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Communal News is a very fast growing news, market research, and blog provider. Our page views and page visits are up nearly 1,000% over the same period one year ago. We passed the 5,000 articles published mark just days ago and are already at 5,250 posts. Now that Communal News is published by Google News and Facebook News, our growth has accelerated.

Communal News publishes in languages for over 97% of the Globe’s readers.

Then we started publishing in over 100 Languages combined with the previously mention leading global news services. That’s when our readership just exploded!

We hope to have more announcements about addition platform partnerships this year.

We welcome new writers in almost all fields. If you represent a company or website, you will find that when you include up to three links back to your website, you often see growth in search rankings fairly rapidly. When you also get links in over 100 languages, where each language has it own domain, as we understand, our global approach not only increases readership but it is seen as a significant link multiplier.

Because we are a news service with large amounts of global links, our posts often achieve a much higher organic search result from the following search engines: Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckgo, Yandex and Yahoo. Our posts often provide long lasting organic search results, increasing readership on our many articles.

At Communal News, we have on-staff editors that will review your article for spelling and grammar to help ensure quality. That does not mean that we will accept all articles. Better articles with interesting content improve our website overall and your results in particular. We believe our commitment to quality has helped to maintain our publishing relationship with the largest news platforms such as Facebook and Google.

You can read our Communal news article policies here.

Our Freelance Global Gigs translates into over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform!

So if you love to write, and want a professional following with immediate global recognition, we welcome you to submit news, market research and/or blog articles to our very fast growing service.

To sign up as a Contributor, click here.

Along with launching many addition platform partners and services, we have launched or FGG. Like Communal News, we are adding additional services to help companies sell their products (while providing additional support), with our very low-cost digital platform that we have integrated into Communal News. Plus we welcome all writers, especially those with a technology background.

Thank you for reading, being a contributor and or providing gigs to our expanding network.

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Freelance Global Gigs

Freelance Global Gigs We are building an open internet freelance marketplace service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered services with the goal of providing the most intellectually diversified services we can.  Communal Freelance Marketplace has partnered with Communal News to provide a unique and special marketplace surrounded by a news provider with fresh, rich daily content to encourage more activity within our marketplace. This will significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers on our open platform and our growth rate– an enriching experience for all!

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