelerate the same aggressive growth. The freelance markets have begun to mature and the industry is changing. Companies such as Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace, along with Communal News, are starting to offer increasing services and a knowledge base in Bengali and other languages that cover over 90% of Bangladesh.  This is become more importation to both the buyer and seller.

Bangladesh readers can find freelance gig articles in Bengali here: ফ্রিল্যান্স গ্লোবাল জিগস নিউজ

The Bangladesh government claims that six million workers (out of a total population of around 170 million), or just over 3% of the population, is freelancing in Bangladesh, earning their income by providing different kinds of IT-based skills along with other gig services.

The growth of gig freelancing is now worldwide, with a global market value of roughly $1.5 trillion and the Bangladesh government is opening up, provide facilities such as loans and others incentives to help ensure freelancers can take part in this fast-growing, newly-emerging global market. The problem is most freelance jobs are low pay and repetitive.  But if you could provide a online business being a gig provider, you can often make a far more profitable business offer a specialized service at higher worldwide prices.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace provides service in 100+ languages, covering over 90% of the globe., allow you to save and make more money !

One of M Shamir’s strategies is to work across multiple freelancing platforms, but of course with all things being equal he would prefer (as almost all do) platforms with the lowest overall total costs. Lower transaction costs mean higher total income for freelancers.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace is not just open to freelance global marketplaces in Bangladesh and available in the language of Bengali; the company is embracing the global market. FGG is integrated into the worldwide newspaper Communal News, which in a very short time has generated over 1.4 million visitors, along with being published on Google News. They are using an integrated approach similar to the traditional classified ads that used to exist within newspapers. This integration allows FGG to provide over 2,000 industry-related links,  in each of over 100 languages we publish in,  give a grand total of possible 200,000 links to every new post.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace offers free postings, very fast simple service, and the lowest total cost per transaction of anyone we could find offering service in either Bangladesh or in the language of Bengali. With the lower cost of translation along with providing more specialized services allowing Bangladesh freelance gig providers the ability to develop their own very lucrative business, based on global demand for the services they provide.  Many even start their future while at home raising a family of after working a full time position during the day.

We hope you will join and post your freelance gig service for free on FGG Low Cost Marketplace.

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