Belarus- Russia Pranks Head of the European Parliament

  • The Russian Prankers released the recording on the YouTube.
  • Russia immediately utilized it for the propaganda purposes.
  • The Head of EU invited Tichanovskaya impersonator to meet in October.

On Saturday, Russian Alexey Stolyarov aka Lexus pranked the Head of the European Parliament David Sassoli. David Maria Sassoli is an Italian politician and journalist, a member of the Democratic Party. Sassoli, a member of the European Parliament since 2009, was elected its President on 3 July 2019.

The Head of the European Union David Sassoli. Sassoli was born in Florence in 1956. During the 1970s, he graduated in political science at the University of Florence.

The Russian pranksters phoned him on behalf of the Belarusian leader of the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Lithuanian Presidnet Gitanas Nauseda. The conversation was recorded and it is available on the YouTube.

The Russian prankster Alexey Stolyarov aka Lexus gained popularity by making such prank calls to the important individuals and posting them on the YouTube.

According to the audio recording, Sassoli said that the European Parliament is very concerned about the situation in Belarus, and also asked how the former presidential candidate feels.

In addition, he invited Tikhanovskaya to come to the European Parliament and promised to discuss the possibility of such a visit with the head of the foreign policy committee, David McAllister. “We will have the next session in early October, and this will be a good reason for you to visit us. The only thing I can do is talk to Chairman McAllister.

We can arrange your visit with him, we can communicate about this visit, organize a press conference or something like that. And in a few days, I will meet with Mr. McAllister and we will think together about who can help you work on how to influence public opinion and States. I think that’s the best thing right now, ” Sassoli said in particular.

Furthermore, the prankster on behalf of Tikhanovskaya asked whether the European Parliament intends to impose sanctions against Belarus and which ones. In response to this Sassòli again invited Tikhanovskaya to a meeting in early October.

On behalf of Nauseda, prankster told Sassoli that he allegedly managed to establish an unofficial connection with the Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko, and many in the government and Parliament support Tikhanovskaya and are waiting for “a convenient moment when Lukashenko position will finally weaken.” Sassoli called it “very interesting information.”

The Russian prankster, Alexey Stolyarov, aka Lexus

Moreover, the prankster stated the motivation for the phone call is the possibility of the upcoming sanctions against Belarus and possibly sanctions against Russia pertaining the Alexei Navalny poisoning case.

The audio recording has been also published on the majority of the Russian news outlets. It is utilized as a new propaganda piece and touted as the EU wanting to meddle in the Belarus affairs.

Russia reiterated that Tikhanovskaya did not win the election and had barely 10 percent support.

Belarus continues to experience the tumultuous situation. Since the start of the protests over 6000 protesters have been detained. Many claim to have been beaten and mistreated during arrests.

The leader of the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had to temporarily relocate to the Lithuania due to the safety concerns. Additionally, Poland has been delegated authority from the EU to help Tikhanovskaya and the Belarusian opposition in the democratic process.

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