Anthony Capital Partners with Durig’s FX2 Portfolio Strategy

  • Anthony Capital Partners with the FX2 Portfolio Strategy

Durig Capital is proud to announce its partnership with
Anthony Capital, LLC in the FX2 Portfolio Strategy.  We believe that this relationship has strengthened the ability of both firms to bring their clients only the best in diversified investment solutions.


Anthony Capital has worked tirelessly to help ensure that their clients have outstanding investment solutions such as the FX2 Portfolio Strategy. Historically, the FX2 Portfolio has brought superior performance in Fixed Income to investors while also providing partner advisors the flexibility to set their own clients’ fee.  FX2 has been ranked as the #1 Performing High Yield Fixed Income SMA among its peer group for 1,3, and 5 year trailing returns by Morningstar and was also ranked top performing in Short Term Fixed Income by Informa, for 1, 3, and 5 year trailing return periods.


Historically, FX2 has provided equity-like performance with only about half the volatility of stocks. Partnering with FX2 is a very simple process and takes only a day to complete.

If your firm is ready to take its clients’ performance in Fixed Income to the next level with the top performing Fixed Income SMA amongst its peer groups as ranked by independent third parties (High Yield – Morningstar & Short Term – Informa) for 1,3, and 5 year trailing return periods, please contact Randy Durig, Principal of Durig Capital, Inc., at (971) 732-5119, or email him at


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Dogs of the Dow

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