Benefits of Freelance Global Gig Economy for Employers

The biggest ways the freelance gig economy benefits businesses:

What is a Freelance Business Gig? Workers are the most flexible option for gig employers. They can often level the playing field with larger more well established competition, by providing access to very large, talented, diverse, and highly skilled resources from around the world, at affordable prices. Gig workers allow for flexible scale and deployment opportunities, leading to a more efficient use of working capital.

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As a paid contractor the business doesn’t have to worry about paying employment taxes or workers compensation. This not only helps save costs, but it greatly reduces the amount of bureaucracies, accounting and regulatory requirements within the company.  Accessing gig workers is a way to expand into new markets with lower company overhead, but it also helps elevate the average experience or talent level of your workers, speeding up production time. For those who can’t afford the overhead cost associated with full-time workers, Freelance Business Gigs are an excellent path. This also gives employers the freedom to work in much smaller spaces, even virtually, because they don’t require a work area for in-house staff.

Often gig employers are surprised to find that many of the people who offer their services for a short contract (gig), are some of the very best in their fields. Many of these workers have highly competitive skills, but they don’t like the corporate culture and want total freedom. They specialize in specific industries, and they often list their services on a gig platform so they can have total control over their destiny.  As the gig professions progress what is rarely discussed is that employers have an early opportunity to secure fantastic offers. Most freelancers go into this work with the goal of building relationship with preferred clients, or at the very least encouraging repeated arrangements. This new gig economy is changing the world.

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Due to the freedoms and flexibility freelancing creates, gig workers can select when and how often they work as well as their location. Freelancers set their own schedules, often pick the projects, and never have to ask for time off. For many it’s a dream come true.

Most companies start with a quick hire opportunity as their online strategy. However, in our experience employers benefit most from repeated exposure, where you become a “committed employer” as your company builds its own community of repeat “gig” workers, much the way a home contractor might hire many subcontractors prior to a development. You should keep good documentation of every gig and build a primary and secondary list of gig workers based on their particular function and/or skill, that way you even have a quick backup. Plus, you should always be open to upgrading your gig community.

This commitment greatly improves your flexibility, reliability, engagement time and cost containment while giving you a much faster start on each and every new project as well as a rapid response time. Even if your favorite gig professional is not currently available, you can quickly hire someone from your bench of talent.

Over time, this will give the small business owner a comfortable felling that he/she has ready access to better, lower cost, more flexible solutions. Suave entrepreneurs will leverage the full potential of the Freelance Gig Economy gig economy. Do you have the vision to compete much more efficiently?

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