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Welcome to our very fast growing open platform of news and general articles called Communal News. We are not sure what part of our business is growing faster: our readership; the website referrals; or new contributors.  Either way we’re seeing fast enterprise-wide growth of our free services.

You might ask why we take four more steps than your usual contribution services.

Answer #1:  The first answer is that all of the writers at Communal News have the freedom that they deserve.  CN is not a top down news service run by corporate America. CN is for the everyday person or company that has a real passion for what they want to write about.

When unsolicited writers who work on your platform claim your the best, that is rewarding and we hope all CN writers feel this way.
CN article’s often make the Top stories in Google’s organic search, greatly increasing the readership.

Answer #2: There are many organizations asking you to submit articles but your hard work is often never seen. They have no readers, or worse they place your hard work somewhere on their website where it’s very difficult to find. So even if they accept your writing, they do not give your articles the proper support it deserves.

Answer #3: We help your article get out to more readers. Our very fast growing organic website has well over 600 other contributors, most articles are posted on Google News (even the opinion blogs), our posts often receive very strong organic search placements, and of course we post on all the major social media platforms. Our readership is growing robustly and the best way to see this is to read our Communal News website.

Click to see resent Communal News and Blog posts on Google News.

Answer #4: Any CN reader is welcome to post on our open platform. We don’t filter writers using a preconceived viewpoint. Often the people who post on CN are not even professional writers. Maybe you think some of the points and/or articles are wacky. Mostly, we are just providing honest, everyday people’s news and opinions. No elite writers from a major corporation writing only what they want you to know. We don’t do that!  We ask the writers to put into words their real beliefs, and provide news based on facts or honest opinion.

We want our readers to get a balance of opinions from completely different points of view, and maybe even some views you can’t get from  from the mainstream news. We are a different news and opinion service and we’re proud to say it’s being very well received.

We do have rules and policies at Communal News. We try to make it as writer friendly as possible but you should read them thoroughly before you become a contributor.

To submit articles on Communal News, first you have to become a contributor.  It’s very easy and straight forward.

All Articles and Blogs are posted on the front page, where every new article is spotted in seconds, and you will receive an email when published.

PLEASE NOTE: After a couple of your articles are picked up by Google News, most Contributor biographies are also published on Google News. So take a few moments and write a bio that you would want your mother to read (because she might!).

After you are registered as a contributor, you can submit as many articles, as often as you want, from wherever you want. We have writers from all over the globe (including every continent), but we believe the vast majority are from the United States. Our writers submit anywhere from once a day to once a month. We deal with each article one at at time with a trained editors reading them personally as a profession courtesy for all of our writers to ensure a better and higher quality service.

You can Submit an Article here.

So it you want to:

  • Partner with hundreds of other writers who also have a passion for what they write about;
  • Receive distribution from a large news resource;
  • Read an opinion you won’t often see on other webpages;

Then please join in reading and or contributing to Communal News.

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Jay Black

I try to write fact based articles that most people won't. Lets improve this world including both Corporate and Government malfeasance. If you have a lead about a ethical failure please comment on my article or in many of my comments.

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