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  • “There really hasn't been any real progress in medication for Bedsores in years!”
  • Soothing Sore Relief by NaturallyHL –

“There really hasn’t been any real progress in the medication for bedsores in years!”


That’s what I heard, when I came around the corner into the lunch area in my office. A friend of mine, whose grandmother had been bedridden for a month as she recovered from surgery, was lamenting the appearance of several large painful bedsores, that were endangering her grandmother’s life.

“What all have you tried?” I asked


“There are a few lotions and creams out there, but nothing seems to be helping. The nursemaid says that they are at risk of getting infected, and that if they do, that’s the end…”

“Well let’s do some digging around, and see what we can find out”


I went to work looking for any new breakthroughs in the bedsore field, and much like my friend had said, while there were some cool new tech usable for detecting bedsores, that doesn’t really help fix them once you already have them.

In my research that evening, I stumbled across a lesser known brand of numbing cream, called Soothing Sore Relief. It’s part of a product line called NaturallyHL, and can be found at – The website I found it one had a bunch of reviews on it, some of which were claiming that the healthy natural ingredients in it were actually healing their relatives bedsores. Bear in mind the product doesn’t claim that it will, it claims to relieve pain and possible itching, but it has some pretty great healing ingredients in it too. Turns out it comes in a spray, and gel as well.

I popped it in my cart and got the one day shipping and brought it to work the day after that and gave it to my friend. We opened it up, it sure smelled good! My friend took it to her grandmother’s house that night and gave it to the nurse taking care of her. It’s a good thing too, because the nurse was starting to see possible signs of infection already. They put it on her twice a day for the next two weeks. By the first day, the infection stopped spreading, days after that the bedsores were rapidly healing, and by the end of the two weeks you couldn’t even tell she had had bedsores. She is up and about now, and doing great!


Soothing Sore Pain Relief by NaturallyHL –


Here are a few of the comments we read that convinced me to try it out!


“I use this on my mother’s bedsores when she starts getting them and not only does it relieve the pain, but it also helps them clear up.”

“Repeat customer! This stuff work great, when nothing else helped to ease a large, excruciating wound! Recommended all the way!”


“My niece had a stroke and was bedridden . She told me she developed this painful sore. So I found this product for her and she said it’s amazing! I’ve ordered it for her 3 times already”

“My mother’s bedsore has been healing well using this cream”

“This really worked well. The sore became painless and the cream healed it up fast.”


“Love this stuff. My 90 year old mother gets bedsores no matter how hard I try to keep them at bay. When they first appear, I spray this on the sore, It’s saved her life!”

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