Belarus — Lukashenko Gives Feeble Interview

  • Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview filled with the propaganda.
  • Lukashenko pointed out the "Western plan" in seven stages.
  • Lukashenko's youngest son moved to Moscow.

This weekend, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview pertaining to the seven steps to the new Belarus that the opposition, led by Svetlana Tichanovskaya, is planning to implement. Lukashenko’s interview was a feeble attempt by the president to discredit the opposition.

Alexander Lukashenko is a Belarusian politician serving as President of Belarus since the office was created on 20 July 1994. Western opponents of Lukashenko have described Belarus as ‘Europe’s last dictatorship.’

“Belarus has been reeling in a new way, targeting the iron presidential electorate: residents of the regions, workers, state employees, and pensioners,” Lukashenko said.

The Seven Stages: 

  1. The political disconnect across Belarus
  2. The parliamentary election
  3. The preparations for the presidential election
  4. Presidential campaign
  5. An Attempt to repeat the Maidan scenario
  6. The Post-election protest
  7. An attempt to legalize the infrastructure of change.

In reality, it is Lukashenko that is disconnected from the Belarusian population that wants change. He said:

“Six months before the presidential election, the opposition created technologies of destabilization which were tested in the parliamentary elections. It was during this period that a network of specialized Telegram channels with a clear distribution of roles and goals to denigrate the government, undermine the foundations of state ideology, primarily with the help of fakes and falsifications.”

It should be noted, that Lukashenko jailed opponents on bogus charges and falsified the results of the election last month.

“Foreign strategists carefully selected the keys to each social stratum in Belarus, creating ‘heroes’ for different target audiences.” So, he noted,”voyages to cities and villages of the failed candidate-blogger (Sergey Tikhanovsky).”

In reality Tikhanovsky has been falsely accused of the tax evasion to make him ineligible to run in the presidential election.

There should be another election, since the last election violated democratic election process. Even during the meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin stated that changes are needed.

The President noted that the Belarusian society “warmed up by Internet attacks,” and “was hit by a whole set of colored political technologies borrowed from the Arab, Armenian, Polish, Hong Kong and other protests.”

Lukashenko fails to see his role in the tumultuous situation. The use of the excessive force and jailing the public is not a right remedy to stop the protesters.

Russia has been pushing the same propaganda and fear mongering within the Belarusian populous of the Maidan happening in Belarus. However, Belarus’ situation differs from the Ukraine scenario. Therefore, it is purely social engineering propaganda.

Lukashenko also noted that attempts are being made to make the protest a part of people’s daily life. “Instructions for creating people’s squads and self-defense groups” are being replicated, he says.

Svetlana Georgiyevna Tikhanovskaya is a Belarusian human rights activist and politician who ran for the 2020 Belarusian presidential election as the main opposition candidate. She is the wife of activist Siarhei Tsikhanouski.

“The tactics of yard protest are implemented through the formation of mini-groups and chats of districts, housing complexes, and individual yards. Today, the coordinators are trying to organize courtyards, tomorrow they will come to your apartments. This is their goal. It won’t work,” he is sure.

This statement alone shows Lukashenko is being delusional and displays his disconnect from the majority. He is not an elected president and besides Russia, no one is recognizing him as a legitimate president.

The final point refers to the creation of the Council that will be tasked with the power transition in the Belarus. This would include possible funding from the West. Yet, Lukashenko forgets that this week he received funds from Putin.

The tactics are outdated and do not resonate with the younger populous. He does not have the respect of the citizens, nor the international community. The Kremlin support is only temporary and for Putin’s own self serving interests.

It is highly Lukashenko won’t last more than a year, even with Russian support. The Kremlin will let Lukashenko gracefully retire, and probably move to Russia. His replacement will be pro-Russian.

Lukashenko’s youngest son already moved to Moscow this fall.

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