Best Festivals and Party Events to Attend When in Poland

  • Another seaside resort, very popular for parties is Mielno – a small village at the seaside, which is often said to be a Polish Ibiza.
  • The largest cities in Poland such as Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice or Poznan are also a good choice for having a party.
  • In Poland there is a lot of smaller concerts, open-air parties, cultural events and festivities.

Holidays is the time when you have the opportunity to get away from it all, while away and simply recharge your batteries. It is the time when you pack your luggage and set off on a journey to discover new places, go sightseeing and have fun. However, travelling does not have to be only about sightseeing and getting around the cities. Poland tour may be also a great idea if you are  kind of a party animal. Apart from numerous clubs and pubs, it is a place of concerts, festivals and lots of cultural events. So, if you feel like dancing, listening to a good music and having fun, come round for a party to Poland.

Best cities for a party

One of the most vibrant cities on the map of Poland is definitely Sopot. Due to its numerous, chic clubs and pubs, it is a great place for going out in the evening and hanging out with friends. Sopot is also the venue for a lot of concerts and music festivals which take place in the well-known open-air amphitheatre called Forest Opera. It is worth arriving to Sopot in order to take a stroll along the beach and famous pier during the day and to paint the town red in the evening.

Another seaside resort, very popular for parties is Mielno – a small village at the seaside, which is often said to be a Polish Ibiza. Why is it so? Because it is one of the most popular places for all party lovers, especially during summer. Here, the music is audible from everywhere – clubs, pubs and even the local beach. Moreover, it is also possible to have dinner here at night, because most of the restaurants are opened 24/7.

The largest cities in Poland such as Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice or Poznan are also a good choice for having a party. Lots of glamorous clubs playing various music genres, small and bigger pubs where you can often taste some craft beverages and beer, as well as never-sleeping, colourful market squares invite you to have a blast. Interestingly, in many Polish cities once or twice a year a great local party called ‘Club Night’ takes place. It gives you an opportunity to go on a pub crawl and visit many clubs with only one ticket which is often in lower, affordable price.

Pol’and’Rock Festival

Pol’and’Rock Festival (formerly Woodstock Festival) is probably the biggest festival in Poland, which takes place annually in the last days of July and first days of August in Kostrzyn nad Odrą (western part of Poland) and last three days. Not only do Polish artists are invited to perform, but also bands from all over the world give their performances here. There is more than one stage and numerous thematic points here, so everyone should find something for themselves. Pol’and’Rock Festival is such a popular event attracts attention of many music lovers, including foreigners.

Sunrise festival.

Open’er Festival 

Another well-known and commonly visited festival organized in Poland is Open’er Festival. It takes places once a year in July in the popular Polish Tri-City (particularly in Gdynia and in the borough of Kosakowo) and every year it brings here thousands of world music lovers. The greatest stars of world music perform on the stage of the festival, and the tickets are selling like hot cakes, usually in the first day of the sale.

Castle Party

An interesting alternative for traditional music festivals may be the Castle Party which is another summer festival. It is one of the biggest events in Europe during which you can see and listen to the gothic rock, gothic metal and electronic music. The festival is held in courtyard of one of the oldest castles in Poland – Bolków Castle what makes it impressive. A characteristic feature of the festival is the fact that its avid fans usually dress up in thematic, gothic clothes. All of these allow you to take part in an unusual thematic party in a picturesque, historic place.

Sunrise Festival

Also, house and trance music lovers will find their place in Poland during one of the biggest festival of such a kind – Sunrise Festival. It is another festival organized at the seaside, formerly in the amphitheatre in Kołobrzeg.  However, the party was so popular that the place turned out to be too small, so currently the festival takes place in Kołobrzeg district of Podczele, on the premises of a former airport. From the very beginning, during festival you can admire leading artists of various genres of the club music.

Apart from music experiences, organizers of the festival offers accommodation and food zone for its participants in a newly opened town of SunCity.

Juvenia’s team celebrating their win.

Krakow Rugby Festival

Krakow Rugby Festival is an annual event taking place every 3rd weekend of June. The festival gathers male and female amateur rugby teams from all over the world. The motto of the festival says “The true spirit of rugby, and not only beer”, however there is plenty of beer and cider included, especially with the open beer bar package. That said the main thing of the festival is to have great fun and meet new friends in rugby. Apart from the beer the KRF also offers a guided bar crawl though Krakow best party venues, opening party, live music concerts, numerous animations and quizzes throughout the duration of the festival and the ceremonial gala dinner at the end.

Other events worth noticing

Apart from the abovementioned, in Poland there is a lot of smaller concerts, open-air parties, cultural events and festivities. If you are travelling to the land of thousands lakes – Masuria, you will certainly bump into one of the concerts of chantey music or popular country music picnic organized in Mragowo. When travelling to Poznan, you can come round to Jarocin to listen to some independent music. If you are a fan of film music, you should definitely visit Krakow and take part in the international Festival of Film Music. There are also lots of festivals of Jewish culture, Romanies culture, many thematic events and parties.

To sum up, Poland is the country where you will never be bored. Apart from its cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, breath-taking views, gorgeous cities and towns, intact nature and undiscovered corners, it may offer you an array of great events, concerts and festivals. If you wish to spend some time discovering the beauty of Poland and at the same time take part in some special event which will leave you with lots of memories, the only thing you have to do is to turn on the Internet, look for tickets and pack your luggage.

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